The auto transport industry, I was surprised to find, is apparently really cutthroat! I used American Auto Shipping to get quotes to ship my Audi and within minutes I had a free quote that I was able to compare prices with. The first person I spoke to was Ellen and immediately I knew that I wanted to work with her. Out of all the other people I spoke to and got information from, Ellen was the most trustworthy, and my husband agreed.

I booked my order and Ellen said she would start working on finding a carrier. She said that California to Chicago was a popular route and that carriers would want to ship my car, and sure enough within just a couple of days I got a call from Ellen saying that a carrier was on his way.

The next day Saul, with Anthony’s Auto Transport, gave me a call. He said he’d be there later that afternoon and I was excited. I was working but my husband said he could meet with Saul. When I got home my husband told me that everything went great, the car was loaded without issue and Saul was professional and courteous. What’s more was that I got a call from Ellen while I was at work saying that Saul had my car before my husband called me!

Overall it was a very positive, helpful experience. Ellen was very easy to work with and she was definitely a professional and an expert. The whole process took less than a week and I got my car in Chicago without incident. If I need to ship another vehicle I will happily call Ellen.

~ Sandra / Chicago, IL

I found a job in my dream field out in Ohio. I had just graduated grad school and was ready to get my feet wet in the world. My only problem was actually getting my stuff to Ohio. I have a 2005 Volvo S40 and I knew I didn’t want to sell it and try to find a new car once I was in Ohio so I just decided to ship it. I quickly found American Auto Shipping, filled out the free form there, and was able to get a free, instant quote with no problems. I was emailed me a quote and was then able to compare prices easily.

That was how I found Sarah. Sarah was really great – she explained how everything worked and what I could expect and how much it would be. But I just…felt something when I spoke to Sarah. She was more than professional – it was like she cared about me and my car. I can’t really explain it but it was a big factor in getting me to book my order with her.

I booked my order and signed the terms and then my car was on the pickup list, I think is what Sarah called it. She said it may take a few days so I went about getting everything ready for my move and just kind of left it. Two days later Sarah called me, said they had found a truck, and it would show up in the next couple of days. I said great and kind of forgot about it…that is, until the carrier called me and said he was an hour out.

I rushed to clean my car (too many things!) and had it ready to go when the carrier arrived, but only just. His name was Urban and he was a big but very nice man. I was able to ask him questions about my shipment. I remember asking him whether he could cover my car (he couldn’t), and he told me how damage was rare and that things were generally safe. So he picked up my car and was on his way.

Sarah said I’d need to pay the carrier at delivery so when I got to Ohio I immediately got a money order ready to go. I was super busy in Ohio and it was actually my roommate Diane who met the carrier and paid him. I wasn’t there but she said everything went fine and when I got home from work my Volvo was in the driveway! I was so happy. Though I didn’t speak too much with Sarah or Urban, I felt like I didn’t need to; every time we did speak it was informative and professional and I had no problems with anything that happened. If I had to ship another car I would hope I could use them again.

~ Felicia / Ohio

My husband has always wanted an Acura TSX and I was finally able to get him one he wanted. I bought it for him for his birthday but the one he wanted was at a dealership in Little Rock, Arkansas, which meant we had to ship it from Arkansas back to us in Utah. After I bought the car the salesperson at the dealership directed me to American Auto Shipping, and it was through them that I found Ellen.

It was through Ellen that I found out that people often buy cars online from other dealerships and have them shipped. That immediately put my mind at ease because I was under the impression that it would be hard to find. After the whole thing with buying the car I was already frazzled about getting my husband his car. But Ellen made it easy. She gave me a price which was a reasonable one, and told me that she could probably find a carrier in just a few days. So I booked my order and waited.

I got a call the next day saying that they had a carrier already lined up, would $900 total be okay? I said yes and gave Ellen my card information. She charged me what she called the deposit (her fee) and said the rest would need to be paid to the carrier at delivery. I said that was fine, and she walked me through the rest of the process. Two days later I got a call from Ellen saying my car was picked up without incident.

Two days after that, Robert, the driver, showed up. Ellen had said it could take 3-5 days but I got a call just 48 hours after I was told it was picked up! I was amazed, my husband came home on his lunch break and did all the paperwork signing as I was at work. Everything went well, from the initial sale of the TSX to finding Ellen and then getting it shipped. Everyone did a great job and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out.

~ Elisa / West Jordan, Utah

I found a 75 Chevy Caprice out in Nebraska and knew right away I needed that car in my life. After negotiating the purchase of it, the seller told me I’d need to either drive it myself or ship it. Since I didn’t have the time to drive it down I decided to ship it. I got a free quote from American Auto Shipping and then got a few quotes from different shippers for comparison. After comparing prices like their website said I should, talked to a few different reps, and finally found Ellen.

Ellen was great. After I explained what I was trying to do she said she could help, no problem. I flew up to Nebraska to finalize the buy and while I was there Ellen called and said she had found a carrier in the area willing to take it back to Mississippi for me. I stayed a day up there and met the carrier the next day. His name was George, and was a good guy. Explained everything well, let me watch him load the car and drive away. I took a cab to the airport and let Ellen know that it had been picked up and there were no issues. I flew back home and waited for my car, which Ellen said should arrive in 3-5 days.

And it did, except George got caught in a massive hailstorm. The weather looked fine and I was okay with top row shipping because it was a bit cheaper. However, the hail really gave my Caprice a beating. George called me and explained what happened and initially I was upset but I knew George couldn’t control the weather. He offered to pay for damages and upon delivery he showed me the dents in the hood and the roof. Really it wasn’t that bad, though Ellen and George both helped me submit a claim.

George’s insurance took care of everything. They paid for all the repairs after I got the car out of the shop, and it was a great experience. I want to thank Ellen and George for their hard work. Ellen kept in regular contact both during the shipment and the damage claim process and made the whole thing a lot easier than it probably would have been without her. I’ve heard stories about carriers trying to dodge damage (that’s what I get for looking it up online before talking to my agent I guess) but George didn’t try any of that. He was professional and courteous and apologetic through the whole thing. I’m really glad I found Ellen and George and hope that if I find another dream car I can use them to ship it.

~ Antraine / Jackson, MS

I needed help getting my 1999 Toyota Corolla because I was relocating. I had finally gotten a medical residency, but it was clear across the country in Pennsylvania. Ellen was the first person I spoke to and it turns out the only one I needed to about my shipment. I had already gotten multiple quotes, including one from American Auto Shipping, but Ellen’s price was the best I saw. It was also one of the first I saw, too.

The process was initially very stressful for me because I was moving, my family was on vacation out of the country and waiting for me to join them, and between graduation and the start of my residency I had very little time to actually plan anything with all that was going on.

But Ellen was amazing, it really was a huge relief knowing that she was taking care of everything. When I booked my order she explained all about how it might take a few days to find a shipper but she was able to find one in just two, which was fantastic. The pickup window fit perfectly into my schedule as well and I was able to get my Corolla off to Pennsylvania without a hitch.

Everything worked out perfectly. I was so happy with the job that Ellen did. She found Hose, the driver of the truck, who was kind and informative and polite. I couldn’t be happier with it. He took great care of my car on the way out to Pennsylvania and I was able to have a friend get my car for me since I was out of the country. And it was waiting for me when I got home in large part thanks to the help of Ellen and Hose. And I have American Auto Shipping to thank for helping me find them.

~ Kelly / Mechanicsburg, PA

A few years ago my son moved Virginia for work and to be independent. At first things were great but then he started saying the company wasn’t doing so well and that Charlottesville wasn’t for him and I really wanted to help him. Well, once he lost his job he had a hard time finding another, and he called me asking if he could come back home. I of course said yes.

We had to first arrange the move – he had found a girlfriend, they moved in together, and they were both moving back. Once that was done I said it may be a good idea to just ship his car instead of trying to drive it back to Texas. My son didn’t want to ship it, but after filling out the form via American Auto Shipping and getting a great quote I was able to convince him that shipping it was the way to go.

I booked my order with Ellen, who was a real help. She definitely knew what she was talking about. I probably asked Ellen a billion questions and she had an answer for every one of them. Not only that but the price was good – it was lower than almost every other quote I got but Ellen told me that her price was built to move my vehicle. I needed it picked up quickly if I wanted my son to leave along with all of his stuff, and she was able to oblige.

After that my son was the one dealing with Ellen but he called to tell me that everything had been picked up. He had also gotten plane tickets for him and his girlfriend and they got back three days before his car got here and over a week before the rest of his stuff. When his car was delivered I paid the driver (who was a very nice man) and everything went great. Ellen was a huge help, the car was moved without incident. If I need another car shipped I know who I’ll be booking with!

~ Tonia / Duncanville, TX

When I moved back to California from Wisconsin I needed to get my Toyota Camry shipped because I didn’t have the time to drive it myself. Besides, such a long drive isn’t something that I’m really up for anymore. So I filled out a quote form on American Auto Shipping and within just a few minutes I had a quote for $1000., But I got a few other quotes from other shippers as well, including several for around $850.

The problem though was that every company I spoke to couldn’t say that I would only be paying $850. A few of them said that Wisconsin isn’t popular for carriers, which was why they couldn’t guarantee that I would only pay $850. I was frustrated because I didn’t have a big budget to get all this done on – I still had the move to plan, which was even more expensive. Not only that but I needed the carrier to show up at a specific day because of the move. That was when I found Ellen.

Ellen had quoted my shipment at just over $1000, but the price and the pickup was guaranteed she said. That was a huge relief. Ellen took care of everything for me. She told me not to worry, that she would handle all the dispatching and making sure the carrier is good to go. She called me a few days after I booked my order and said the carrier would be there by the end of the week.

I was ecstatic! Not only had I found someone to guarantee me a price, but Ellen was also able to find me a carrier when I needed it and was able to get them to my house the day I needed them there. I really couldn’t be happier. The driver, was Jason and was an absolute professional. When I moved to Wisconsin I had shipped with a different company and their driver wasn’t rude but wasn’t very friendly either. Jason, though, was nice and talkative, willing to answer questions and explain what he was doing. It was a really positive experience.

More importantly was the fact that Jason and Ellen took great care of my Camry. I had been told that damage could occur but when Jason dropped my Camry off to me there wasn’t a scratch on it. He was very thorough in his inspection as well and made sure that I was satisfied with everything before driving away. I paid him happily for his services and could not be happier.

~ Katie / Oceanside, CA

So I bought a cherry ‘71 Nova from a fellow on Auto Trader who lived in Illinois and I knew two things immediately: one, that this was the car for me, and two, that I would never be able to go to Illinois to drive it myself. But my wife told me about how there are companies that literally ship cars. So I did a search and immediately found American Auto Shipping. I decided to call because I needed to get this picked up ASAP as the seller was moving and wouldn’t be around past the middle of the next month.

I spoke with Terriann who was able to give me a price to ship my newly-bought Nova over the phone. I was shocked at how low the price was – I was expecting a thousand dollars but Terriann said they could ship it for just $550 and I immediately booked. Terriann explained how the entire thing would work and what I could expect and told me that really I just had to be there for delivery as the seller of the Nova would have to deal with the pickup arrangements.

Terriann told me it could take time to get my car picked up which initially I was fine with. But when the guy selling my Nova to me called four days into the wait period and said that he had to get the car out by the end of the week, I panicked. I called Terriann terrified I’d lose my car and she said that carriers would go to where my Nova was for a bit extra in the money department. I okay’d a payment for up to $700 and that was what did the trick. Two days later, my car was on the truck according to Terriann.

It showed up at my house a week later and I was happy with that. During the time it was in transit, I kept calling Terriann asking for status updates. She would tell me that my auto transport carrier was en route and also explained how they travelled in order to keep their truck full. Terriann said a week was a standard shipping time from Illinois to Florida so I didn’t think twice about it I was just happy my car was coming.

And when the carrier showed up I could not have been happier. My Nova looked fresh (albeit a bit dirty – gave it a wash later that day and it shined like new!) and it arrived in pristine condition. I had pictures that the seller had emailed to me that I was able to use to compare conditions. I spoke to the driver of the truck and was able to watch him as he unloaded it off the truck. I was really happy with my service and I hope that if I buy another car online I can have Terriann ship it for me.

~Josh / Yulee, FL

A few weeks ago a customer called my Volvo dealership here in Red Bank, New Jersey saying they wanted to buy one of my cars. When I asked if they’d like to setup an appointment to come look at our stock, they said they couldn’t…because they were in Missouri! The customer explained to me that they were looking for a white XC90 and couldn’t find any nearby. As a salesman I didn’t argue, as they were eager to give me their money.

Once the sale was finalized I had to find an auto transport company to ship it. That wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be because I went through American Auto Shipping. When I called I spoke to David. I explained the situation and David told me that it would be no trouble getting the customer’s SUV out of Red Bank.

But while David and I were ready to proceed, the customer in Missouri was not. After David sent me the terms and conditions so I could book the order, I called the customer in Missouri to confirm and make sure that they were still wanting to ship the XC90 they purchased. No answer. Emailed them, no answer. Same the next day. And the next. They had paid the down payment I had charged for their new car, though, so I couldn’t just drop them. I told David I had to wait for confirmation from them before proceeding, and he was very patient and understanding.

A few days later the customer who bought the XC90 from me called. I can’t remember what excuse he made but he approved the car shipping prices and services and said to go ahead. So I called David back and of course he had my order ready to go in moments. He explained that we had to find a carrier first, which could take some time, but they ended up finding a carrier that same day. I was shocked but David said it happened more than not which I took as a great sign.

It did take almost a week for the carrier to actually show up, though. I was a bit upset about that but David had told me car transport carriers can take a while to get to a specific location. And he did show up in the time that David told me he would. That was really cool. The driver’s name was Dmitriy and he definitely knew what he was doing. He was in and out in under an hour and explained the entire process to me.

The customer called me to tell me the shipment was a success about a week afterward and I was very happy to hear that. Overall my experience from start to finish was a positive one. My customer in Missouri was happy, their Volvo was shipped without incident, the price was competitive and I was a very

happy person after all of this. I would recommend everyone who needs to ship a car to call American Auto Shipping because they were crucial to the success of my shipment.

~Justin / Red Bank, NJ

For excellent customer service please call David at 800-418-9219

I’m in the military, and though I’ve been reassigned to other bases in the past the military always took care of my moving needs. But while in Virginia I sold my old Ford and my wife and I both bought new cars and when I got my transfer orders I knew I would need them both shipped. The military said they’d ship one vehicle but after a bit my wife and I decided to ship both with a private company. That was in May. I called several different companies, including, American Auto Shipping after I got my orders. ut my transfer wouldn’t come until October, and I was told by several people that any quotes I got back in the spring would likely not be good come fall. So I waited and kept those old quotes so I could get updated quotes once I was ready to ship.

Once August came I called up American Auto Shipping and got in touch with David. He updated my price right over the phone and said it would take anywhere from three to seven days to find a carrier because one of my cars, a Suburban, was too big for the one they had.

David told me it was because I did not tell them that my Suburban was one of the big ones. But I said no one had bothered to ask me about that, so David pretty much took all the blame for it. He explained that carriers can only haul so much before they go overweight and my Suburban would put the carrier they had assigned over the maximum. I was ready to just cancel the order because of it but and I was fairly upset until David explained that he either had to up the price (which I could not afford) or find another carrier. So I chose option B.

The auto transport portion of my move was frustrating because of that, but David explained that these things happen and that it was no big deal, just a minor setback. He proved that by finding a new carrier within just two days. Though I ended up paying close to three grand to get my cars shipped cross-country, in the end it was worth it. The final carrier (whose name I can’t recall) was really good and took good care of my cars and we even talked a bit about my Suburban (he confirmed that large, heavy vehicles were indeed a problem for other truckers). If I had to ship another car, I would call David again. Even though there were some problems, he handled them with care and, given all that, I was very satisfied with their service.

~Matthew / Longview, WA

For excellent customer service please call David @ 1-800-418-9219

When I moved to Napa, California, I shipped my Mercedes there but my experience I think could have been better. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely took a lot longer than I thought it was going to. A year or so later, I sold my Mercedes to a friend back in West Palm Beach, which required me to ship it back to Florida. Naturally, I called up American Auto Shipping, who had helped me arrange auto transport services to Napa the year before.

I spoke with a very helpful woman named Terriann who was able to give me a quote right over the phone. I liked the price she gave and was ready to book my order with them to get the Mercedes to my friend when my friend called me and told me that she wasn’t going to be in Florida until later in the month. Terriann was kind enough to keep my information in her system for when I was ready to ship.

This really put a kink in my plans, but after about two weeks my friend informed me that she would be available any time through the end of the year to have the car delivered. I said okay and called Terriann back, who amazingly remembered me. She pulled up my information and said it was still ready to complete, which we did. She sent me terms and conditions and I was able to sign them right on my phone. It was so easy and convenient!

Three days later, Terriann called me saying that they had found a car shipping carrier for me and that he would arrive within a week as he was heading to Napa from the east, and while it would take a bit longer it would also be a bit cheaper. Cost was one of my biggest factors and my friend said the same thing to me. So I waited about a week for the carrier to arrive.

Andy was the one driving the truck that showed up, and Andy was great. He explained every step of the process to me as we were inspecting the vehicle and let me watch as he put my Mercedes on his car transport truck. I was sure he would ram it into another car, but he was so careful! Honestly, I was impressed. I was even more impressed by the fact that Andy was able to get all the way to Florida in just a week! Terriann told me it would likely be ten to fourteen days, but Andy showed up in seven according to my friend. If I have to ship another car in the future, I will definitely be using American Auto Shipping again.

~Stepanie / Palm Beach, FL

For excellent customer service please call Terriann @ 1-800-418-9219

I had to ship my grey El Camino out of Cedar City, Utah. My El Camino is my pride and joy and not just anyone is going to put their claws on it! Well I called American Auto Shipping after finding them on Google and spoke to David. He told me right away that they could do it for a good price. David was really a lifeline for me, and after our conversation I knew I had found the company for me.

After a nice conversation and a quick discussion with the wife I was able to book my order right over the phone. But what really blew me away was the fact that they were able to find a car carrier for me the very next day. David had initially told me it could take up to a week because auto transport out of Utah doesn’t have much demand. I guess drivers don’t like Utah? Anyway, apparently I got lucky, but I think it was more because of how awesome David was. There were a few things I noticed that were not correct when I finalized the paperwork, but David was able to sort that out. Again, I knew I had made the right choice.

It took only a few days for the carrier to show up. Waiting for it sucked, as I had to completely rearrange my schedule to accommodate the pickup window. Once the car shipping truck showed up, though, I breathed a deep sigh of relief. I met and spoke with Filberto, the driver. He was friendly if a bit hard to understand at times. But we hit it off well and he answered my questions about the inspection he said we had to do and also about the bill of lading he gave me to sign.

Watching him drive my car on the truck was nerve-wracking, but Filberto was a clear professional. It went on without a hitch. As he drove away, I remember thinking to myself that it would be the last time I saw my baby. I’m very glad I was wrong.

I was nervous the whole time it was out of my hands, but when Filberto showed up to deliver my El Camino everything went out the window. I was afraid of him not showing, but once he did I immediately started looking at the car for damage. I was very glad that it was exactly the same as when they picked it up. Filberto definitely knows his work! I’m very glad I called American Auto Shipping to help me find a company to ship my car, and I know I will go to them again in the future.

~Jude /  Boston, MA

For excellent customer service please call David @ 1-800-418-9219

So the last time I shipped a car I booked with the first car transport company I found and had a miserable experience. This time, though, I decided to use American Auto Shipping. I called them and got in touch with Gail, who was very friendly. I told her I would call her back if I was interested, as I was interested in comparing and really being thorough in my search. And instead of some sales speech, she understood, gave me her direct number and said I could call any time. After spending a couple of days calling around and getting quotes from different shippers, I realized I would not find better than Gail, so I called her back and placed my order.

I was shipping my Accord from Miami to Pennsylvania, which Gail said should not be a tough route to find a car transporter on. The last time I shipped it took over a week just to find a truck, and I expected the same this time.

I was very wrong. Gail called me back in 20 minutes saying they found a carrier to pick my vehicle up and he would be calling me within three to four days. Four days seemed like a long time, but I was able to maintain communication first with Gail and then with the truck driver the day he came to pick it up. His name was Soraia, and when he showed up we chatted for a bit and I was able to watch him load the vehicle after we finished the inspection.

There were several instances where I called the office to see where my vehicle was, and Gail was always the one I dealt with. She was a huge source of relief for me, as after a few days I was starting to get really nervous as to why the carrier hadn’t shown up. But Gail told me he had other stops to make on the way and that everything was moving according to schedule. A day after that conversation I got a call from Soraia saying he was in the Chambersburg area and would be there soon.

After confirming the address to deliver the vehicle I got off the phone with him and waited impatiently on my porch. That wait felt like forever, and when he showed up with my Accord I felt like a kid on Christmas. Everything had worked out perfectly, and the driver had taken great care of my car while heading to Pennsylvania. I got my car without any problems, paid the driver his due and the whole thing took less than half an hour.

I want to give a huge shout out to Gail because she was the one that made it all happen. Without her, I think that it would have been a lot harder to find a reliable auto shipping carrier. Five stars from me!

~ Toussaint / Chambersburg, PA

For excellent customer service please call Gail @ 1-800-418-9219