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The best way to ship a pickup truck will typically be on an open auto transport carrier on a door to door route. However, there are factors that come into play when shipping a pickup truck that may not be factors when shipping a standard coupe or sedan.

Pickup trucks that are oversized, lifted, or modified in other ways may require alternate methods of transportation due to their size. Each pickup truck is different, of course, so make sure to speak to one of our auto transport experts, especially if your pickup truck is modified in any way.


What is the Best Way to Ship a Pickup Truck?

Pickup 5The best way to ship a pickup truck is going to depend on a number of different factors, including the size of it, its age, and much more.

Pickup trucks have been around almost since the invention of the modern automobile. In the olden days favored by farmers and other people working in agriculture, pickup trucks today are seen everywhere, driven by a lot of people – some who need the space for hauling, and others who just think pickup trucks look cool.

Because of their high utility, pickup trucks come in a variety of different sizes in order to haul a variety of different things, and different sizes mean different weights and dimensions and can make car shipping a pickup truck more difficult than a standard car.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t move it for you. Here at American Auto Shipping, we know what it takes to ship any kind of vehicle. We also know it’s important to understand how your pickup truck will be handled, so keep reading to learn all about it.

How size affects the best way to ship a pickup truck

Most cars today are the same basic size; whether it’s a subcompact or a full-size sedan, the size of the car won’t cause issues. We won’t need the dimensions of a car because, no matter its size, we know it won’t exceed the limits for weight, height, length, or width. With a pickup truck, all those dimensions become a factor. And, the bigger the truck, the more it will usually cost to transport it.

When it comes to shipping a pickup truck, the best way to ship it depends very much on what exactly it is you’re shipping. Some pickup trucks, particularly the smaller ones, can easily fit onto the back of a standard auto transport truck. These kinds of pickup trucks likely won’t require you to have their dimensions – just the year, make, and model should suffice.  It may help to have a submodel – for instance, a Ford F-150 Raptor is bigger than a standard Ford F-150. So we’ll need to know if it’s a Raptor or a standard F-150.

What if my pickup truck is too large?

If a vehicle is too large for a standard carrier, it’ll likely have to be moved via a flatbed truck. These trucks are a lot more expensive because they’re rarer and harder to find. Typically, pickup trucks that are built to be work trucks – i.e. custom-built ones tailored to specific uses – are going to need a flatbed hauler. The trucks that you can get off a dealership lot, more often than not, can fit on a standard carrier.

This is why dimensions are important. Carriers can haul most pickup trucks, including the big F-350 type behemoths. But trucks can get even bigger than that, and when that’s the case, flatbeds are usually required. Make sure to let us know whether your truck is standard or not so we can get you the best auto transport rates available to you.

There are few pickup trucks – if any – that cannot fit on some kind of flatbed trailer, be it a tow truck, a lowboy, or something else. If your pickup truck is that big, your best bet would be driving it yourself or hiring a tow company. Either way, if your pickup truck is the largest you’ve ever seen, give us a call so we can give you an accurate quote.

Let American Auto Shipping help you ship your pickup truck

The best way to really ship a pickup truck is to talk to an auto transport representative directly about it. Make sure to have the dimensions of your pickup on hand, no matter the size of it – it’s better to have too much information on-hand, and not have to give it to your shipper, than needing it and not having it to give them at all.

The more you can tell your rep about your pickup truck, the better able they will be to accurately quote your shipment and get you the right type of carrier for your needs. If you need a quote to ship a pickup truck, fill out our free online quote form and get a free quote to ship yours right away. You can also call us at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer some basic questions and get you your quote right over the phone.

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