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The best way to ship a pickup truck will typically be on an open auto transport carrier on a door to door route. However, there are factors that come into play when shipping a pickup truck that may not be factors when shipping a standard coupe or sedan.

Pickup trucks that are oversized, lifted, or modified in other ways may require alternate methods of transportation due to their size. Each pickup truck is different, of course, so make sure to speak to one of our auto transport experts, especially if your pickup truck is modified in any way.


What is the Best Way to Ship a Pickup Truck?

Ship a Pickup Truck by American Auto Shipping

Pickup trucks have been around pretty much since the invention of the automobile. They’re great workhorse machines that are common especially in the United States. Originally designed as a cab-on-chassis, so farmers and agricultural workers could customize them as they needed, today pickup trucks come in a wide variety of sizes depending on the needs of the consumer.

Over the years the pickup truck has changed drastically, but it’s still built to be a work vehicle first and foremost. As such, pickup truck lines come in a wide array of sizes, from small, commuter-type pickups to large, heavy dually pickup trucks, and everything in between.

That’s why the question “what is the best way to ship a pickup truck” can be hard to answer. It depends a lot on the type of truck that you’re shipping, first and foremost. How big is it? How tall, how wide? Does it have an extended cab? Is it a dually? Is it lifted, does it have an extended bed?

These questions are only some that prospective shipping companies will ask you as you search for a company to transport your pickup truck. In this article, we’re going to discuss the various types of pickup trucks on the road, what you can expect when shipping them, and the best ways to go about getting them moved.

The different types of pickup trucks

There are a lot of different types of pickup trucks out there on the road. They range from small pickups like the Ford Ranchero, to massive ones like the Ram 3500 HD. How they’re handled, though, will be different.

The smaller the pickup truck, the easier it’s going to be to move it. Pickup trucks that take up only as much space as a car are preferred. These are your Rancheros, the pickup trucks that are only a bit larger than the car.

Most pickups, though, are sizes you are likely familiar with. They’re smaller than the really big ones, but they’re not as small as the tiny ones. These are the ones that can be tricky, because not only are pickup trucks bigger than cars, but they have a lot more submodels, too.

Because pickup trucks originated as customizable agricultural vehicles, they’re considered work vehicles. So they have to be big enough to, you know, handle outdoor work. The submodels available for all the different pickup trucks give consumers lots of options, depending on what they need their truck for.

The biggest trucks are the hardest to move, though, because they’re just really, really big. Sometimes, they’re so big they can’t fit on a standard car carrier truck. When that happens, flatbed trucks will need to be used to move them. But we’ll talk about that more in a minute.

How pickup truck size affects price and availability

Simply put, the bigger the truck, the more expensive it’ll be to ship, and the more difficult it is to find a carrier willing to haul it.

That’s a pretty simple explanation for a nuanced subject, though, so we’ll break it down.

The smallest of pickup trucks are about as easy to move as a regular car. They don’t take up more space on the truck than a regular car, and they’re priced about the same.

Medium-sized trucks – or, to put it another way, standard pickups – are also not too difficult to ship. We’re talking about a pickup the size of a stock F-150 without a lift or anything. These can also fit on a regular ten-car hauler, usually on the bottom rack.

Pricing for medium-size pickup trucks is more than the smallest pickup trucks, of course, because they’re bigger and heavier. But It usually isn’t too much more, and finding carriers for them is usually pretty easy.

The biggest pickup trucks, though, cost the most to ship and take the most time. These are pickup trucks that are naturally big, such as the Ford F-350 Super Duty. This also includes medium-sized pickup trucks that are lifted or otherwise oversized. (an example of an oversized medium truck is the Ford F-150 Raptor).

They’re harder to find trucks for because of their size, and they’re more expensive because of their size as well. Finding carriers to haul the biggest pickup trucks will take more time because there are not nearly as much trucks on the road that can handle a pickup of that size.

We’ll discuss how we handle oversized pickup trucks in the next section.

How we handle oversized pickup trucks

Oversized pickup trucks require either a smaller carrier, such as one with a three-car wedge trailer, or a flatbed truck. They’re often moved by smaller, single-deck trucks (such as a wedge) because they take up two spaces and they’re really tall. Flatbed trucks usually move the largest of the pickup trucks.

There are also another class of pickup, such as the Ford F-450 or F-550, which are often used by utility companies or fire departments. These tend to be among the biggest pickup trucks you can find commercially, and they often require flatbed or lowboy haulers due to the additional equipment on them (such as booms).

Regardless, when shipping an oversized pickup truck, we need to know the size and dimensions of it. As long as we have accurate length, width, height, and weight of your pickup truck (or larger truck), we can haul it.

Be prepared, though, as it takes time to find a carrier who can handle such a large truck. It doesn’t always – sometimes, there’s a carrier on the route in the area that can move it right away. But many times they simply are not in the area your vehicle is shipping out of. But we work hard to find carriers for all our customers, and we’ll ship your oversized pickup truck as well.

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