On the hunt for heavy equipment transportation services? For many companies, shipping heavy equipment is easier said than done. Luckily, we here at American Auto Shipping understand the nuances of shipping heavy equipment and can handle most every type of heavy equipment out there.

Heavy equipment comes in all different shapes and sizes. From small construction equipment to massive tractor trailers, harvesters, forwarders, combines and other farm equipment, to airplanes and helicopters, we can get you a free heavy equipment shipping quote. All it takes is filling out our free quote request form.

How does heavy equipment transportation work?

Unlike standard car shipping services, most heavy equipment is shipped on a lowboy trailer, also known as a flatbed hauler. This is in stark contrast to the standard multi-car transport trucks you see carrying more regularly-sized vehicles.

It must be said that the specific type of truck used to haul your heavy equipment will depend on what exactly you need shipped. Luckily, we at American Auto Shipping can find the right carrier for your needs. We know hundreds of drivers who are knowledgeable in heavy equipment transportation services and know how to load, secure, ship and unload your heavy equipment safely.

What to expect when shipping heavy equipment

It will typically take longer to ship heavy equipment than a standard car for several reasons. For one, the heavier equipment reduces fuel economy, which means more stops at the pump.

Heavy equipment transportation also costs more than standard shipping services for the same reasons. Couple this with a relative lack of demand and prices can get high fast.

Luckily, we at American Auto Shipping work with companies that ship heavy equipment for a living. We can get you a competitive quote to ship your heavy equipment, often at costs that are beneficial to everyone without breaking the bank.

If your heavy equipment is not on tracks or wheels things get a bit trickier, but it won’t be impossible to find transportation services for them. Make sure to speak to an agent for more information about heavy equipment transportation for vehicles without tracks or wheels.


List of heavy equipment transportation services


Industrial Loaders

Motor Graders

Knuckleboom Loader


Road Reclaimers

Road Rollers


Water Trucks

Need help finding a heavy equipment transportation quote?

If you need help getting a quote to ship your heavy equipment, let American Auto Shipping do the work! Fill out our free quote request form and get a free, customized quote to ship your heavy equipment. Your quote will show immediately after submitting the form.

If you do not see your equipment listed above, don’t fret. Give us a call anytime at 800-930-7417 and speak to a live agent. They can also help you get your quote, give advice and direction, and help you get what you need to ship your heavy equipment today.