Need to ship your vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland? American Auto Shipping is here to make things simple and straightforward for you. We will ship your car with utmost safety, at the best possible price, and within the shortest amount of time. 

American Auto Shipping has proudly stood the test of time and is Americans’ most trusted auto shipping & transport company for more than 20 years.


Shipping a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland – How It Works

The process of shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland does not differ much from shipping a vehicle from any big island to the mainland. We make things easy for you by simplifying every step of the way. Here is the simple, 4-step process:

Step 1 – Get a Quote vehicle in Hawaii

Fill out our car shipping quote form (it is completely FREE) to get a price quote instantly. Not very good with online forms? No problem. Just use our Live Chat function or give us a call at (800) 930-7417 and get your quote over the phone. We are available 24/7.

Step 2 – Place Your Order 

Liked our shipping price estimate? Feel free to place your order online. Again, our shipping specialists are also available over the phone. Choose whatever method suits you best to make your booking and complete your order. 

Step 3 – Schedule Your Pickup

You only need to drop off your vehicle at the port. Then, we will take it from there. Our shipping professionals will make port pickup arrangements and then select the most appropriate auto transport carrier for you to reserve a place for your car on them when it reaches the mainland. Don’t worry. We will provide you with full details, including the driver’s name and phone, as well as the scheduled pickup and delivery dates via email and phone. 

Step 4 – We Deliver Your Vehicle 

When your car reaches the mainland port, you can use our Port-to-Door service and have us bring your vehicle to the selected mainland location. Our shipping experts will deal with all the hassle for you so you don’t need to move a finger. 

Just make sure you, or someone else you trust, is at the mainland delivery location to receive your car. Please let us know if you will be sending someone in your place to pick up your vehicle so we can update your booking, though. Of course, you can also pick up your vehicle by yourself as soon as it arrives if you find this alternative more convenient. 


What to Know About Shipping a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland

Here is some must-know information about shipping your vehicle to the mainland from a Hawaii port. 

  1. The Necessary Paperwork

Besides, of course, a set of keys and the remote to unlock the alarm if your car has one, you will also need to bring the following documents on the day you drop off your car at the port:

  • Our American Auto Shipping order confirmation.
  • The Vessel Booking Number.  
  • The vehicle title (for vehicles owned outright).
  • If the car is leased or financed, you will have to provide the lien authorization letter (power of attorney letter). 
  • A government-issued picture ID of the owner listed on the vehicle title.
  • The current registration (for vehicles owned outright). 


  • If you are not the one doing the drop-off, the drop-off party must provide proof of power of attorney from you. This is critical so the vehicle can be shipped to the mainland. 
  • The power of attorney letter required for vehicles that are leased or financed should be on official letterhead and notarized within the past 30 days from the shipping date. 
  • The shipper is always the person listed on the vehicle title as the owner of the car. 
  • If a vehicle is owned by two individuals, and both their names are on the vehicle title, each has to present a government-issued photo ID. If one of the owners is not present, they have to provide notarized consent.
  1. Auto Insurance & License Plates 

If you are relocating to the mainland permanently, your car will need to be registered in the county where you have selected to live. This should be done within 30 days of the vehicle’s arrival. Although the registration process varies per state, here is what you need to do in general:

  • Buy auto insurance from the mainland location you will be living in. 
  • Receive your official insurance card by mail. 
  • Pass a vehicle safety inspection.
  • Receive your inspection sheet.
  • Go to the Motor Vehicle Office with your receipt of shipment, former registration, insurance card, inspection sheet, and plates. 
  • Get your new license plates. You may opt for an out-of-state permit instead. 
  • Bring your permit or new plates to the inspection station to receive your inspection sticker. 
  1. Preparing the Vehicle for Shipping

Make sure you:

  • Have no more than ¼ of your car tank filled. The U.S Coast Guard classifies gasoline as a hazardous material. Since all vehicles are being transported over open ocean, carrier vessels require vehicle owners to have their tank filled by no more than a quarter on pick-up day for safety reasons.
  • Clean your car thoroughly both inside and out before shipping from Hawaii to the mainland. This will help conduct a proper vehicle inspection at both loading and unloading. 
  • Leave no personal items inside the vehicle, except for infant seats (if installed in the car). You may also leave a set of jumper cables, the floor mats, a jack, and a spare tire.  
  • Check that the vehicle is in good running/operating condition because we will need to drive the car to the storage area of the transport vessel (aka Roll-On-Roll-Off or RORO auto shipping). This means that it must have fully operational brakes, no leaking fluids, intact windows, fully inflated tires, and the capacity to be closed completely. 
  • If your vehicle is inoperable or non-running, arrangements should be made with the shipper, who will decide whether to ship your car or not (additional charges apply). Ensure you give the shipper a heads up ahead of time. 
  • Remove all components of the car that can be removed, such as performance or ornamental or decorative-related items, additional antennas or speakers, detachable car stereos, GPS Units, bike racks, and luggage racks.
  • Disable your car’s alarm or provide us with the aftermarket (if any) or factory alarm at the port.
  1. Auto Shipping Ports in Hawaii

The most frequently used Hawaii ports for shipping a vehicle to the mainland are:

Vehicles shipped from Hawaii to the mainland usually reach a West Coast U.S port, including:

Also, Kodiak and Anchorage, Alaska


How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland?

shipping port inOahu HawaiiThe cost of shipping a vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland depends on several factors, including the ports of entry and departure and the model and make of your car. On average, the shipping costs range between $1,500 and $1,800. The best way to figure this one out is to use our auto transport price calculator and get your free shipping quote in just a few seconds. That way, you will also be able to find out exactly when your car can be picked up. 

Rest assured that we do everything humanly possible to provide the most competitive prices to ship your car from Hawaii to the mainland within the shortest amount of time. Plus, you may even be eligible for a special discount. Just ask us! Our pricing experts are working 24/7 with your best interest in mind. 


How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland?

You can choose our Port-to-Door or Port-to-Port shipping service, depending on where you want your vehicle to be delivered. These services are provided when shipping a car from the Big Island of Hawaii or Kauai, O’ahu. The auto shipping time frame/delivery time is usually as follows:

  • Hawaii to New York City (14-19 days).
  • Hawaii to Chicago (13-18 days).
  • Hawaii to Los Angeles (8-12 days)

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to use our 24/7 LiveChat function. 


Can I Have Anything Inside My Vehicle When Shipping It?

For liability reasons, you may not leave any personal items inside the car when shipping it from Hawaii to the mainland, except for installed child safety seats, jumper cables, a jack, and a spare tire. Kindly note that the port conducts thorough inspections on all vehicles being shipped before loading them and will remove any personal items. In any other case (i.e., you have non-removable personal items in the vehicle), your car will be rejected at port. 


Why Use Us to Ship Your Vehicle From Hawaii to the Mainland

We have been shipping vehicles safely since 1999 – that says it all. Rest assured, we know our stuff. Plus, we have worked long and hard to acquire and steadily maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  

Providing world-class auto shipping services to our customers is deeply rooted in our company mission – a mission we have never failed to deliver for over 20 years and counting. So, don’t be surprised if you get perks like:

  • Access to a personal contact – We assign a knowledgeable and friendly staff member to handle all the details of your auto shipping requirements. They will keep you posted from the moment you receive your price quote to the time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle again at the designated delivery location. 
  • Locked-in Pricing – We are not the go-to auto shipping company for thousands of vehicle owners for more than two decades without reason. Transparency is interwoven in our services. This includes our price quotes. The price you get from our price calculator for your auto transport is the price you will pay. No small letter, no fine print, no hidden fees. 
  • FREE Car Rental – This applies to late deliveries. Though we strive to be punctual with the given shipping dates, factors out of our control like the weather conditions can affect the estimated delivery time. We will provide you with a free rental car for excessive delays. 
  • FREE Car Wash – We will pay up to $20 to have your vehicle washed and cleaned inside and out. 
  • FREE Price Quotes – Get an instant quote with absolutely no further obligation. If you like the price, we will be delighted to discuss your shipping needs and details with you! 
  • Damage Protection Services – We guarantee that your vehicle will be safely shipped from Hawaii to the mainland, damage-free. If, for any reason, things go sideways (unexpected occurrences can, unfortunately, happen at any given time and situation irrespective of our hard efforts), we are bound to contribute financially to restore/fix the damage done. 
  • Most Competitive Price Quotes – An entire team of pricing experts works behind the scenes tirelessly 24/7 to ensure you get the lowest possible price without ever compromising the quality of services or safety.  

From simple single-vehicle shipping to group transports on top of sea transport, American Auto Shipping is your trusted ally. Let us take care of everything right after picking up your vehicle! 

Ready to get started? Get your price with our online car shipping quote calculator now to find out your price and when you can get your car moved.

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