Military Car Shipping: Discounts For Military Members

Military Auto ShippingAny auto transport company that offers military auto shipping will provide a discount for our men and women in uniform. This can range from a simple $25 off your total cost to over a hundred bucks, depending on the shipper. Did you know we here at American Auto Shipping offer military car shipping discounts too?

Since the military only pays to ship one vehicle per service member, anyone in the military needing auto shipping for a second vehicle needs to go to an independent auto shipper in order to get it moved.  Most auto transport companies offer military auto shipping, though.

It’s best to look at which companies provide military auto shipping services before you book with anyone. Some companies may not offer military auto shipping discounts. It’s important to tell your auto shipper that you are a member of the military. Make sure to have proper identification before you book with a company that offers a military auto shipping discount as well. Requirements for a military discount will be different from shipper to shipper as well. We recommend you speak to a representative to learn more.

Military Auto Shipping: What And Where You Can Ship

Most companies that offer military auto shipping services – including us – can haul just about any kind of vehicle. Whether you need to ship a car, truck, SUV, minivan, 4×4, ATV, motorcycle, jet ski, or something else, chances are we can move it for you.

Most companies that ship for military members can pickup and deliver at a military base. It has to be acceptable with the base commander, though. Get permission before you have pickup or delivery at the base. If your vehicle cannot be delivered to a military base, you’ll need to meet your shipper somewhere nearby. Chances are, however, that you can get it shipped close to the gates or the entrance of the base. You can also have your vehicle shipped to and from your house if you need it to be.

Military Car Shipping: Military Vehicles

Military Auto ShippingNot all companies that offer military auto shipping will ship specific military vehicles. At American Auto Shipping, we can handle them. If you’re shipping a military vehicle be sure to fill out our online, instant, car shipping quote form. You’ll get a quote immediately without any hassle.

You can also contact us toll-free over the phone to get a quote from one of our agents. You’d be surprised how many people like old military jeeps, and we’ve seen people wanting to ship decommissioned tanks and the like. While not everyone can ship a deactivated tank, some actually can.

The U.S. military has its own shippers that they prefer, but if you’re shipping something from an army surplus store or something we can definitely ship it. Whether it’s an old World War II-era army jeep or something else, like an armored personnel carrier or something, we can help you get it moved.

Some of the military’s old vehicles may not fit on a standard carrier, so expect to pay a bit more for a flatbed auto shipper if your auto transport representative says you need one. A flatbed carrier will be required if your vehicle is too heavy or too large to fit on a regular auto transport truck.

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