What is Door to Door Auto Transport?

Door to door auto transportDoor to door auto transport on an open auto shipping carrier is widely considered to be the primary auto transport method in the industry today. It is the cheapest, the easiest to schedule and arrange, and the quickest method for both you and the auto transport carrier. Door to door service is when the car shipping carrier arrives as near to your pickup location as possible to pick the vehicle up and then drives it to as close to the delivery location as possible. The pickup and delivery addresses will be the addresses that you provide to the shipper, but the reason we say the carrier will get as close to your pickup and delivery addresses as possible is because not all carriers can get to all addresses; there are many places that are too small for carriers to maneuver within effectively.

Do I need to transport my vehicle door-to-door?

You don’t always have to transport your vehicle door-to-door, but it is the preferred method for most auto transport companies. Door to door transport stands in stark contrast to terminal to terminal auto shipping because of the fact that you and the carrier will both meet, shake hands, and you will be present when the vehicle is both loaded and unloaded. Terminal to terminal is where you have to take your vehicle to a specific drop off location (known as a terminal), where it will wait until a carrier arrives to pick it up. With door to door transport being so much more popular and easier than terminal to terminal chances are you’ll be hard-pressed to find a terminal-to-terminal transport quote because few carriers today like running routes that include terminals. More often than not it just isn’t cost effective.

Should I transport my vehicle door-to-door?

Door to door auto transport is best reserved for anyone trying to move a vehicle relatively quickly. If you are not pressed for time and would rather drop your vehicle off because you do not need it or do not have the time to wait for an auto transport carrier to come to you, terminal to terminal auto transport might be a good choice. The main drawback with terminal-to-terminal is that many companies have ceased providing terminal to terminal shipping services because fewer carriers and customers want to ship through terminals. Door to door auto transport services will get your vehicle picked up more quickly and will move your vehicle more quickly in the long run.