The auto transport process can be a complex one. But it doesn’t have to be! American Auto Shipping has been helping customers ship their vehicles for over 15 years, and we can help you too. But it starts with understanding the process everyone goes through when they first start shipping a vehicle. So, read on to learn how to go about shipping your vehicle the right way, the first time.

Beginning the Auto Transport Process

When you start your search for a quality car shipper, you should always, always, begin with free quotes. You’ll have to find different companies to get quotes from – and can start with a free one right here from American Auto Shipping.

This gives you a lot of control over who you decide to ship with. More importantly, it allows you to get multiple quotes you can compare and contrast.

We can get you a free quote for door to door auto transportation. But what is door to door auto transportation? Door to door is when your vehicle is picked up and delivered to addresses that you provide.

This is in contrast to terminal to terminal auto transportation, which requires you to drop off your vehicle at a pre-determined terminal. Terminal shipping requires you to relinquish a lot of control over your shipment, so we do not recommend it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Finding the Right Auto Transport Company

When you start searching for an auto transport company, you want to use the right one.

Some companies price things too high so they weed out lowballers and get cars moved fast. This results in fewer customers, but better customer service.

The majority of auto shippers today do whatever they can to book as many orders as possible. Low prices, bait and switches – unfortunately, these are tactics that are all too common.

Our prices are built to be competitive and get your vehicle moved when you need it moved. It isn’t just whether it’s high or low – it’s will this move your vehicle when you need it moved? Not many competitors operate that way.

Our quotes may not always be cheapest, but they are priced to move. And if we are too low (or too high), we catch it immediately with our team of pricing experts.

Finding the right quote is a little like Goldilocks – not too low, not too high, but just right. And here at American Auto Shipping, we’ve gotten just right down pretty well.

Who Can Use Auto Transport Services?

Anyone who needs to transport a vehicle can user our services! We provide shipping services for:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Military members
  • Senior citizens
  • Students
  • Athletes
  • And much more

it’s a non-inclusive industry, so as long as you have a vehicle you need to transport, we can find a quality shipping company to handle it for you.

What Vehicles Can I Ship?

You can get a free quote to ship just about any vehicle that you can think of. Here’s a small sample of shipping services that our affiliates offer:

  • Compact cars
  • SUV’s
  • Pickup trucks
  • Motorhomes/RV’s
  • Motorcycles/ATV’s
  • Heavy equipment (bulldozers, etc)
  • Tractor trailers
  • Riding lawn mowers
  • Golf carts

And much more! We also have a pricing expert on hand to answer specific questions and find you the right price for anything you need to move.

How to Make the Auto Transport Process Better

1. Start with a quote
Fill out our free quote form to get started on your shipment. You’ll see your total price for door to door service as well as contact information to reach one of our representatives.

2. Make sure to book as soon as possible
Shipping a vehicle takes time. Therefore, to ensure that your vehicle gets shipped when you need it, you should book your shipment as soon as possible. You can place your order with American Auto Shipping online, without ever having to call us.

3. Prepare your vehicle for transport
This means that your vehicle should be in good working condition, if possible, and the interior should be clean. Don’t worry about the exterior; the dirtier, the better, actually, as dirt can prevent minor scratches from road debris.

Carriers are not licensed to transport household items, which can include things such as music players, clothes, and other items that are often left in a vehicle.

Your vehicle should only have 1/4 of a tank of gas when it is picked up. Too much fuel can add additional weight which could cause problems for your transporter.

4. Decide which type of services you need

You have the option to ship either door to door or terminal to terminal. You also have the option to ship with an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. Door to door on an open carrier is the standard method, but if you feel you need something else, you can choose. We recommend speaking to an agent about which services will be best for your shipment.

Please note that terminal shipping is not available out of all states or cities.

Open transport is standard, but enclosed shipping is useful for expensive vehicles that don’t see the road all the time. Door to door shipping is standard, but terminals are available for those who don’t have the ability to ship door to door. Some other methods exist, but you’ll need to talk to an agent about that.

5. Inspect the vehicle at pickup and delivery
Once your vehicle is scheduled for pickup, you have a few days to get things in order. Once the carrier arrives, you’ll need to do an inspection of the vehicle. Make sure to mark any existing damage. Another inspection will be done at delivery. Make sure to mark any new damages. Most of the time, vehicles don’t get damaged during transport, but if they do, the inspection reports will be vital for your damage claim.

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