January 2020


Pickup trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. We need to be aware of yours if you want us to quote it accurately and move it with a carrier that can move it. Please let us know as much detail about your pickup truck as possible.


If you cannot pay the driver at delivery, talk to your rep about cash on pickup (COP). This can be a good alternative if you will be unable to take delivery of the vehicle, or need to have someone else do it.


The term “cash on delivery” (also known as COD) applies not just to cold, hard cash, but also to cashier’s checks and money orders and other types of certified funds. Speak to your representative about what other methods may be available.


If you need to make changes to your order – such as a vehicle change, or changing the pickup and delivery location – it may warrant a requote if the change is drastic. We cannot move a pickup truck at the price it takes to move a car, and if you are moving your pickup or delivery location to another state, that will change the price as well.


Bad weather is currently making it difficult to move freight into or out of New England, the Great Lakes, the northern Plains, and the western Rockies. Be aware prices will be higher on those routes and delays more common due to the weather.


Areas such as Washington, D.C., Manhattan, and other densely-packed downtown areas are hard for carriers to access. Sometimes you will need to move your pickup location to an area they can physically reach.


Please be sure your vehicle is accessible for your driver. If they cannot physically reach the vehicle, they may be unable to load it and will need to cancel the pickup. Please do what you can to make it easy for your driver to load and unload your vehicle.


We’re starting to see the snowbird season begin to slow, which usually results in price decreases on the Northeast-Southeast routes. However, quick pickup is still available as of now, so don’t wait to book if you need to ship fast.


When it comes to paying the carrier for their portion of the shipment, most companies require cash on delivery. This can be cash, cashier’s check, or money order usually. However, some may have different payment methods available, so make sure to speak to the carrier if you have questions about how to pay at delivery.


If there are specific things your vehicle needs during shipment, please let us know. Special instructions are not uncommon in our industry, so please don’t hesitate to let us know about anything that could affect the shipment of your vehicle.


Please let us know your pickup availability. If you are available all day any day, or if you are only available certain days, having that information will allow us to find a carrier that fits your schedule without issue.


If you are shipping from an auction, we will need the lot number and also your buyer number or gate pass. These are important so the carrier can prove they are there to pick up your vehicle.


Remember, if you cannot be there for pickup or delivery, there are options. A friend or family member could release the vehicle for you, and some carrier companies have terminals that they can store your vehicle at until you are able to take it. Speak to your representative for possible alternatives.


When the carrier shows up to pickup your vehicle, double check the paperwork to make sure they are the company we hired to move your vehicle.


If there is a change in your availability dates, please let us know as soon as possible. Getting the most up-to-date information will help us move your vehicle more efficiently and will help us meet your transportation needs.


We make sure that every carrier we work with is top-rated and fully licensed and insured. We hold our carriers to high standards to ensure the safety and security of every vehicle we ship.


It is important that we know the state of your vehicle, as it will affect what kind of carriers are available and when they will be. If your vehicle is not running, it will likely require a winch to load and unload. A vehicle without tires will need a forklift. Standard carriers don’t usually have those, so let us know if there are any issues with your vehicle that might affect loading or unloading.


Want to let us know about your experience shipping your vehicle with us? Leave us a review! Yelp, Google, Transport Reviews, we’re on them all, so don’t be afraid to let us know how we did!


A major storm is expected to slam into the northeast this weekend, which could affect prices and services into and out of the region.


Welcome to another year with American Auto Shipping! Now’s a great time to get on the horse and get a vehicle shipped if you need to get it done!