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Take advantage of our vast network of open auto transport carriers and get your car shipped as soon as possible.
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Open Auto Transport Services

Ship your car, truck, motorcycle or SUV with American Auto Shipping. In business for over 20 years, we have the best prices, and a reliable auto transport record to help get your car where it needs to go.
Fastest Method

Using open auto transport is the fastest way to ship your car between two points.

Cheapest Rates

Save money over using an enclosed carrier, and get the best rates in the industry from our huge network of reliable, fast open auto carriers.

Best Customer Service

Get a personal concierge, as well as the contact information for your truck driver. We will be with you every step of the way, and even get the car washed upon delivery for you.

Is My Car Safe From Damage?

One of the many misnomers about open transportation is the fact that your vehicle isn't as safe as it would be in an enclosed container.

Highly Reliable

Open carriers are very reliable, and your car will not fall off the transport truck, nor be exposed to excessive amounts of damage simply because it's shipped via open transport.

Extremely Safe

Damage to transported vehicles on an open carrier is rare. You may hear horror stories about rocks and ice damage to vehicles being shipped in the open. More often than not these are isolated incidents, and the vast majority of vehicles are transported to their destination without a smudge.

Open Car Shipping: More Info

What You Need To Know About Open Carriers

In the auto transport industry, there are typically two ways to ship your vehicle. On an open carrier, or on an enclosed auto transport carrier.

Open carriers are just that: they’re open to the elements. However, open transport is the industry standard and 95% of all carriers are open. Typically, they’re 10-car haulers, meaning they have a capacity of ten standard-sized cars. Unless you request otherwise, this is what your vehicle will be shipped with.

Open carriers are cheaper than their enclosed counterparts, because there are more of them. It’s ten times easier to find an open car shipping carrier than an enclosed carrier. Enclosed carriers have lower capacity, however, their services offer more protection but it comes at a much higher price. Typically you will pay 75-100% more for an enclosed carrier vs an open carrier.

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