Motorcycle Transport Services: Methods of Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Transport ServicesWhen it comes to finding motorcycle transport services, there are two main methods: open and enclosed. Most motorcycles that are shipped long-distances require enclosed motorcycle transport services, simply for the fact that there aren’t as many open motorcycle shippers are there are enclosed.

This is because most motorcycles are actually shipped in a crate as opposed to just strapped down onto a flatbed truck, because it’s safer as well as cheaper.

Typically, enclosed motorcycle transporters are recommended for long-distance shipments; if you’re shipping your motorcycle in-town or in-state, you may be able to get away with an open shipper, but we recommend against this if your motorcycle is really, really pretty and you don’t want possible damage to happen.

Motorcycle Transport Services: Motorcycle Insurance

When searching for motorcycle transport services, a good question is whether or not you’ll want to purchase additional insurance against damage or theft during transport.

Your motorcycle will be insured by the carrier’s base insurance policy, but chances are your motorcycle won’t be insured for the full value and as such might end up costing you out-of-pocket should it get damaged during transport.

Most motorcycle transport services will provide additional insurance if you’re worried, and you should always ask about their cargo insurance and how much it actually covers before you ship.

If you’re shipping in an enclosed container and your motorcycle is crated, it’ll be pretty hard for it to get damaged unless the transport truck is side-swiped by a Transformer or something, but different customers like different things, and companies that provide motorcycle transport services usually will be able to accommodate you accordingly.

Motorcycle Transport Services: Prepping Your Bike

Motorcycle Transport ServicesMotorcycle transport services can be a bad experience if you don’t prepare your bike ahead of time. It’s important to first document the condition of your motorcycle, including any damages, the odometer, dings, dents and scratches, faded paint, etc.

After you’ve marked down anything of importance, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your motorcycle, write down any existing mechanical problems, take pictures of your vehicle from multiple angles, and make sure to include any damage in the photos to be sure that it’s documented – and remember to date any pictures or notes you take regarding your bike.

Unless you’re shipping a short distance, make sure that you drain the gas tank – 1/4 tank is what motorcycle transport services typically recommend. Make sure to remove all lose items from your motorcycle, as your shipper’s insurance probably won’t cover them. As your carrier may need to drive your motorcycle on or off the transport truck, telling them ahead of time of any mechanical problems or reasons why they cannot drive it would be a good idea.

Motorcycle transport services are generally cheaper than vehicle shipping services, but sometimes it can be more expensive, especially if you’re shipping across the country, so in order to save some time and money be sure that you follow all the steps in regards to prepping your bike and make sure that you understand how your motorcycle is insured and what that insurance will do for you.

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