Auto Transport, Cross Country: From Start to Finish

Car Transport Cross Country

Cross country car transport is the process of shipping your vehicle across the United States. When searching for cross country shipping services, where should you start? In this helpful article we’ll give you a quick explanation of all the pertinent details that you’ll need to know when it comes to car transport cross country.

Step 1: Get A Car Shipping Quote

It all starts with a quote. While we don’t want to send business to competitors, getting multiple car shipping quotes allows you to find companies that can help you transport your vehicle. Take a minute to fill out our own free car shipping quote form to get an instant quote — we can help you ship to or from anywhere in the U.S. 

Whether you choose to ship with us or not, once you settle on a cross country provider, you need to book your shipment with them. Most companies ask you to call a telephone number and speak to a live representative who can take all the necessary information from you, while others will allow you to fill it all out yourself on the internet (we are one of those companies).

Step 2: Arrange For Vehicle Pickup/Ship Vehicle

The auto transport company you book with will then search your area for a truck, or carrier, to physically haul your vehicle across the country. You can contact us any time at our toll-free telephone number to speak to an agent and get your shipment started.

Once they find cross country service for you, they’ll give you a pickup window. When the carrier is close they’ll allow you to give more detailed directions on the exact pickup location, if needed. Once the carrier is there, you and him will do an inspection of the vehicle, then it is loaded onto the car transport cross country trailer and shipped across the country.

During transport, your best way to keep tabs on your vehicle is to call your representative. They will be able to provide you with additional information, and you can also discuss payment options with them or ask any other questions you may have. Car transport across the country can take up to two weeks, be prepared to be without your vehicle for at least that long. Shipping a car across the country is expensive, and you should be prepared to pay the amount that is required unless you don’t want your vehicle to move.

Step 3: Receive At Shipping Destination

When your auto transport carrier has arrived, you and the driver will do a second inspection to note any new damages (if any – damage during cross country transport is rare, occurring in less than 5% of all shipments), and fill out all the necessary paperwork. You will also need to pay your driver his portion of the shipment charge on delivery if your brokerage set up vehicle transport cross country as a cash on delivery shipment (which is actually the most common payment method).

Get An Auto Transport Quote

Ready to get started? Get your price with our online car shipping quote calculator now to find out your price and when you can get your car moved.