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Use our auto transport calculator to find out. No waiting. See your price estimate now! We strive to provide the lowest possible price to move your vehicle within a reasonable amount of time. Our pricing experts consider not only supply and demand and diesel fuel rates, but also provide special discounts for popular transport routes and seasonal backhaul routes.
The good news is the trucks travel about 400 miles per day. American Auto Shipping provides online tracking of your vehicles shipment 24/7.
An auto transport is where we pick up your car at your home or business and transport it to the destination of your choice on one of our 10 car carriers. We always try to get you the lowest price to ship your car. Please fill out our instant online quote calculator or phone us 24/7 now to get the best daily rates.
Yes, using our 10 car open carriers, we allow you to have 100 pounds of personal items in the trunk of your car or cargo area of your truck/SUV. If you ship your vehicle in an enclosed carrier you can pack it full!


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Auto Transport Tips: When You Need Flatbed Transportation

Flatbed Auto TransportWe get a lot of calls from customers who are interested in shipping their vehicle via a flatbed auto transport carrier, but oftentimes the vehicles they are looking to ship don’t actually need one. So what types of vehicles do need a flatbed carrier?

This is the question that people should be asking, really, as opposed to whether or not they can get flatbed services for their vehicle. Vehicles that need flatbed shipping are those that are too big to fit on a standard carrier, such as construction equipment or really, really big trucks or vans.

Some bigger trucks, like Ford’s F-350, may or may not fit on a standard carrier, which is why we recommend you have the specific sub model of your vehicle on hand in case your representative asks for it.

Unless your vehicle has to go on a flatbed truck, you don’t want to ship it via flatbed transportation. Flatbed shipping is often much more expensive than open or enclosed, takes longer to find and longer to pick up. There are not many flatbed carriers on the road today, which means it will take longer to find a flatbed trucking company that will be willing to pick your vehicle up.

Not only that but they’re going to have to charge more because more often than not they have to travel some serious miles to get to your pickup location. So when you’re calling around for quotes, make sure to ask whether or not your vehicle needs flatbed shipping – don’t just assume that it does and shoot down anyone that says otherwise. That’s just a bad idea that could lead to you getting shellacked in the wallet because you were too stubborn to do some research. Ya dig?

You can get a free quote directly from us right away via our free quote form. We work only with top-rated, reliable carriers who are fully licensed and insured. Since 1999, we have been a leader in the auto shipping industry. Let us show you how. You can also call our toll-free number at 800-930-7417 and speak to one of our live representatives at any time. They can answer questions, give advice, and help you get your free quote right over the phone.

The auto transport guru! With 10+ years doing just about every job in the industry, I'm here to answer your questions and give you the lowdown on all things car shipping.