What is terminal to terminal auto shipping?

Terminal auto shipping is when you ship your vehicle from a terminal, to a terminal. Once one of the most prevalent ways to transport a vehicle, it has largely been surpassed by door-to-door shipping. Unlike terminal shipping, door-to-door transportation doesn’t require you to drop your vehicle off anywhere. Terminals require you to leave your vehicle at a pre-determined location where it will wait for a carrier to load it.

Terminal to Terminal Auto ShippingDo all auto shipping services use terminals?

Most Auto Shipping is Door-to-Door! Terminals are good for people who have to drop their car on a specific time and day. Once the carrier or driver picks up the car, you can have it shipped to another terminal where it will wait till you can pick it up. You can also have the auto shipping company hire a local towing company to take your car to the terminal. If you are unable to take it yourself.

Some auto shipping companies offer terminal to terminal shipping, for a discounted price. A terminal is similar to storage facility for cars. You can drop your car off and it will be stored till the driver can pick it up. A terminal representative will contact you once the auto shipping truck has delivered your car.

Terminals can be a great way to make your auto shipping experience totally hassle free. Make sure you read the terms and conditions. Located in the purchase order to ensure you are clear on what the hauling company is offering. Including potential insurance considerations. Contact your auto shipper if you have any questions about terminal to terminal shipping.

You should know, however, that terminal shipping is not as popular or prevalent as it once was. Door-to-door shipping is the industry standard, and any quote you get will be for door-to-door services unless otherwise specified.

Is an auto shipping terminal stop necessary?

No it is not necessary to use a terminal when shipping your car. Most shipments are door to door service. The shipments that require an auto shipping terminal are those shipments that begin or end in certain locations. Like New York City, downtown San Francisco, or any place that will not allow 80 foot long auto transport carriers.

Another auto transport route that requires an auto shipping terminal is where the auto shipment is going to overseas to Hawaii or Alaska where the vehicle is shipped first on an auto transport carrier and then on a ferry or ship. Your vehicle will be in a terminal at the shipping dock while it awaits transfer.

So there are benefits to terminal to terminal auto shipping?

The main benefit to terminal shipping is that folks who live in or visit areas where the use of a terminal is required for the shipment to be completed effectively can enjoy auto transport services. Otherwise they would not be able to avail themselves of this valuable and convenient service.

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