December 2018


If your carrier is picking your vehicle up early in the morning, make sure it’s defrosted and warmed up. This way, the carrier doesn’t have to sit and wait for visibility in order to load the car.


Unlike other auto shippers, we won’t ask you for more money if prices change within seven days of getting your quote.


December, January and February are considered the “lean” times in the car shipping industry. Get great prices before they change!

November 2018


Remember, the lowest price is rarely the best price, especially this time of year. Make sure to do research and find the right price for your needs.


If your pickup or delivery was delayed because of the holiday, it should be there by now. If there’s a problem, let us know.


Winter weather is going to start making routes more difficult to move along as time goes on. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on all the crazy weather across the country.


Now’s a great time to start thinking about shipping a vehicle as a present.


Now that Thanksgiving is past, the winter shipping season is gearing up in earnest. Get great rates now before they change!


Though Thanksgiving was yesterday, trucks are once again on the road shipping vehicles, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote today!


Happy Thanksgiving from American Auto Shipping!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so we will not be open. However, we will be open on Friday to continue helping our customes ship their vehicles.


While it may seem like a good idea to ship Christmas presents in a car you’re shipping, we do recommend against it as items are not insured and could be damaged by shifting during transport.


If you’re having a hard time finding a price you like, it could be because your pickup or delivery locations are not desirable. Speak to an agent for possibilities of moving your pickup or delivery to more palatable areas nearby.


While we haven’t seen any crazy weather yet, we’re getting into the season. Areas such as New England, the Great Lakes, and the western mountains could see price hikes as the snows start coming.


Though wildfires are burning through California, there’s still pleny of freight moving to and from the state. So while some areas may be harder than others to ship to or from, the major cities shouldn’t be hard at all.


With all the wildfires in California this November, getting a car in or out of affected areas may be difficult. Speak to an agent if you believe your shipment may be in jeopardy.


Need to ship a piece of heavy equipment? We can help! Fill out our heavy equipment quote request form to get started.


Veteran’s Day was this last weekend, and today banks and schools are generally closed. But auto shippers are still on the road moving cars, so your transit times won’t be affected.


We don’t charge our deposit fee until your vehicle is dispatched. This way, you’re not out any money if you decide to change your mind about shipping your vehicle.


Some carriers will prefer cash on pickup for certain orders. While most vehicles (read: the vast majority) are shipped cash on delivery, some orders may be easier to move with cash on pickup.


Remember, you can usually save some money by moving your pickup or delivery location to a major city if you’re not shipping to or from one.


If you need to ship a vehicle right away, try our priority price! While it’s higher than our standard price, it’s built to move your vehicle within just a few days.


Even if you’re not shipping until spring, getting quotes now is good to see initial rates and get contact information in your inbox that you can use a reference when you are ready to book.


We’ll keep you up to date on all the crazy weather across the nation this winter and how it may impact your car shipping services.


We’re into what is basically the winter shipping season, which means lower prices for most routes especially snowbirds. Get your great rate locked in today!

October 2018


Happy Halloween from American Auto Shipping!


We’re starting to see reports of snow and other winter weather in certain areas, which can and will affect transportation prices and services. Speak to an agent to learn more or to find out if your pickup or delivery areas are affected.


A lot of people are waiting until November to ship, which means that right now there’s prime space on a lot of trucks. Make sure to book now before these great rates are gone.


We don’t guarantee the lowest price, but we do guarantee our prices are built to move. And if we’ve gotten a price wrong, we’ll take money out of our own pocket to fix it so your vehicle will ship.


Areas such as northern New England are notoriously difficult for carriers to get to. So make sure you’re ready to pay more or wait longer for pickup to or from those areas.


We’re constantly adjusting our prices to make sure that not only are we giving you a great rate, but that our rates are also built to move your vehicle when you need it moved.


Don’t forget, you can book an order directly from our quote form! After you submit your info and get a quote, you can use our Buy it Now tool to name your price and place your order.


You can track any vehicle ship with American Auto Shipping right on our homepage! You can also contact us to track your vehicle.


Door to door doesn’t mean “the carrier will get directly to your door.” It means they’ll get as close as possible and that you’ll be able to meet your driver, unlike with terminal shipping.


If you’re shipping to or from a military base, get permission from your base commander for the carrier to go on base. Otherwise, you’ll have to meet them off site.


If you don’t have a spare key to your vehicle, considering making one before you ship it. Giving the carrier your only set of keys should be a last resort.


Make sure to clean out your glove compartment, especially if you carry a firearm in it.


Books can get heavy quickly. A few in your trunk is okay; boxes full are not. Weight is a major factor in your shipment, and the lighter your vehicle, the better your price usually.


If you don’t know the year of the vehicle you want to ship, just guess at it. Most vehicle shipping prices don’t change because of the year of the vehicle.


If you have to put things in your vehicle, tell your rep. They’ll let you know if what you put in the car is okay to have in it and whether you have too much stuff in the vehicle.


Now’s a great time to ship if you’re trying to beat the winter weather.


For shipments to or from remote areas, you should plan on it taking two weeks or more to get a vehicle picked up.


We’re rolling out big changes to our site, so keep us bookmarked to keep up with all the latest in auto transport.


Need to ship household items with your vehicle? We can do that. Fill out our quote form and request a household moving quote.


A company that can ship by by rail can be tricky to find, but if anyone can do it, we can.


If you want to put a few items in your vehicle during transport, that’s fine. But you need to let your agent know what’s in it so they know it’s not hazardous, dangerous, or illegal.


If you can’t find your vehicle make and model in our free online quote form, give us a call and our agents will make sure to get you your quote.


The Weather Channel is reporting snow in the northern United States this week, including in areas such as Montana and the Dakotas. Keep that in mind if you’re booking a shipment to or from the north this week.


Low prices will never get a car shipped. But it’s rare that the highest price is the only one that will move it either. You don’t have to take the first price you get; take your time and shop quotes for the best rates.


Seems like the hurricane that was supposed to flood the southwest never flooded it. Sometimes we’re wrong. But hey, this just means it’s even easier to ship a car to or from the region, so give us a call or fill out our free quote form!

September 2018


Pickup in Montana and the Dakotas can take up to two or even three weeks depending on the route right now. Make sure to talk to an agent if you need more information.


If you can’t get a hold of us over the phone, don’t be afraid to use our free quote form to get a free estimate to ship your vehicle.


With winter right around the corner, now is the last chance to get quality, affordable car shipping rates. Use our free online quote calculator to get an instant estimate immediately.


Can’t be there for pickup and delivery both? That’s okay – so long as you have someone who can be there for pickup or delivery, that’s what counts. Make sure to tell your representative who will be at the other end.


Vehicle that are oversized will cost anywhere from 10%-25% and sometimes even more over the cost of a standard vehicle along the same route. Plan accordingly.


A new tropical depression has dissipated over Mexico, bringing with it a wet front that will likely bring heavy rain and flash flooding to the southern U.S. Read our blog for more.


Don’t forget, you can read all about where you’re shipping from or to in our informative articles about auto transport to and from specific U.S. cities and states.


The Carolinas are still reeling from Hurricane Florence, which has caused massive upheaval and delays in numerous shipments. This will likely last for a while, so make sure to keep in close contact with your agent if your shipment is one of those affected.


If you have an emergency roadside kit, make sure it’s stowed somewhere where it will not move around during transport. Either stow it or secure it.


With hurricanes and the typical industry slowdown, dispatching may take a bit longer. However, it will likely be easier to find a shipper at a great price.


Don’t expect any vehicles moving into or out of areas affected by Hurricane Florence. Speak to an agent if your shipment is being affected by the hurricane.


Florence has made landfall in the Carolinas, prompting flooding, storm surges, and is expected to linger through tomorrow and into the weekend. Stay safe if you’re in the area.


As Hurricane Florence ramps up, we could be in for some crazy weather on the east coast. We’ll keep you informed as the storm develops, but you can expect the auto shipping industry to be affected as well.


Don’t forget to remove important papers from your vehicle’s glove compartment.


If you’re having issues with a shipping company, it may be a good idea to get some new quotes. Sometimes, prices can change, and some companies may not keep up with that.


Don’t forget phone chargers and accessories! Phone chargers are important and people like to use them in their cars. Don’t forget yours and be stuck without one while your vehicle is in transit.


Don’t forget about our app! There’s a lot you can do on it, especially if you’re shipping lots of cars in a given amount of time.


If you need to ship an oversized vehicle, make sure to speak to an agent. They can take dimensions over the phone in ways that our online form can’t.


Labor Day is over and it’s back to the grind for auto shippers! Post-Labor Day tends to result in a slowdown in the industry, but don’t worry; we can still help you ship your car when you need it shipped.

August 2018


School is starting up for most districts soon, as well as universities. Now’s a great time to ask your shipper about student auto transport discounts.


Meet our team! We have a full staff to help you ship your vehicle, and you can read more about them right on our Meet the Team page!


If you’re shipping from or to a storage unit, make sure to have the name of the storage facility along with the unit number.


It’s getting close to back to school time, so if you’re finishing up a move now’s a good time to talk to an auto transport agent about potential discounts. But with autumn right around the corner, they won’t last long!


If you’re unsure about something, ask! Don’t go through the car shipping process just smiling and nodding your head. If you don’t understand something or need clarification, don’t hesitate to ask someone.


Remember, carriers can’t take personal checks. This is for a number of reasons, but they only accept payment in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order.


Make sure to have pickup and delivery addresses for your agent when you book your order. You don’t need them immediately, of course, but the sooner you get them the better.


As the weather gets worse, enclosed transportation services are going to be in higher demand. So jump on board before prices skyrocket.


The end of summer is coming – and, with it, potentially higher car shipping prices. Some routes will see drops in prices while others will see the opposite. Speak to an agent for more.


Another reason carriers don’t like traveling through wildfire-ridden areas: smoke damage. Smoke can cause problems for trucks and also vehicles they ship, so they tend to shy away from them. And yes, the northwest is still on fire.


Northern California is on fire as well as Washington and Oregon, which is making it harder for carriers to get through the area. Don’t be surprised if there are delays or reroutes in your shipment to or from the area. Speak to an agent to learn more.


Wildfires ravaging the Pacific Northwest are making it difficult for carriers to travel along certain routes. Over sixteen fires are raging in the region, shutting down pickup and delivery locations and rerouting trucks.


Remember to clean out all garbage from your vehicle before it’s picked up. Even little things like straw wrappers. Most carriers won’t care about the little things, but hey, presentation is important, no? Besides, big garbage can cause issues, so just make sure it’s relatively clean on the inside.


Most carriers don’t care if you leave a car charger in your car. However, it does constitute “personal items” which are not allowed when shipping a vehicle. So leaving it is up to you, really.


It’s back to school season, which means more auto transport companies are offering student shipping discounts. Make sure to speak to your agent if you’re a student or if you’re helping a student ship a vehicle.


Nighttime deliveries aren’t entirely uncommon, but you should take care to make sure that you inspect the vehicle thoroughly for damage before signing the delivery paperwork. Using a cell phone flashlight can help tremendously in that regard.


Shipping a travel trailer? If it can’t move under its own power, you’ll either need to ship the vehicle that you haul it with, or have the trailer moved via a different type of carrier. Speak to an agent to learn more.


Most motorcycles are shipped in crates. So when you request a free motorcycle shipping quote with us, it will be for crated shipment. Speak to an agent if you don’t want a crate or are looking for a different method of shipping your bike.


If you’re shipping a vehicle that has been altered, such as lifted or elongated, give us a call to get the most accurate quote.


If your vehicle is lowered, make sure to tell your agent about it. While how tall a vehicle is tends to be more important, ground clearance can impact the kinds of carriers that can load your vehicle.


If you’re concerned about damage during transport for your vehicle, talk to an agent about enclosed shipping. Despite most people using enclosed to ship expensive vehicles, you can actually ship any vehicle you want enclosed, so long as it fits in the truck.


Going off yesterday’s TotD, if you’re shipping just a chassis, make sure to tell your agent before you actually book. Some companies cannot ship a vehicle that is just a chassis, so make sure your prospective companies can handle it.


Vehicle doesn’t have tires? If that’s the case, you’ll want to tell your agent right away, as it could require a forklift to load and unload it.

July 2018


You should hold on to the Bill of Lading – which acts as a receipt for your shipment – and keep it in your important files folder or whatever. Having that ready to go in case you need to ship another vehicle can make things a lot easier.


Shipping a soft-top convertible? You may want to ship it enclosed. And you definitely don’t want to ship it if the top’s down.


If you’re buying a vehicle but you don’t know what kind yet, that’s okay. You can get a quote for multiple vehicles via our online form or by giving us a call.


Remember to clean the interior of your vehicle of any personal items. They are not allowed in the vehicle when it is shipped.


With the crazy weather across the nation lately, some routes are naturally going to be affected by it. From heat to heavy rain and even flooding, weather can impact your routes and services greatly, so make sure to talk to an agent about how it may impact yours.


Never trust an auto transport company that doesn’t display its MC# or refuses to give it over the phone.


You have the right to read the insurance policy of your carrier when they pickup your vehicle. Though most policies are standard, it’s never a bad idea to read up on the particulars.


Shipping winter vehicles, such as a snowmobile? You’ll likely want to mark it as a motorcycle, s it is closer in shape to a bike than a car.


Did you know you can use our free quote form to get a free household moving quote as well as an auto transport quote? If you need to ship household goods, check it out!


Cash on payment is rare, but is available for some shipments. If you are unable to pay cash upon delivery, but rather pickup, speak to an agent about it.


If you are trying to ship to Mexico, most carriers will only go to the border. But you can speak to an agent about which border cities will be best to ship your vehicle to for import into Mexico.


Deliveries at night aren’t common, but they do happen. Remember, carriers can have strange schedules based on numerous factors. If a carrier delivers your vehicle at night, make sure to have a flashlight so you can do the inspection. Some carriers may try to hide damage in the darkness, so be prepared.


You should try to make sure that your emergency roadside assistance kit is properly secured in your vehicle before it is shipped. This way it won’t roll or bounce around during transport.


If you’re a military member be sure to ask about military discounts. Discounts for active or retired military members are very common.


Some auto transporters offer discounts! Make sure to speak to an agent instead of just looking at a quote because they may be able to save you money if you call.


Meeting your carrier near an interstate offramp or interchange can lead to lower prices and an easier shipment. Speak to an agent about it for more information.


Don’t book with the very first company you find. You should get numerous quotes from different shippers as they all have different pricing systems. Get a quote with us, but don’t be afraid to compare against others as well.


Remember that as the weather heats up, especially in the south, some carriers may have a hard time handling the heat. Delays in transit and nighttime deliveries are more common the south this time of year because of it.


Now that the 4th is behind us, remember that you can’t ship unused fireworks in a vehicle. No fireworks whatsoever can be shipped by a car transport company.


Happy 4th of July from American Auto Shipping! Most shippers are closed today, but you can still fill out our form or give us a call for a free, no-hassle quote today!


If you aren’t pressed for time, but need to save cash, try terminal auto shipping! It’s not perfect, and a far cry from door to door services, but it’s useful if you can’t be there for pickup or delivery and have no one else who can be there either.


Welcome to the updated American Auto Shipping! We’ve made a lot of changes to our homepage and layout, but all the great auto transportation information is still there. Check it out!

June 2018


Remember to have your payment ready to give when the carrier arrives to deliver your vehicle. If you can’t pay your payment at delivery, many carriers will simply hold your vehicle until you can pay.


Please remember to remove any personal items from your vehicle. This includes innocuous things like phone chargers, spare change, and sundries.


As a reminder, we cannot provide international auto shipping services. We can help you ship to outlying U.S. states and territories, like Hawaii or Puerto Rico, but we can’t ship to Europe.


Shipping to the Florida Keys? Because of the route needed to get to places like Key West, it can cost a lot more than shipping to Homestead and then driving it yourself. Make sure to get a quote and speak to an agent about it for more information.


Many companies will allow you to request top or bottom rack of a car transport truck for an additional price. Speak to an agent about whether or not that is possible and how much it will cost.


If it’s easier for you to pay the entire auto transport cost up front, make sure to speak to an agent about it. They should be able to help you do that, but not all of them will take payments up front.


Most cars are delivered by the same driver on the same truck it was picked up on. But sometimes that’s not possible due to mechanical failure or other issues. If this happens to your shipment, and your vehicle has to go on another transport truck, you’ll be informed of who the new company is and all their relevant information. But if you’re not, you better make sure to get it.


Don’t forget, we can’t really do anything about transit times. Those are based on how quickly the carrier can move, which is limited by laws and regulations.


Plenty of companies out there can ship a vehicle to Africa. Unfortunately, we cannot, and most domestic shippers can’t either. International shipping is doable for some, but we don’t have the resources for it.


If you’re shipping a vehicle through a climate it’s unfamiliar with, prepare accordingly. For instance, some cars can’t handle the high humidity of the southern summer, and will need to be shipped covered or enclosed. Talk to an agent if you’re unsure how to prep your vehicle.


Make sure to prepare your vehicle for the weather it’s likely to face. For instance, if you’re shipping north during the winter, there’s a good chance your vehicle will see snow, and all that comes with it. Make sure to prepare for that.


Reviews are a great metric to use to gauge the efficacy of an auto shipper. Make sure to read reviews of all prospective shipping companies so you can make your shipment the best it can be by finding the best company you can.


The further away from a major city or interstate highway you are, the more it tends to be to ship your car. You can save money by moving your pickup or delivery location to more populated areas.


If your vehicle cannot roll, brake, or steer, your carrier may require you to have a way to get it onto the truck. For instance, a forklift. Carriers won’t have access to something like that, so if your vehicle can’t be loaded normally, you may have to find an alternate way to load or unload it.


Electronics, such as computers and laptops, and musical instruments, like guitars or amplifiers, should never be put in a car that is being shipped.


Did you know you can use our free quote form to get a free household moving quote as well as a quote to ship your car? Fill out our form to find out what American Auto Shipping can do for you!


Please remove all electronics from your vehicle that are not actually a part of the vehicle. This includes phones and phone chargers, electrical equipment, and anything else that isn’t actually installed with the vehicle.


If you ship a lot of cars across the country, you’d do yourself a huge favor to follow our blog. Posts cover an array of different topics, including conditions on specific routes, tips and tricks of car shipping, and more. Check it out!


If you want to learn more about your specific pickup and delivery locations, you can read about them right here on American Auto Shipping! Just visit our Auto Transport States section, find which states your shipping locations are in, and find the cities right there.


Want to read past tips of the day? Go ahead and visit our Tips of the Day archive, where we have links to every single tip dating back to 2013!


Looking to ship an entire fleet of vehicles? We can help! Make sure to call our toll-free number to let us know how many vehicles you need shipped, and we can get you an accurate quote right away.

May 2018


The car shipping industry is booming – we have more customers than ever, it seems. But despite this huge uptick in demand, carrier availability has remained the same, which has led to slower dispatch times. When there are relatively few carriers to service all the customers, you end up with logjams which increase prices. These should slowly dissipate as we get further into the summer shipping season, but for now, prices are still higher than usual due to lower carrier availability.


If you’re interested in shipping a car, but don’t need it done right now, you should still talk to an agent. They can give you quality information regarding shipping your vehicle and can give you an accurate price no matter when you need it picked up.


If you’ve never shipped a car before, check out our introduction video. It’s chock full of great tips and advice to make your vehicle shipping services that much better for you.


It’s Memorial Day, which means a lot of car transport companies are not open. Some definitely will be, but don’t be surprised if your shipping company doesn’t answer the phone, or if they tell you pickup or delivery will be delayed a day. They should have already, as they usually prep for the holiday weekend, but you should still expect it anyway.


Right now, prices are high for a lot of popular routes for several reasons. There aren’t enough carriers to meet demand, so they can pick and choose loads. There are far more customers than carriers right now. Plus, with Memorial Day upon us, there will be even fewer carriers traveling over the weekend. If you need to ship a car fast, it may be best to just pay the higher prices, lest it sit there for too long.


Need to make a damage claim for damages incurred during transportation of your vehicle? Speak to the agent who helped you ship your car. They are the ones you will need to initiate the damage claim with.


Always remember to read your carrier’s bill of lading thoroughly. It’s not just a receipt – it’s a three-in-one document that covers terms and conditions, inspection report, and shipping receipt. So make sure to read it.


Shipping junk cars is common, but it’s a lot easier if the vehicles can at least roll. They don’t have to start or even brake, but prices get pretty high if they can’t roll, as loading and unloading has to be done with something like a forklift.


If your vehicle is a soft-top convertible, and is in decent shape, look into enclosed shipping services. It will likely protect your vehicle more than open shipping.


If you’re looking to see how exactly a vehicle is loaded onto an auto transport truck, check our videos page! We have great informative videos about all aspects of the auto shipping industry, including how vehicles are loaded and unloaded.


Unsure when exactly you need to ship your car? That’s fine! You can still get a free quote and shop around, and when you’re ready to ship you’ll have the resources at your disposal to get your shipment done quickly. Book early to give your shipper more time to find a carrier to avoid unnecessary delays.


Shipping a classic car, or a car with a new paint job? Enclosed shipping may be a good way to go. Protecting that paint is a big part of maintaining a vehicle’s value, after all.


Remember to remove valuables from your vehicle before it’s shipped. While you should never store valuable items in your vehicle anyway, it’s a good idea to do a thorough sweep before your vehicle is picked up regardless.


If you’re unsure about which type of carrier is right for you, speak to an agent and let them know what you’re shipping. They can give you information and advice that will help you find the right shipper for your vehicle.


Remember to remove any accessories that alter the dimensions of the vehicle. If you can’t remove them, make sure to let us know how your vehicle is modified. This can affect your prices and also available carriers.


If you’re shipping a dump truck, make sure it’s empty. Carriers can’t haul whatever load is inside it, oftentimes due to weight restrictions. Please – only empty heavy equipment can be shipped.


This may seem strange, but make sure to remove any and all food items from your vehicle during shipment. This includes things such as soda or bottled water. Food can spoil, and boxes or crates can shift, which could cause damage.


If your child is away at college (or if you are!), and you’re planning on shipping your car back home, get started on your shipment now. You don’t have to set up your ship date until you’re ready, but the sooner you set it up the more likely it’ll be that it gets picked up on time.


If you’re shipping on a budget, talk to an agent about terminal to terminal transportation. While it may take longer to find a carrier, you should be able to find them for a lower price than for door to door transport.


With summer right around the corner, now’s the best time to find a company to ship your car regardless of where you’re coming from or going to. Prices are only going to get better for most routes, but some may actually see increases, so jump on them now before they’re gone!


If you’re shipping under a hundred miles, a tow truck will likely be cheaper than an auto transporter. Shipments of any more than that will likely be cheaper with a car shipper. So choose accordingly.


Fuel prices have hit a three-year high, which could mean higher prices for auto transportation services. Speak to an agent to learn more about how fuel prices can affect your shipment price and available services.


Late night pickup or delivery can be frustrating, but carriers work on different schedules than most people. While they do strive to avoid nighttime pickup or delivery, sometimes they can’t avoid it.

April 2018


Don’t know for sure when you need your vehicle picked up? That’s okay. You can put in an estimated shipping date when you use our quote form. The shipping date shouldn’t affect your price.


If you are a military member, make sure to mention it when you use our services. We can get you military auto transport discounts regardless of which branch you serve in.


If your vehicle has a flat tire, make sure you get it fixed before the carrier arrives. Not doing so could end up costing you more money, and likely more than it would cost to simply fix the tire.


Are you a senior citizen? Make sure to ask us about senior citizen auto shipping discounts!


While you should make sure the interior of your vehicle is clean, it’s actually a good idea not to wash your vehicle before pickup. A layer of dirt can actually help protect the exterior of your vehicle from common road debris such as rocks and dirt clods.


If you’re looking for auto transportation for your child that’s going off to college, don’t forget to ask prospective shippers about student discounts! This can be a great way to save a bit of money on your vehicle shipment. We also offer student discounts for anyone going to a public or private university.


If you can’t be there for pickup or delivery of your vehicle, that’s okay. But you’ll need to find someone who can be there for you. Someone has to be present to sign the paperwork and do the inspection, both at pickup and delivery of your vehicle.


Snow is falling in the upper Midwest this week, and it looks like it’ll move east to blanket the Great Lakes and even New England. Considering it’s April, this could cause delays among carriers running routes through the area. Talk to an agent to see if your shipment will see delays.


If you’re shipping a soft-top convertible, we recommend speaking to an agent about the best carrier for your needs. Soft top convertibles are more susceptible to damage while on the road, especially if they’re on the top rack of an auto transport truck. Speak to an agent to determine the best way to ship your soft-top.


Make sure to tell your agent if your vehicle cannot be moved by standard means. If it does not start, roll, brake, steer, or anything else that prevents it from operating as a motor vehicle, tell your shipper immediately. They could book the wrong type of carrier, or a carrier that cannot move your vehicle, which would create headaches for everyone, higher costs for you, and longer wait times for a new carrier.


If your car has an emergency roadside kit, that’s fantastic. However, it may not be for car transport purposes. Unless you can secure it somehow, i.e. with velcro, in the spare tire compartment, etc., it’ll likely have to go. Talk to an agent for more info.


Never give a shipper your main car key unless you absolutely have to. Keeping your primary keys on your person, and giving the carrier a spare, is the safest way to go about it.


Overseas car shipping services have a different set of rules than standard interstate car transport. So make sure to talk to your agent about the differences. One major one is the “junk in the trunk” rule – with overseas shipping, nothing can be in your vehicle when it is transported.


With all the things that can delay shippers from getting to your delivery location during the day, sometimes they have to drop your vehicle off at night. If your carrier does this, make 100% sure to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Use your phone’s flashlight if you have to – but do the inspection.


If you’re looking to ship your car less than a hundred miles, chances are that car shipping services aren’t the most cost-effective method. For shipments in-city or within a metro area, a local shipping or tow company will likely be the best use of your time and money.


Make sure to talk to your agent about any potentially hazardous materials or items in your vehicle before you ship it. If you are unsure, just take it out.


Remember to be sure to remove any long antennas or roof racks. Accessories that increase the overall height of the vehicle will need to be removed prior to transport anyway, so better to do it before the carrier arrives. You can ask your agent about any accessories you are unsure of.


Make sure to read reviews of all your prospective shippers! We may be a five-star rated car transport company, but not all are. We do recommend that you do your own homework regarding prospective shippers.


A lot of people ship classic cars. Many of them ship their classic cars with an enclosed carrier. But if your classic car is in dire need of restoration, open transportation services should be just fine.


If your car has a dead battery – but otherwise runs fine – you’ll save a lot of money by simply replacing the battery instead of paying the non-op fees to ship a car that doesn’t start.


If your windshield has cracks in it, or there are dings in your door or hood, make sure to document it in the pickup inspection report. If you don’t, and then try to claim that as damage incurred during transport, so the carrier will have to fix it, you could be held liable for fraud.

March 2018


Unsure if you need an enclosed car transport carrier? If so, give us a call. We can discuss what sort of vehicle you are shipping and the best way to get it shipped.


Shipping in-state? We can help you! In-state shipping tends to be cheaper than interstate auto transport services, though it’s still more expensive on a per-mile basis.


Easter doesn’t usually affect car transport services for a lot of people, but you should double check to make sure that the holiday won’t affect your pickup or delivery times.


If your carrier can’t get to your door to pickup or deliver the vehicle, that’s okay. You’ll just need to meet them somewhere that they can get to, like a large parking lot. Auto transport trucks are quite large, after all, and need room to maneuver.


It’s a good idea to write down all the information you can when searching for a shipper. If you use an aggregate service to get quotes, keep tabs on who has sent you quotes, what their prices were, and anything else you deem relevant. It will help you make a better and more informed decision when you decide to book an order, and don’t forget to get a free quote from us as well!


Make sure to remove any car phone chargers or other non-factory accessories before you ship your car. Though most carriers won’t mind that they’re in there, they’re technically not allowed. Removing them will just make things easier come pickup.


Right now is one of the best times in the industry to ship your car. We’re coming out of the slower winter season and heading into peak transportation time. So prices right now should be about as good as they can get along most major routes.


Another Nor’easter is currently on top of the northeastern United States, bringing snow, ice, and treacherous travel conditions. This is the fourth storm in three weeks to rock the region. As such, don’t expect many carriers running routes into or out of the area right now.


If you’re thinking of putting stuff in your car before you ship it, talk to an agent first. There are limits on how much you can put in your car, because if a truck is overweight at a weigh station that extra weight will be found and removed. This means that your stuff could end up outside a weigh station in the middle of nowhere. No one wants that!


Do you need to ship something but you’re not sure if it can be shipped by an auto transport truck? Give us a call! We can answer questions, get you a free quote, and more. Calling is free, and it never hurts to ask.


While you have to pay the driver at delivery with cash, cashier’s check, or money order, paying the deposit should be able to be done via credit/debit.


Are you a professional sports star that’s switching teams? It may be niche, but we’ve helped numerous pro athletes ship their vehicles, and we can help you too. It doesn’t matter where you’re shipping from or to, we can get you quality quotes free of charge.


If the truck that is hauling your vehicle breaks down, don’t fret. A new carrier will be dispatched to haul your vehicle the rest of the way. It’s not common, but mechanical failure does happen occasionally. Luckily, shippers are prepared for it and will respond accordingly. It will result in delays, of course, but they will be taken care of quickly.


It’s important you let your shipper know if your vehicle is unable to move under its own power. If it doesn’t start, but can still roll, brake and steer, a winch will be needed. If it can’t brake or steer or roll, however, it’ll be even more difficult to move it. Not impossible, but definitely more expensive.


If you’re waiting for pickup or delivery, chances are your carrier will give you a window instead of a specific time. It’s hard hitting a pickup or delivery time when you’re traveling over a thousand miles, what with traffic and construction and inclement weather causing delays. So keep that in mind when shipping a car – it’s not an “on demand” kind of service like that.


If you’re unsure of whether you need open or enclosed shipping services, feel free to call and ask. Sometimes customers will want extra protection for a car that may not need it. Others may not want to spend more despite their car being expensive. At the end of the day, which method you choose to use – open or enclosed – is up to you.


Try to refrain from shipping birthday presents (or holiday gifts) in a car you’re shipping. Household items in a car that is being shipped are not covered by insurance. As such, if they are damaged during transport, you have no one but yourself to turn to.


As we mentioned in the blog yesterday, another Nor’easter is making its way to New England. It’s already passed over the northern Plains, dropping lots of snow on those areas, which will definitely impact car shipping services in the coming days. Keep an eye on the weather for the latest!


Rural shipping is going to be harder to find and more expensive than urban shipping. The American populace has migrated heavily to major cities, and that’s where carriers want to go. If you’re shipping from a rural area and are strapped for time or money, moving to a bigger city may help with both of those.


If your vehicle has been sitting waiting for a carrier for weeks, and no one has picked it up, it could be that the price you’re paying is too low. If your vehicle is having a hard time moving talk to your agent and see if increasing the price helps. If not, you may need to move your pickup or delivery location.


If an auto transport broker doesn’t take credit cards as a method of payment, that’s a red flag. It likely means they’ve had issues with payments in the past and banks no longer trust them. Though many brokers will offer alternative payment methods if you don’t have a credit/debit card, they should take them for the majority of customers. We take all major credit and debit cards here.


Remember to ask about open vs enclosed shipping services, especially if your vehicle is on the higher end of the value spectrum. Enclosed transportation can protect valuable cars from wear and tear that less-valuable cars don’t have to worry about.

February 2018


If you’re shipping to or from an apartment complex, you’ll almost definitely need to meet your carrier somewhere that’s easier to access. Shopping malls, large parking lots, etc. are all better than a cramped apartment complex for picking up or delivering a vehicle.


A new winter storm -a Nor’easter – is forming off of the coast of New England. This will likely bring yet more weather that will delay auto shipping services in the region.


Need to ship more than one vehicle? That’s definitely something we can help you with. More importantly, the price per vehicle tends to go down the more vehicles you ship, so you end up saving money by shipping in bulk.


The weather may be warming up in some areas, but it’s likely going to get cold – and snowy – pretty soon. If your vehicle is scheduled for pickup, or in transit, keep an eye on the weather and speak to your agent about possible delays.


Remember, payments for auto transportation services have to be paid in full. No broker or trucking company is going to accept a payment plan. Either you have the payment or you don’t – and if you don’t, you need to get it, or the carrier will likely hold your vehicle until it is paid.


Need a quote to ship to or from a college or university? Whether you’re shipping to a major university, community college, or something else, read about it on our website and see what American Auto Shipping can do to help!


Winter weather is making it very difficult to get around much of the northern United States today. From the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest, travel advisories have been issued along major routes, stopping or slowing many auto transporters. If your vehicle is in transit, you should expect delays in delivery over the next few days.


Even though it’s President’s Day, most carriers out on the road are still moving freight. Most brokers, including us, are still open and giving quotes and talking with customers. So you should have no issues with your auto shipping experience, regardless of where in the process you are.


Carriers have strange schedules sometimes. Pickup or delivery during nighttime hours isn’t unheard of. However, you should take extra precautions, particularly when it comes to the pickup and delivery inspections. Use a flashlight and be thorough so you’re not swindled out of a damage claim.


It might be romantic to ship a car to your loved one, but don’t put chocolates or candies or anything else in the car. Chances are it won’t arrive in the condition you left, and it could get you in trouble as carriers aren’t technically allowed to move household items.


if you are in need of expedited auto transportation services, let us know! We can get you a quality quote for expedited shipping. Most of our carriers can get your vehicle picked up within 48 hours – at a premium price, of course.


Toll roads aren’t all that common, and carriers like to avoid them if they can. But sometimes they can’t, and it could affect your prices. Speak to an agent to learn more about toll roads, how they affect shipments, and how you can prepare yourself.


Be specific on your pickup and delivery inspections! The inspections tell the insurance company what damage was on the car prior to pickup. If there is additional damage, the inspection reports will be a crucial piece of evidence in processing your claim. Don’t skimp on the inspection.


It’s the slowest time of the year for car shipping, as there are fewer customers – and carriers – shipping cars. This can increase wait times for pickup, especially along less-popular routes. Luckily for you, we can find the best and fastest carriers in the nation for you, so make sure to fill out our free form to find them.


If you have kids, make sure to remove the car seats from your car. Most carriers honestly won’t care if they’re in there, but there’s a good possibility you’ll need them for your alternate mode of transportation while your vehicle is in transit.


Are you still using CD’s to listen to music in your car? If so, make sure to remove them from your vehicle before the car shipper shows to pick your vehicle up. While most carriers won’t care if you have CD’s in, say, the glove compartment, they’re still technically household items and as such are not allowed in your vehicle while it is being shipped.


The northern U.S. is still seeing a lot of snow and other wintry weather. This can and likely will cause delays in shipping services to or from most northern states, especially around the Great Lakes and New England.


It may seem silly, but make sure to clean the interior of your vehicle of all loose change. Not only will you find spare change, but your car will be clean, and you’ll be following the rules that govern the auto shipping industry.


February tends to be the toughest time of the year to ship a car. But don’t worry – we can still get you quality services from top carriers who can handle shipments to or from anywhere in the United States.


You’ll need to leave a set of keys with your transporter when they pick the vehicle up. If you’re uncomfortable giving them your main key, make sure to have a spare you can lend the shipper. They’ll need to be able to start your vehicle to drive it onto and off the truck at pickup and delivery.

January 2018


While we can’t get you a quote to ship to other countries, we can give you a  quote to ship to overseas U.S. territories. Fill out our free form to get a quote to or from Guam, Puerto Rico, and all the rest.


Did you know you can ship a car that has been designated as a parts vehicle? So long as it can roll, brake and steer, you should be able to find a shipper to handle it for you.


Your vehicle does not need working headlights or brake lights in order to be shipped.


We are entering one of the most active times of the year, historically, for winter storms. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather if you’re shipping to or from places such as New England, the northern Plains, or the eastern Pacific Northwest, as those are the areas that see the most winter weather.


When shipping a vehicle, make sure to only have about a quarter of a tank of gas in it. Gasoline is heavy and too much in each vehicle can cause a truck to go overweight.


No food can be shipped in a vehicle that is to be transported. This includes non-perishable items such as noodles, as well as things such as pet food.


Blizzard conditions have been see in the Midwest and also northern New England as a new winter storm makes its way east. This can wreak havoc on travelers, including car shippers. If you’re shipping to or from those areas, you can and should expect delays.


When comparing quotes, you want to watch out for outliers. It’s easy to spot a quote that is well above the average, but going with a quote that’s too low can leave your vehicle sitting with no one interested in picking it up. Make sure to compare quotes and prices and find one that sits in the middle.


A new storm system is moving in from the west, threatening to dump blizzard conditions on the Midwestern United States. This could result in some routes being shut down or shipments rerouted due to hazardous conditions. Keep an eye on the weather if your vehicle will be in transit through the Midwest this weekend.


Are you looking for a quote to ship to a major university? We’re rolling out articles about that very subject, so make sure to keep checking back for all the latest about auto transport to major universities right here at American Auto Shipping.


If your vehicle was damaged in transit, you are entitled to file a damage claim. This is why it is important to know what insurance company insures your carrier’s truck, and what actions you can take to initiate a claim. You can speak to an agent for tips and advice.


A new winter storm is pounding the southern United States from Texas to Alabama. This is definitely going to cause delays in routes, considering the southern U.S. is often a hotbed of winter car shipping services. Check out our blog for more.


Though it’s MLK Day, and schools and federal buildings are mostly closed for the holiday, lots of other businesses, including most car shippers, are still working today, so you shouldn’t see any delays or problems along most routes due to the holiday.


If you’re looking to ship expensive artwork for a move, don’t ship it in your car. It can get damaged during transport and any personal items left in the vehicle will not be covered by the shipper’s insurance. This goes for any personal items, not just expensive paintings, by the way.


Expedited shipping services are usually available (for a higher cost, of course). However, inclement weather can cause expedited shipping to no longer be an option, due to increased risk on the route. Make sure to speak to an agent if you’re in a snowbound area.


A storm is making its way through the Great Lakes region, which will definitely hamper auto shipping efforts to or from the area. Speak to an agent if your vehicle is going to or from any of the northern states to see if your shipment will be affected and how badly.


Higher elevations in the Cascade and Rocky mountain ranges will experience heavy snowfall. This could close passes and alter routes and travel plans between the western and eastern states. For anyone shipping across the mountains, this could lead to higher prices and delays in shipping times.


Flood alerts have been issued in parts of Southern California, notably those areas affected by wildfires. Areas scarred by wildfires are at higher risk of flooding, and with a new storm on the way it might get dicey. This will likely impact car shipping services as well, but we won’t know how much they will be affected until the storms have abated.


Rural auto transportation services often come with higher prices and longer wait times. You can mitigate this by moving your pickup or delivery location to a larger city or an easier-to-access location.


New England is getting absolutely hammered by a new snowstorm that threatens to shut down roads and routes. This could mean delays for auto transporters, so keep that in mind and keep in close contact with your agent for the latest news and updates.


A new snowstorm is looking to hit the eastern seaboard later this week. This could impact routes up and down the east coast as carriers fight the snow and ice. Keep up to date with weather reports and your agent.


We’re back to work here at American Auto Shipping, so make sure to fill out our free quote form or call us at our toll-free telephone number for a free quote, advice and help regarding shipping your vehicle!


It’s a brand-new year for auto transport! 2017 saw some big things in the industry, and 2018 seems to be going the same way. Stay here with American Auto Shipping for all the latest news and updates about car transportation services!