What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed auto transport is using a covered, contained transport truck to move your car. An enclosed carrier is one of two methods of transporting a vehicle. Your vehicle will be protected and isolated from the elements, bugs, other vehicles and random occurrences. It is best used if you have an antique, exotic or luxury vehicle that needs the highest level of protection.
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Cost of Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport will cost between 75% and 100% more then open auto transport so the cost benefits may vary from person to person and may depend upon the condition of the car, and intrinsic value of the vehicle. New cars are shipped from the ports to dealers on open auto transport trucks because the factory paint jobs are very resistant to damage. Newer custom paint jobs may be softer, and more prone to catch dust.

Is Enclosed Transport Worth It?

There are definitely extra costs involved with using an enclosed car carrier. The extra attention the vehicle receives, and the time it takes to prepare to ship your car are two reasons why. If you have a vehicle that needs to be shipped, and it is an exotic, luxury, or antique, enclosed auto transport is your best bet.

Just need to ship your car?

Upwards of 95% of vehicles don't need to be shipped via an enclosed carrier. Using an open auto transport carrier is more than acceptable for the vast majority of vehicles, and is likely to be easier to get arranged.

Why To Use American's Enclosed Auto Transport Services

We have over 20 years experience shipping cars via enclosed carriers, and can ensure that you can ship your car quickly, easily, and efficiently.
Direct Driver Contact

Throughout your entire auto transport experience with us, you can stay in contact with your enclosed carrier to find out what the status is.

Personal Concierge

On our end, we will give you a personal concierge to help answer any questions, help you check on your vehicle, and take care of anything that arises during the shipping process.

Best Prices In The Industry

With our vast network of carriers, we can offer the most competitive rates on the market. Not only will we take care of your vehicle, we'll get it where it's going for as cheap as possible.

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