Auto Transport By Rail: How to Get It.

You would think shipping your car by rail would be easy, however you will find the major railroad lines, Amtrak, CSX, Union Pacific and The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe do not book with consumers for one or two vehicles. They book all available space monthly with auto transport by rail companies who already ship cars. The problem is that the rates and routes are constantly changing as the railroads use the space mostly for commercial customers so whatever is not booked for the next month with commercial shippers is sold to auto transport by rail companies. The result is that you will find some auto transport by rail companies have great rates on some routes, high rates on other routes and most frustrating of all is no availability on some routes.

Auto Transport By Rail: What Is It?

Open auto transport by rail

Open auto transport by rail

Simply put, auto transport by rail is the process of moving your vehicle on a train instead of on a truck. There are a few inherent advantages to auto shipping by rail, though those are mostly archaic and not applicable to the industry today. It’s generally cheaper, for one; many customers are starting to look at locomotives for their auto transport needs because of its lower cost. With the rising cost in fuel prices (and, in turn, the rising cost of auto transport services by truck) more and more customers are looking at car transport by rail as a practical, convenient, cheaper solution to their car shipping problems.

Auto Transport By Rail: Should I Use It?

In the past auto transport by rail services were predominantly for Northeast-to-Southwest shipments and vice-versa. However, more and more auto shipping companies are getting into the car transport by rail industry. This means that nowadays you can find auto transport by rail services for almost any route. Granted, you’ll probably still need to haul your vehicle to the train station, and also pick it up from the station upon delivery. What’s great about that is many major cities still have working train stations. This makes it a lot easier to get your vehicle to or from a train station. We would recommend auto transport by truck if you’re in a hurry, as it’s generally quicker. Auto transport by rail can take two weeks or more depending on the distance between pickup and delivery. But it’s generally better to ship by rail if you’re concerned about price.

Auto Transport By Rail: Open vs. Enclosed

Enclosed auto transport by rail

Enclosed auto transport by rail

Just like with regular auto transport, there’s a difference between open and enclosed auto transport by rail. It’s virtually the same as with a regular auto transport truck, though, at least in principle. Open rail transport exposes your vehicle to inclement weather and the occasional bug on the windshield and dirt on the side paneling, but all-in-all is a relatively safe and secure method of transportation. Enclosed transport by rail places your vehicle in an enclosed train car that will protect it from all the bugs, dirt and debris that comes from being outside, and is generally more expensive than the open transport alternative. We recommend enclosed auto shipping by rail services for customers that need to ship rare, expensive, valuable, classic or collectible vehicles, as these types of vehicles typically cannot be exposed to outside conditions for extended periods of time.

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