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Vehicle shipping industryTechnology is ever-changing, and though you may not think it, it even affects the vehicle shipping industry. Granted, technology doesn’t move the goalposts much when it comes to shipping cars – we still use the same methods they used in the fifties! But technology has changed how we approach that job – how we interact with customers, how we load and secure cargo, etc. Even in the 21st century we’ve seen major strides in long-haul trucking tech – fuel efficiency is higher, loads are safer, communication is instantaneous. All of these have an impact on the vehicle shipping industry and your shipment. But there’s even more new tech coming just around the corner, and that’s what we’re talking about today.

What new tech is coming to the vehicle shipping industry

We’ve talked about things like autonomous auto transport trucks, electric trucks, the coming electronic logging device for truckers, and more. All those technologies are either coming to the industry or have already arrived, notably the ELD mandate. Electric trucks and autonomous trucks could very well revolutionize the industry once they are ready to hit the open road. The ELD mandate is helping truckers to better follow hours of service regulations, which should help keep them fresh and safe while on the road.

How new tech can impact the vehicle shipping industry

Things move slow in the car shipping world, but that’s not surprising in an industry that uses big vehicles to haul small vehicles. Why fix what isn’t broken? But there’s always room to improve, and that’s what this blog post is about.

Several new companies have unveiled plans to bring out an all-electric transport truck. Tesla, Nikola, Thor, the list goes on. The idea is that if we make the physical act of driving more efficient, fleets save money and customers get better service. More importantly, perhaps. is the impact on the environment. A move away from fossil fuels could means that one of the largest polluting industries – long-haul trucking – could be more eco-friendly.

Would prices be lower with electric or autonomous trucks?

This is the million-dollar question. Logic would dictate that trucks that don’t need to spend money on fuel for their trucks would be cheaper to ship with. But electric trucks are expensive – and will be expensive – at least in the immediate future. Fleets will likely have only one or two electric trucks to start, and recouping the initial cost may be difficult in mixed fleets. so it may take time to see real price drops.

But they should drop over time. As electric trucks become more common, prices will inevitably drop. Competition will go up as more carriers get on board, and over time we’re likely going to see legislation actively punishing older, more polluting trucks. And we do see that now, but it will likely be even more pronounced as electric technology becomes more commonplace.

How common will electric auto transport trucks be?

Something that we don’t think about, though, is maintenance. Maintenance for fleets right now is pretty straightforward, and any diesel mechanic should be able to handle the task. But with electric trucks, maintenance is a lot different. This could actually inhibit the implementation of electric trucks, as not all fleets will be able to afford an electric truck mechanic.

Because of this, electric trucks could see delays in actually hitting the road. Trucks in the vehicle shipping industry tend to operate on pretty thin profit margins, and many of them can’t afford to hire a brand-new, specialized mechanic for just one vehicle. More likely, drivers will rely on dealership mechanics to handle that, but that comes with its own set of problems.

I think that, over time, we’re going to see electric trucks slowly phase out older, diesel-guzzling transport trucks. But it’s going to take time, longer than it’s taken electric cars to make an impact. We see more and more on the roads today, but there are plenty of gas guzzlers out there still. For how long electric cars have been out, implementation has been slow, and it’ll likely be even lower for the vehicle shipping industry.

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Philadelphia Vehicle transportA new severe weather watch has been issued in the Mid-Atlantic region early this morning. This could impact Philadelphia vehicle transport services, as well as shipments to or from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and parts of Delaware. Forecasts are calling for high winds, heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms, and possibly tornadoes.

But what does this mean for you, or for your Philadelphia vehicle transport services? We here at American Auto Shipping have you covered. Keep reading to learn more about this storm system, and how we can help you weather it.

How Philadelphia vehicle transport services may be affected

Winds are likely to gust upwards of 80 miles per hour today, and tornadoes are possible. But with this system comes hail – and likely lots of it. This is problematic for auto transporters, as many of them want to avoid weather like that. High winds can send debris flying, which could damage freight. Hail can also damage freight if the stones are large enough. These are two major factors that could scare carriers away from the area.

Of course, it’s a high-traffic region, so there are still going to be plenty of carriers in the area. But they’ll likely be moving slowly, if at all, while they wait for the storms to pass. Carriers don’t want to deliver damaged vehicles – it results in increased insurance premiums and headaches for everyone, not to mention potential bad reviews. So delays in delivery are likely.

Delays in pickup are likely as well. If a carrier is moving an empty truck through Philadelphia, or anywhere else in the Mid-Atlantic, they likely will wait until the storms pass to load new vehicles. This way, they’ll avoid potential damage claims. So it’s really not surprising. If your vehicle is in transit, or is scheduled for pickup, make sure to speak to an agent about it. They can tell you what to expect and how your carrier will weather the storm.

Use American Auto Shipping for Your Philadelphia Vehicle Transport Needs

If you’ve yet to find a company to ship your vehicle to or from Philadelphia, we have you covered. Take a minute to fill out our free quote form and get an instant quote right away. With a network of hundreds of different shippers, we can get your vehicle moved when you need it moved. And the good thing is that this storm will likely have passed by the time your vehicle is even picked up. So use our online form today, or give us a call at 800-930-7417, to see what American Auto Shipping can do for you.

Missouri Vehicle ShippingSummer has sun and drought. Fall has hurricanes. Winter has snow. And spring, apparently, has tornadoes. Though apparently this year may not be as severe as years past, at least when it comes to Missouri vehicle shipping routes and services. While tornadoes are common in the Midwest and the southern U.S. during this time of year, this week, at least, should see fewer tornadoes. But that doesn’t mean that there’s going to be sunshine in the forecast.

While tornadoes may not be forming as rapidly, severe weather is still on the horizon, including high winds, thunderstorms, and that famous Midwestern hail. This could have some carrier companies shifting routes and avoiding all of that for fear of damaging their cargo. Keep reading if you’re looking for Missouri vehicle shipping services this week.

How severe weather could impact Missouri vehicle shipping

Like with most severe weather reports, carriers will typically brave it unless there’s a high chance of damaging their truck or the vehicles they’re shipping. And tornadoes are a lot different than hurricanes. They’re quite localized, so carriers should have an easier time avoiding them. But then again, tornadoes are quite volatile, and no one knows exactly where they’re going to strike until they do.

This sort of uncertainty is something that a lot of carriers want to avoid. So some of them may end up going around or changing their route to avoid the storms. And this is especially true if there’s going to be thunderstorms and hail. Hail especially, considering how damaging it can be to the cars on their trucks. Many of them will continue on and hope that the cars don’t get smacked by massive hail stones. But that’s not always avoidable.

We highly recommend you speak to your agent about the weather if your vehicle will be passing through Missouri or the rest of the Midwest or the southern U.S. They can tell you what the carrier’s plans are and how they are approaching running routes through the region. You shouldn’t expect too many delays, but don’t be surprised if they tell you it may take a few more days.

American Auto Shipping has you covered

If you’re interested in shipping a car today, let us know! We can get you a free, comprehensive quote to ship to or from anywhere in the United States. With over forty licensed and bonded auto shippers in our network, we can get you the right services for your needs. No hassle, no personal information required – we just need to know where you’re shipping from and to and some basic contact info. Of course, you can also contact one of our own agents any time at 800-930-7417. They can give you advice, let you know more about our services, talk to you about your needs, and give you a quote right over the phone.

Autonomous Auto Transport Trucks courtesy of ccj.comThe idea of a self-driving car is nothing new. We’ve talked about autonomous auto transport trucks and the automation of freight hauling in the past. It’s something that a lot of companies are looking at, including San Diego-based TuSimple, an autonomous truck startup company out of California. They’ve been tackling the problem for over two years now, and now they’re testing three Class A trucks in Arizona – all autonomous.

In fact, they’re at “level 4” in terms of autonomy. On a scale of 1 to 5, no less, which means that the truck shouldn’t need any human interaction whatsoever. What does this mean for you and your vehicle shipping services?

How autonomous auto transport trucks might change the face of the industry

Let’s start with what TuSimple is doing. They’ve implemented a proprietary camera system, as opposed to using LiDAR, to start. This is actually interesting because according to TuSimple it makes it safer. LiDAR isn’t as reliable and the resolution is lower than what they have in place. So this may actually make their autonomous trucks safer while on the road.

And safety is a major concern when it comes to autonomous driving, considering that the driver isn’t actually in control. Overall, though, the goal of TuSimple is to literally remove the need for a driver at all. Is this feasible? With where the technology is now, that’s likely a pipe dream, at least in the short-term. It’s certainly possible to have logistics trucks that don’t need drivers, but that’ll be down the road a bit.

But when we get there, we could see a drastic lowering of vehicle shipping costs. Autonomous auto transport trucks aren’t on the road yet – even the best systems are still in the testing phase. And it may take longer for the car shipping industry to actually get on board with autonomous trucks, as their cargo is rather specialized. More importantly, an attendant will still be needed to load and unload the freight (i.e., your car). So drivers won’t be going away any time soon.

What this might mean for you

If we do get to a point where drivers just aren’t necessary anymore, this could completely change the industry. No drivers means less overhead for carriers, for starters, which could result in lower prices for your shipment. It could also mean that less popular routes gain popularity, thanks to lower overhead. If driver salary isn’t a concern, that money could be better spent elsewhere, leading to savings for you.

It could also mean lower transit times. Right now, car shipping companies can take upwards of two weeks to get across the country, especially when it’s really busy, like in the summer. But this is partly because human drivers have to stop after so many miles, and they also have other customers to help along the way. Removing the human element could mean it takes less time to service each customer, and more time on the road. Imagine a long-haul truck that doesn’t have to stop except to refuel? That could cut down on time considerably.

Overall, everything is still in the testing phase, and likely will be for quite some time. But it’s an exciting concept – an auto transport truck that doesn’t need a driver. And if those autonomous transport trucks could run on something other than diesel, which could be a possibility in the next few decades as well, that’s just even more savings for trucks – and for you.

American Auto Shipping has you covered

If you’re interested in shipping a car today, let us know! We can get you a free, comprehensive quote to ship to or from anywhere in the United States. With over forty licensed and bonded auto shippers in our network, we can get you the right services for your needs. Go ahead and fill out our free quote request form to get a free quote right away. No hassle, no personal information required, just where you’re shipping from and to and some basic contact info. Of course, you can also contact one of our own agents any time at 800-930-7417. They can give you advice, let you know more about our services, talk to you about your needs, and give you a quote right over the phone.

Des Moines Vehicle ShippingLast year, right about this time actually, we talked about how Des Moines was getting smacked with a snowstorm. This year is no different. Snow is going to make Des Moines vehicle shipping services tougher this week.

And it’s not just Des Moines. The entire area is going to be inundated with snow throughout the rest of this week. It started last night, and looks like it’s going to continue to head east until it reaches the Atlantic seaboard east of New England.

It’s April. Shouldn’t we be gearing up for rain and sun instead of snow?

What to expect with Des Moines vehicle shipping this week

Like we wrote last year, we don’t know 100% how bad the weather will be. But we do know that carriers don’t like winter weather. It’s such a major factor in car transportation services that we talk about it all the time on this website. Winter weather can shut down routes, reroute carriers, cause damage to vehicles in transit, cause dangerous conditions that lead to damage, and more. It’s not surprising carriers avoid it if they can.

At the same time, Des Moines isn’t all that popular among customers. Especially when compared to Minneapolis, which will also be receiving some wintry weather this week. Or Chicago, which this storm will likely hit later in the week.

These areas are bigger car transport markets which could see price hikes, delays in pickup or delivery, longer wait times for dispatch, and more. Winter weather sucks, so make sure to talk to an agent and prepare yourself for what’s pretty much already here.

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