Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to actually get your vehicle shipped when you need it. Don’t wait til the last minute and have your car show up a week or more after you actually need it.


If you’re shipping a minivan, you can put some things in the stow-and-go cargo section underneath the middle seats for extra storage. Don’t pack too much into them, but it’s an option if you have some personal items you need to move with the van.


Car shipping to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands may still be affected by the hurricane that blasted the region. Make sure to talk to an agent before booking an order, as it may take a while for the car to actually get to the port.


If you’re shipping a pickup truck, even if it has a camper shell, you can’t put anything in the back of it. Some carriers will let you put stuff in the trunk of a car, but it can’t be visible. Even with a camper shell, you can’t have anything in the bed.


Don’t forget your car charger! Most carriers won’t care if you leave your phone charger in your car, but what if you need it? Make sure to grab it just in case.


Fires in California have shut down routes running north and south, which could affect some routes through the region. Speak to your agent if you’re shipping within or through California to see if the fires will affect your route.


Make sure to remove all electrical devices from your vehicle prior to shipping. This includes car chargers, garage door openers and things such as iPads and Kindles.


Remember to keep a set of keys to your vehicle on your person when you ship your car. Though the carrier will need a set of keys as well, you should still have your spare – don’t just leave them in your car.


Routes to and from Houston are opening up again, though shipping to Puerto Rico may still be affected by the string of hurricanes that hit last week and the week before.


Shipping heavy equipment? we can help! Fill out our online form or call us today to get free heavy equipment moving quotes today.


I-70 through the Rockies in Colorado was closed yesterday due to heavy snows. As the snow is still falling, some carriers may experience delays in transit times. Talk to your agent if that might affect your shipment.


Shipping an RV? They can be a challenge to ship but you can make it easier by having the dimensions of the vehicle ready to go when getting quotes. You should also speak to an agent regarding specifics of shipping an RV.


Remember that you should only have a quarter of a tank of gas in your vehicle when you ship it. Gasoline is heavy and can add considerable weight to a vehicle, which could push a truck overweight.


Looking to ship a helicopter? They aren’t the easiest things to ship but it’s definitely doable. Make sure to mark down you’re shipping a helicopter when you fill out our online form, or give the information to an agent, to get the best quotes for your needs.


If you’re interested in household moving don’t sweat how much stuff you have. Just approximate when you fill out our moving quote form and you can give your shipping company the full details down the road.


Puerto Rico auto transport services have been suspended following the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Talk to your agent for time tables for resumption of service, though it will likely take a few weeks.


Officials are telling residents in North Carolina’s Outer Banks to prepare for Hurricane Maria to deal some damage. This might affect car shipping services to the area, so read our blog for the latest.


Always remember to have your payment ready to go before your vehicle is delivered. If you cannot pay at delivery the carrier will likely hold your vehicle until you can, while also adding fees for storage.


Luckily Hurricane Maria – now a tropical storm – looks like it won’t be hitting the east coast. But coastal flooding may be in play which could impact your shipping services. Speak to an agent to learn more.


Orders cannot be changed once your vehicle is picked up. You can try to change delivery locations, but you’ll need to go through your agent in order to do so. It’s best to just have everything settled by the time the carrier picks your car up.


Remove any physical media from your vehicle beore shipping it. This includes any USB sticks, CD’s and DVD’s and even cassette tapes.


Make sure to mark any prior existing damage on your vehicle before you ship it. This will make any damage claim easier to process.


Remember, no drinks in your car. They can spill during transport and damage your interior – and your carrier will not e responsible.


Tesla Motors could unveil a new electric transport truck later this month. We have the scoop on our  blog as well as how it might impact the car shipping industry – and your prices.


Major stretches of I-10, I-75 and I-95 re closed in Florida thanks to Hurricane Irma. Coupled with route closures from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, auto transport services across the southern U.S. are going to be affected. Speak to an agent for more about closures, delays and diversions on your route.


Got a toolbox in your pickup truck bed? Make sure to remove the tools and ship them separately. If you can lock up your toolbox, that may be okay. But tools are heavy and including them could end up raising your price.


Hurricane Irma made landfall in southern Florida yesterday, and its devastation has yet to be determined. Winds of upwards of 142 miles per hour were recorded in the Keys, and though it has slowed and weakened it is still a devastating storm. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest Hurricane Irma news and how it will impact car shipping services across the southeast.


The Pacific Northwest is still on fire, and though the winds have shifted I-84 is still closed east of Portland. More importantly, Washington’s SR-14 – a major parallel to I-84 – is closed to truck traffic, including car transportation trucks. This means two major routes through the Columbia River Gorge are shut down, which will impact auto transport services and possibly delay pickup or delivery for some customers.


Items such as DVD’s, CD’s, MP3 players, etc. are nice to have in a car, but don’t belong when you are shipping it. Make sure to clear any items that are not a part of the vehicle when you decide to ship it.


Carriers don’t want to run routes to or from areas that are inundated with hurricanes or wildfires. This is a big reason why many carriers are avoiding areas such as Texas and Portland, Oregon. If this is affecting you, please be patient – these things are rather unavoidable, all things considered. Carriers and agents are doing their best to get your vehicles moved in a timely fashion, but they’d rather deliver your car in one piece, than, you know, on fire.


Interstate 84 outside of Portland, Oregon has been shut down due to wildfire activity. Several other state highways are being shut down, and there are fears that the wildfire will jump the Columbia River to the Washington side. This could further impact Pacific Northwest car transportation services.


Wildfires are starting to seriously impact Washington State car transport services. Already roads through the Cascades are being shut down in an effort to protect motorists, and we have a feeling it is just beginning.


Labor Day is right around the corner, and the end of the summer shipping season is coming along with it. Labor Day has long been a benchmark moment in auto transportation, marking a huge decrease in loads and a major shift in pricing policies.


Remember, please do not put any food or drinks in your vehicle when shipping it. This includes even mundane things such as bottles of water or packaged or boxed foods.


Remember, damaged and flooded vehicles can in fact be shipped. Car shippers may have different requirements or restrictions for those types of vehicles, but they can certainly ship them.


If you’re interested in donating to Hurricane Harvey relief funds, visit the Red Cross website. They’ll have more information about how to help the cause.


It’s been a hell of a weekend for residents in Texas. Houston is flooding, Corpus Christi is wrecked, and smaller cities up and down Texas’ Gulf Coast are experiencing tremendous calamity. Chances are car transporters aren’t going anywhere near there any time soon.


Hurricane Harvey is coming, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. It looks like it’ll hit Texas and hit it hard, so if you’re shipping to the state be wary.


We’re working on some new updates for the website that should be rolling out soon, so don’t be afraid to check em out! Meanwhile we still have our blog and are updating our state and city pages with up-to-date information, so keep coming back for new updates!


Household movers will not ship food items. Make sure your food is either thrown away, donated, or packed separately and taken with you.


The federal government and the FMCSA has halted debate on heavy vehicle speed limiters, at least for now. This doesn’t mean much right now, but it does mean that nothing will change in terms of car shipping services.


We’re closing in on the end of the summer shipping season, which means price changes and route adjustments. If you’re waiting for pickup, make sure to talk to an agent to ensure that your prices haven’t changed.


When shipping household items, make sure to label all your boxes clearly. If you’re having your mover pack your things, make sure your dishes and clothes are clean and ready to pack.


If you have specialty items that you’re trying to move, try a household moving company. It may be a bit more expensive than you would like, but compared to specialty movers it might actually save you money.


Heavy vehicle speed limiters have been tabled as a potential regulatory measure by the FMCSA and the NHTSA. That doesn’t mean they won’t be standard in the future, but for now, carriers won’t have to worry about them. Read more about it in today’s blog post.


Did you know that moving a pool table is a lot harder than finding a moving company to move it? There are a lot of things that go into shipping a pool table; read our most recent blog post to learn more!


We’re getting close to the end of the summer shipping season, so make sure to book your shipment now if you’re trying to find the best price to ship a car!


You should tip your household movers – you know, the guys that actually load and unload your stuff. It’s just the polite thing to do.


Don’t ship pet food in your car. While it may seem like a good way to save a buck, pet food can spill and cans can explode. It’ll likely make a mess, just like with any other food, so don’t do it.


The FMCSA has come out and said that any truck with an engine older than 1999 model year won’t require an ELD. This could impact the auto shipping industry in several ways, so check out our blog to learn more.


Did you know we have videos that can explain more about shipping a car? They’re all there under our “Car Transport Video of the Day” section in our menu.


Flooding in San Antonio is causing serious issues for auto shippers and carriers alike. Make sure to check the weather reports – and will your agent – before you book an order to or from the city.


Sometimes, the lowest price is the best price – not often, and not usually, but sometimes it is. This is why it is so important to do your own research and find out how the companies that you get quotes from really act and think and do business.


Popular routes can increase in price because carriers can pick and choose loads. This is why it’s important to not book with the first or the lowest price that you find.


If your vehicle is taking longer than you thought it would to find a carrier, talk to your agent. They may have suggestions or ways to entice carriers to pick your vehicle up more quickly.


A massive heat wave is sweeping through the Pacific Northwest and northern California this week, and it could mean delays due to trucks overheating. While not a major problem for most companies, it might impact some customers, so make sure to speak to an agent if you’re unsure.


Make sure you don’t have any liquids in the inside of your car. We don’t mean coolant or oil – we mean things like coffee cups from Starbucks. Things can shift during transport and food and drink can spill causing damage to the interior.


If your vehicle has quirks (such as needing the windshield wipers on before starting it, or something odd with the brakes), make sure to tell your agent and your carrier both. That information will make loading, securing and unloading your vehicle much easier.


Regulations can have a large impact on your auto shipping prices and services. Luckily, a proposed regulation to limit driver speeds did not pass, which should mean that things stay the same. But new regulations could pass at any time, so we’ll keep you updated on those.


Some cars just aren’t worth shipping. If the value of your vehicle is lower than the cost to ship it, it might be a good idea to simply buy a new car.


Storms are looking to be moving into the southeastern U.S., bringing typical storms with rain and hail. While it may not affect your shipment too much, it might, so talk to an agent to learn more about whether the weather will affect your routes or not.


We’re still in the depths of the summer shipping season and likely will be until Labor Day, so now’s the best time to get a great deal on your car shipping services!


If you’re looking at auto transport alternatives, make sure to do some research first. Some alternatives may sound great until you actually get into the nitty-gritty of setting up transportation (as with drive away services) that could end up costing you more in time and money.


Is it your birthday? Let your shipper know! Some offer discounts for birthdays, as well as for a host of other reasons. Don’t be afraid to ask if any discounts apply to your shipment.


A major mudslide back in May has left a section of Highway 1 through California impassible. This will likely lead to delays and reroutes for any shipment down the California coast. Talk to an agent to learn more, but chances are this route will require reroutes for a while.


We’re still in the grip of the summer shipping season, which means great deals on car shipping quotes and services. But you better hurry – they won’t last past Labor Day!


If your vehicle is not listed in our make/model section on our quote form, you can simply choose “other” to continue. You’ll need to speak to the companies that send you your quotes to explain what exactly it is you’re shipping, but they’ll be happy to give you a more accurate quote over the phone.


The severe weather system that pummeled the Chicago area has been moving eastward, with flooding reported in Wisconsin, Ohio, and even New York State. This system is likely to strengthen before it reaches the coast, so talk to an agent to learn more about how it might affect your route.


We recommend against shipping expensive electronics in a vehicle. However, if you absolutely have to, make sure that you secure your electronics properly and also ensure that they are protected. Wrapping them in blankets or pillows is a good idea, and you can speak to an agent for more help.


There’s the possibility of flooding in the Chicago metro area, and some areas are already underwater. Make sure to watch the weather reports if you’re waiting for pickup or delivery in the Chicago area.


If a carrier doesn’t deliver your vehicle until after the sun goes down, don’t immediately assume they’re a bad company. Bring a flashlight and make sure there’s no damage. Carriers work long hours and sometimes their last delivery doesn’t occur until later at night. But make sure to bring light to inspect your vehicle.


Wildfires are raging across California, disrupting car shipping routes through multiple areas of the state. Make sure to speak to an agent to find out if your route is affected and how to prepare accordingly.


Have you ever wondered what the top auto shipping locations in the country are? Well, wonder no more! We’ve written a handy quick-guide on our blog roll about the top auto transportation locations in the U.S., so check it out!


We’ve done a lot of work to the website and we’re going to continue to do so. We’re upgrading our city and state pages, reformatting a lot of things and have already introduced a whole new blog layout to help you get the information you need. So keep coming back to see what’s new!


Now that the Fourth is past, it’s time for auto transporters to get back into the swing of things. Many of them take the fourth off, but some don’t; regardless, now everyone is back on the road, so there shouldn’t be any delays from the holidays for a while.


Happy Fourth of July from American Auto Shipping!


Trying to avoid a broker? This may not be the best idea if you’re always looking for the best price or the fastest service. Brokers do a lot for customers, including reducing prices and wait times for pickup or delivery. So keep that in mind next time you want to try to skip the middleman


Fires in southwestern Utah have been raging for a week now, prompting evacuations and causing millions of dollars in damage. They also threaten a major auto shipping route in I-15, though no closures have been reported. Still, make sure to watch the news for the latest.


The temperatures in Phoenix are so hot that airplanes have to be rerouted – and if a plane can’t handle the heat, what about a standard auto transport truck? To be fair, planes are a lot different than trucks, but at the same time, make sure to talk to your carrier or your agent to find out how to beat the heat.


There’s a tropical storm moving into the Gulf Coast that could impact routes through eastern Texas as well as southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Make sure to keep in contact with your agent if your vehicle is going to or from (or through) the area.


Not all companies ship on the weekend, so make sure to talk to your agent to find out if they’ll be reachable during Saturday and Sunday.


The southwestern U.S. is going to be experiencing a massive heat wave followed by some serious rain. So keep an eye out on the weather reports and keep in close contact with your agent to prepare yourself for any possible delays due to the heat and/or monsoon-style rain.


Deciding whether to ship your car or drive it? We have a blog post for that! It’s still on the front page as of this tip, so make sure to check it out!


Want to protect your car but can’t afford an enclosed carrier? Some shippers offer secure car covers that can protect a vehicle from most minor causes of damage. While it won’t protect the way an enclosed car transport truck can, they may be able to save your car from dings and dents and scratches caused by road conditions and inclement weather.


Figuring out whether to drive or ship a car can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve written a great blog post about just that! Head to our blog to check it out.


Always ship a car with clean interior and dirty exterior. A layer of dirt on the car can help prevent minor dings and dents that might occur during transport.


There’s some strange weather patterns emerging that could bring cold air and even snow to higher elevations. This might affect auto shipping services in those areas, so if that affects you, you may want to speak to an agent.


Did you know that military members can get discounts on auto transport services? The discount varies from company to company, so get some quotes and shop around to find the best deal!


Shipping a convertible? Right now is one of the best times thanks to the fair weather, but you’ll still want to make sure your top is up if you ship it.


Parts of Houston and other areas of Texas, as well as Arkansas and the surrounding region, have experienced flooding. Not all areas, but some, so if you’re shipping to the region we recommend you check the weather to learn more.


Moving any time soon? We can get you free moving quotes from top-rated moving companies any time. Make sure to mark if you need moving quotes on our free auto shipping quote form, or call an agent toll-free any time.


It’s June, and that means another great month of auto transportation services! Now’s the perfect time to get quotes and ship your car, too, with prices about as low as they’ll get during the season.


Don’t forget to check our blog periodically! While we don’t update every day, we try to follow auto transport news and also national weather trends to predict changes in auto shipping routes.


Now that the summer is almost here, carriers are coming out of the woodwork. They’re coming out because demand is picking up, so right now is a great time to get prices and get started on shipping your car.


Make sure to clean your car before it’s picked up. Keep an eye out for valuables and other things you may not want in your car while it’s out of your possession.


Shipping a trailer? We can help! They’re a bit different than a standard car when it comes to auto shipping prices and services, but it’s certainly not impossible. Call us to get started today!


Now that Memorial Day is over, the auto shipping industry is picking up. Now’s a great time to find awesome prices on auto shipping services across the nation, so jump on it fast before it goes!


If you ever have questions about your shipment, don’t be afraid to speak to your agent. That’s why they’re there! Their job is to answer questions along with everything else that they do, so don’t be afraid to ask for status updates about your shipment.


Memorial Day is coming up, which means a lot of carriers are going to be off the road. This can lead to delays in pickup and delivery over the weekend, so talk to your agent to learn more.


In what seems a never-ending string of bad weather, more severe storms are expected in Florida and along the eastern seaboard today and through Friday. So keep an eye on the weather as well as prices when searching for a car shipper.


Spare tires are considered a part of a vehicle and are factored into the weight when you get your quotes. If your vehicle has a spare tire there is no need to remove it prior to shipping.


Have a special shipment and aren’t finding any info about it online? Give us a call! Our agents are experienced in shipping almost any type of vehicle and they can get you the information you need to make a good decision on what you’re shipping (or not shipping).


If you have carseats or booster seats for kids in your vehicle, make sure to take them out before you ship. They don’t weigh much, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to those things.


Remember that while marijuana may be legal in some states, it is still illegal to transport it across state lines. This means that if it is in a car you ship and it is found, you could get in serious trouble. As can your carrier and your broker.


Shipping a tow truck? There are some things about a tow truck, like the winch on the back, that need to be taken into account. So make sure you tell your shipper as many details about the truck as possible so you can get the most accurate quotes you can.


Tornadoes are forming across Kansas and Oklahoma and could threaten the Kansas City area as well. If you’re shipping to or from that part of the Midwest, keep an eye on the weather and keep in close contact with your agent to get the latest information.


It’s getting bad out there in the Rockies, and the latest forecasts are now predicting tornadoes and other severe weather, including hail and heavy rainfall and possible flooding, in the Midwest as well.


We’re keeping an eye on the snow that’s moving across the Rockies. What makes this interesting is that I-70, I-80 and I-90 all see upticks in traffic as the weather gets nicer. This new storm could make it harder to get around, so keep your eye on the weather reports.


A snowstorm is brewing west of the Rockies, and it is expected to dump some serious snow on the region. Expect areas of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana to see significant snowfall especially in the upper elevations.


Please don’t put computer equipment, video game consoles, or other expensive hardware in a vehicle that is being shipped. Not only will it not be insured, but the risk of damage to sensitive components that are not packed properly goes up significantly.


Looking at moving? We can help you get free quotes to ship your household items along with your vehicles. Just mark down that you have household items to move on our free quote form and you’ll get moving quotes emailed to you from top shippers within the hour.


As the weather starts getting nicer, more and more carriers are going to be on the road. This tends to mean pickup times decrease since there’s more shippers on the road – and more freight to go around.


St. Louis is still flooded in areas, but more routes are opening up. Still, though, make sure to speak to an agent to find out which routes are going to be open and which are still closed.


Shipping to Missouri? Right now, Kansas City is probably the better bet over St. Louis, which is still recovering from record flooding throughout the region.


Mondays tend to be the busiest auto transport day especially during the summer. If you’re looking for quotes or trying to find a carrier, Monday is a good bet, but later in the week may be easier to get them quickly.


Don’t store any valuable items in your vehicle when you are shipping it, especially things of sentimental value or things that cannot be replaced (original manuscripts, works of art, etc).


Make sure to leave household cleaners and the like out of your vehicle when you are shipping it. These things can cause issues if they are not stored properly and can leak and cause damage to your vehicle.


Fortunately for you, Cinco de Mayo is not a day that many auto shippers take off. However, Mother’s Day is coming up next weekend, which might mean some routes get changed so people can spend time with their mothers, wives and daughters.


Though St. Louis and the rest of southern and eastern Missouri (and other areas nearby) are experiencing record flooding, Kansas City is still fairly dry. So if you’re shipping to Missouri during the flood, you may be better off going to the northwest than anywhere else in the state.


St. Louis and the rest of the region is still seeing massive rains and flooding that is making auto shipping difficult. But luckily it should clear up by the weekend, depending on how bitchy Mother Nature wants to be.


Widespread flooding across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, northern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma is making car shipping services almost non-existent through the area. Make sure to speak to an agent to find out the latest information about auto shipping through the region.


Flooding across the Midwest has already started and is expected to only worsen as things go on. Keep an eye on the weather reports and talk to your agent about how the severe weather in the region may affect your car transport services.


It’s officially May, and the start of the upswing in terms of auto shipping demand. Get on the ball now and ship before prices on popular routes skyrocket.


Avoid pre-paid shipments if you can. Paying the entire balance up front shifts the balance of power and many carriers won’t take pre-paid orders. Pre-pays tend to take longer to ship due to this.


Need help getting quotes to ship your car? Give us a call! You can also fill out our free auto transport quote form any time to get free quotes from top-rated shippers free of charge.


Make sure to keep an eye on our podcast section for all the latest news and information about auto shipping services and events around the industry.


More and more carriers are installing GPS in their trucks to help their dispatchers monitor where they’re at. This makes it easier to give customers updates quickly. However, not all carriers have GPS, so if that’s something that worries you, make sure to talk to your agent before they book with a carrier that doesn’t have tracking.


We’re starting to see an uptick in interest in car shipping services, which means the summer season is getting close. This means more demand, more carriers and more available routes, and more demand means higher prices along some routes and lower prices along others. Talk to an agent to learn more.


Remember, drugs and alcohol are never to be transported in a vehicle. Putting illegal items in a vehicle can result in your being arrested, so don’t do it.


Keep in mind where your vehicle is going to be going if you’re putting something in it. Most carriers don’t mind a bit of junk in the trunk, but severe weather – either too hot or too cold – can damage certain items, notably musical instruments and artwork. Be careful with what you put in your vehicle, too.


Always make sure to give your driver the spare key to your vehicle and not your primary key. If you don’t have a spare key, try to get one made. Keys are crucial to a car, of course, and you don’t want to be giving your only copy to a person who’s going to be moving it a thousand miles. Always have a backup.


Make sure you have your payment method squared away before the carrier arrives to pick your vehicle up. While payment often won’t be taken until delivery, they won’t release your car until you pay, so if you don’t have that when they deliver, they’re going to hold your vehicle until they get their money.


Looking to ship on a reverse snowbird route? Right now is a great time to find a carrier heading back north, so jump on the train and get some quotes to ship your car today before deals disappear.


Luckily, you don’t have to take a drug test when you ship a car. However, most car transport carriers do have to take random drug tests. More a random fact than a tip of the day, but still, it’s good to know!


It’s not just the Deep South that’s experiencing crazy weather. A massive storm is pushing its way east through the Midwest, notably through Des Moines and other parts of Iowa. Talk to an agent to learn more.


Looking to ship through the southern U.S. today? Weather is pretty nasty right now, especially with the hail storms, so keep an eye on the weather reports and talk to an agent to learn more.


Another beautiful Monday here at American Auto Shipping! Monday is our busiest day, so if you’re having a hard time getting a hold of us, keep trying and someone will answer eventually.


Easter is this weekend, and while most car transporters will be running routes, some may not. So make sure to speak to your agent to see whether they’re open for the holiday or not.


Make sure to get the name of your auto transport driver, as well as what company they drive for. You may not need it, but it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Your agent should give it to you when your order is dispatched.


Shipping to Minnesota? Right now may be a good time to ship considering the weather. Of course, with the way things have gone, it may still be tough, but chances are now’s just the beginning of the northern routes opening up and getting cheaper.


Tax season is almost over, so now’s the best time to get started on shipping a car. It can be expensive, but with a nice tax refund now’s the best time to start.


Interstate 95 is one of the busiest interstate highways in the United States, and for good reason. It’s one of the most popular auto transport routes as well, so if you’re shipping up or down the east coast, chances are you can get great deals.


Remember, food and beverages are not allowed in a vehicle you are shipping. Food can mold and drinks can spill, which can ruin the interior of the vehicle.


Always remember to use an auto transport quote provider when you’re searching for quotes to ship your car.


A new storm system is set to blast the Great Lakes and New England later this week, dumping snow on many areas in the region. Keep an eye on the weather reports and talk to agents to learn about how it may affect your shipment.


If you’re shipping a specific type of vehicle and want to know more about how it’s shipped, make sure to visit our Vehicle Make and Model page. It has information on shipping a wide array of different vehicles.


More severe weather is expected in the Deep South this week, notably in Georgia and Florida. Keep this in mind when you’re waiting on a shipper to pick your car up or deliver it.


Worried about how long it takes to ship a car? If you’re pressed for time, try offering a bit more to your shipping company to give to the carrier. A little bit of a bump in pay can entice carriers to pick your vehicle up more quickly.


It’s April Fool’s Day today, but no car transport companies are fooling around today. While most companies close on Saturdays, some will likely be open if you need assistance. You can always leave them a message and they will return it Monday, too.


Did you know we have a podcast? Check it out! It’s located under our “Follow Us” section and also via our iTunes link. And make sure to keep watching for new episodes in the coming days and weeks!


Don’t be afraid to move your pickup or delivery location to a larger city. Carriers like big cities, not small towns, and often provide shipping services for cheaper if there are lots of people about. Talk to an agent about it to learn more.


If your vehicle currently has no tires, we recommend getting tires on it before shipping it. It will make it easier to load and unload and will likely make it cheaper to ship it as well.


We recommend that you talk to your agent about potential routes that your carrier is taking. Doing so will allow you to better understand how long it will take and where your vehicle will be, which is always good.


Louisiana is getting hit with some serious weather right now. Tornadoes and large hailstones are making it more dangerous for car transporters. Keep an eye on the weather and your hand on the phone to speak to an agent about your shipment if you think you may be at risk.


Vehicle get damaged due to crazy hail? Damage during transport sucks, but if something happens you need to tell your agent ASAP. They will get a damage claim going for you and help you through the process.


It’s another glorious Friday in the auto shipping industry, but storms through the south may make some routes more perilous. Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and the rest of the Deep South will experience wild weather this weekend, so keep up on the reports and talk to an agent to see how it may affect your shipment.


Winter isn’t quite done with us yet, sadly. After a few lulls in the weather, a new storm looks to be on its way to the northeast. While likely not as bad as Winter Storm Stella, it’ll still dump snow on the region, which could make for harder car shipping services.


The FMCSA has withdrawn a proposal to change the way that they rate carrier companies. Read about it on today’s blog and get the latest news and information straight from American Auto Shipping.


Do you need enclosed auto shipping quotes? Luckily, we have a way to get you some. Just check whether you want to ship open or enclosed on our free auto transport quote request form and let us take care of you.


Looking at pickup later this week? More storms are expected to hit the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast by Wednesday or Thursday. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather and expect delays in pickup, transit and delivery.


Many major routes have been shut down thanks to Winter Storm Stella, resulting in delays across the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. However, the storm seems to be about over, having dumped over 40 inches in some areas. So talk to an agent if your vehicle isn’t where you thought it might be.


Trucks are having a hard time getting through Winter Storm Stella it seems, which has started making its way across the northeast. Expect delays along popular routes through the region.


Shipping to Boston, New York City or somewhere else along I-95? If so, you know that Stella has been a real problem and has caused some serious setbacks for Northeast auto transport services. But the I-95 corridor – while it still saw snow – didn’t see near as much as areas inland. So talk to your carrier about pickup or delivery along I-95 instead, as it will likely save you time and money.


Winter Storm Stella is dominating the news right now and likely will for the next few days. It’s also dominating auto transport services – well, weather everywhere, really. Make sure to speak to an agent because there’s a lot of crazy weather across the country right now.


Yet another paralyzing blizzard is heading toward the east coast. Affected areas will likely include the New York City metro area, as well as the eastern Great Lakes region and New England. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather and speak to an auto shipping agent for more.


States across the northeast, including Pennsylvania and New York, are looking at some severe winter weather. This will definitely affect car shipping prices and services to and from the area, so if your vehicle is en route to the northeast speak to an agent about what you can expect in terms of how the storm will affect deliveries in the area.


Having issues getting your car started, but want to ship it? Oftentimes something simple is the problem, and fixing that will usually cost less than paying the $150 non-op fee that many auto transport companies attach to ship non-running vehicles.


Watch the weather in the Deep South today and over the weekend, as severe storms are expected to rock the region. Areas of east Texas and southern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and western Florida will likely see severe weather that may impact car transport services.


Remember, things such as guns and ammunition are not allowed in a vehicle that is being shipped. If a carrier finds any firearms or ammunition in the vehicle they will either remove it or refuse to ship the vehicle until they are removed.


Auto transport quotes are a dime a dozen – well, actually, any company worth their weight will make their auto shipping quotes free. Don’t be afraid to get a lot to compare prices and services and find the right shipper for you.


Shipping a self-driving car? While the technology may be there it’s still in its infancy, and auto shippers may prefer to drive it up the truck themselves. Honestly, it’s probably a good idea to let them.


A fresh storm is rolling in off the west coast, bringing with it rain and flood warnings for parts of Washington State, Oregon and California. Considering these are popular auto transport locations right now, the weather may affect your shipment. Speak to an agent to learn more.


With the lifting of the embargo on Cuba, you may now be able to ship your car there! While we don’t know for sure yet, and while we can’t get you quotes to ship there ourselves, you may be able to find a company that can.


With all the wintry weather going on, don’t be surprised if shippers usually open on the weekend are suddenly closed due to the storms. If you can’t get a hold of your shipper today or tomorrow, that may be why.


We’re still in the depths of the winter shipping season, but there seems to be a lull in the bad weather, at least in the western states. The Northeast, Southeast and Midwest are still seeing snowfall right now, but things in the west have cleared up – even if there’s still snow on the ground.


Right now, New Mexico is a great place to not only ship a car to (thanks to the weather) but it is also a good place to move. Lower cost of living, increased job opportunities and new industries have helped the state grow, particularly cities such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces.


Shipping to the Portland, Oregon area? Expecting delivery today? A fresh storm has just dumped upwards of six inches in some areas, which will definitely slow things down. If you’re shipping to anywhere higher than sea level, your vehicle may not even be delivered today due to the snow.


Winter weather is preparing to sock the southeast with some serious snow and ice. This can cause problems especially for carriers used to staying away from snow and ice. Talk to an agent to learn more about conditions on your route and how they may be affected by the wintry weather.


Please keep in mind that no food or drink is allowed in a vehicle that is being shipped. Make sure to clear out old fast food or lunch bags, as they can spoil and make it disgusting to get in the car.


Yet more winter weather is pouring in from the west and looking to traverse the country. Expect delays and reroutes in areas such as the Midwest and New England in particular.


Tying into yesterday’s Tip of the Day, if you don’t have the ability to pay the driver with a cashier’s check or a money order, cash will work just fine too.


Don’t have a credit card? That can be difficult to work around, but most auto transporters should be able to accommodate you when you’re paying your deposit. Talk to an agent for possible payment alternatives.


Can’t afford your shipment? If not, you may want to wait to ship your car until you can. Most companies won’t take payment plans due to the nature of the industry. Many carriers turn little profit, and a payment plan can seriously hurt them financially.


Unlike truckers in the arctic, many car transporters can’t handle icy roads. Considering how bad the weather has been, it’s important to note that icy roads will be almost impossible to traverse safely. If your pickup or delivery location is locked in by the ice, talk to an agent to discuss possible alternatives.


Don’t have the vehicle’s registration for a car you’re shipping? That’s okay! Most carrier companies don’t require it so long as you can prove in other ways you have the right to ship the vehicle.


Musical instruments should never be shipped in a car that is to be transported. Weather conditions can cause severe cold or hot temperatures in the cab and trunk of a vehicle, which can cause warping in things such as guitars. Avoid this at all costs.


A new year, a new time for auto shipping services! Right now, though, winter weather is pretty bad across the country, which is slowing down routes and causing havoc across the U.S. Talk to an agent about possible slowdowns and diversions on your route.

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