Luckily, you don’t have to take a drug test when you ship a car. However, most car transport carriers do have to take random drug tests. More a random fact than a tip of the day, but still, it’s good to know!


It’s not just the Deep South that’s experiencing crazy weather. A massive storm is pushing its way east through the Midwest, notably through Des Moines and other parts of Iowa. Talk to an agent to learn more.


Looking to ship through the southern U.S. today? Weather is pretty nasty right now, especially with the hail storms, so keep an eye on the weather reports and talk to an agent to learn more.


Another beautiful Monday here at American Auto Shipping! Monday is our busiest day, so if you’re having a hard time getting a hold of us, keep trying and someone will answer eventually.


Easter is this weekend, and while most car transporters will be running routes, some may not. So make sure to speak to your agent to see whether they’re open for the holiday or not.


Make sure to get the name of your auto transport driver, as well as what company they drive for. You may not need it, but it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Your agent should give it to you when your order is dispatched.


Shipping to Minnesota? Right now may be a good time to ship considering the weather. Of course, with the way things have gone, it may still be tough, but chances are now’s just the beginning of the northern routes opening up and getting cheaper.


Tax season is almost over, so now’s the best time to get started on shipping a car. It can be expensive, but with a nice tax refund now’s the best time to start.


Interstate 95 is one of the busiest interstate highways in the United States, and for good reason. It’s one of the most popular auto transport routes as well, so if you’re shipping up or down the east coast, chances are you can get great deals.


Remember, food and beverages are not allowed in a vehicle you are shipping. Food can mold and drinks can spill, which can ruin the interior of the vehicle.


Always remember to use an auto transport quote provider when you’re searching for quotes to ship your car.


A new storm system is set to blast the Great Lakes and New England later this week, dumping snow on many areas in the region. Keep an eye on the weather reports and talk to agents to learn about how it may affect your shipment.


If you’re shipping a specific type of vehicle and want to know more about how it’s shipped, make sure to visit our Vehicle Make and Model page. It has information on shipping a wide array of different vehicles.


More severe weather is expected in the Deep South this week, notably in Georgia and Florida. Keep this in mind when you’re waiting on a shipper to pick your car up or deliver it.


Worried about how long it takes to ship a car? If you’re pressed for time, try offering a bit more to your shipping company to give to the carrier. A little bit of a bump in pay can entice carriers to pick your vehicle up more quickly.


It’s April Fool’s Day today, but no car transport companies are fooling around today. While most companies close on Saturdays, some will likely be open if you need assistance. You can always leave them a message and they will return it Monday, too.


Did you know we have a podcast? Check it out! It’s located under our “Follow Us” section and also via our iTunes link. And make sure to keep watching for new episodes in the coming days and weeks!


Don’t be afraid to move your pickup or delivery location to a larger city. Carriers like big cities, not small towns, and often provide shipping services for cheaper if there are lots of people about. Talk to an agent about it to learn more.


If your vehicle currently has no tires, we recommend getting tires on it before shipping it. It will make it easier to load and unload and will likely make it cheaper to ship it as well.


We recommend that you talk to your agent about potential routes that your carrier is taking. Doing so will allow you to better understand how long it will take and where your vehicle will be, which is always good.


Louisiana is getting hit with some serious weather right now. Tornadoes and large hailstones are making it more dangerous for car transporters. Keep an eye on the weather and your hand on the phone to speak to an agent about your shipment if you think you may be at risk.


Vehicle get damaged due to crazy hail? Damage during transport sucks, but if something happens you need to tell your agent ASAP. They will get a damage claim going for you and help you through the process.


It’s another glorious Friday in the auto shipping industry, but storms through the south may make some routes more perilous. Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and the rest of the Deep South will experience wild weather this weekend, so keep up on the reports and talk to an agent to see how it may affect your shipment.


Winter isn’t quite done with us yet, sadly. After a few lulls in the weather, a new storm looks to be on its way to the northeast. While likely not as bad as Winter Storm Stella, it’ll still dump snow on the region, which could make for harder car shipping services.


The FMCSA has withdrawn a proposal to change the way that they rate carrier companies. Read about it on today’s blog and get the latest news and information straight from American Auto Shipping.


Do you need enclosed auto shipping quotes? Luckily, we have a way to get you some. Just check whether you want to ship open or enclosed on our free auto transport quote request form and let us take care of you.


Looking at pickup later this week? More storms are expected to hit the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast by Wednesday or Thursday. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather and expect delays in pickup, transit and delivery.


Many major routes have been shut down thanks to Winter Storm Stella, resulting in delays across the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. However, the storm seems to be about over, having dumped over 40 inches in some areas. So talk to an agent if your vehicle isn’t where you thought it might be.


Trucks are having a hard time getting through Winter Storm Stella it seems, which has started making its way across the northeast. Expect delays along popular routes through the region.


Shipping to Boston, New York City or somewhere else along I-95? If so, you know that Stella has been a real problem and has caused some serious setbacks for Northeast auto transport services. But the I-95 corridor – while it still saw snow – didn’t see near as much as areas inland. So talk to your carrier about pickup or delivery along I-95 instead, as it will likely save you time and money.


Winter Storm Stella is dominating the news right now and likely will for the next few days. It’s also dominating auto transport services – well, weather everywhere, really. Make sure to speak to an agent because there’s a lot of crazy weather across the country right now.


Yet another paralyzing blizzard is heading toward the east coast. Affected areas will likely include the New York City metro area, as well as the eastern Great Lakes region and New England. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather and speak to an auto shipping agent for more.


States across the northeast, including Pennsylvania and New York, are looking at some severe winter weather. This will definitely affect car shipping prices and services to and from the area, so if your vehicle is en route to the northeast speak to an agent about what you can expect in terms of how the storm will affect deliveries in the area.


Having issues getting your car started, but want to ship it? Oftentimes something simple is the problem, and fixing that will usually cost less than paying the $150 non-op fee that many auto transport companies attach to ship non-running vehicles.


Watch the weather in the Deep South today and over the weekend, as severe storms are expected to rock the region. Areas of east Texas and southern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and western Florida will likely see severe weather that may impact car transport services.


Remember, things such as guns and ammunition are not allowed in a vehicle that is being shipped. If a carrier finds any firearms or ammunition in the vehicle they will either remove it or refuse to ship the vehicle until they are removed.


Auto transport quotes are a dime a dozen – well, actually, any company worth their weight will make their auto shipping quotes free. Don’t be afraid to get a lot to compare prices and services and find the right shipper for you.


Shipping a self-driving car? While the technology may be there it’s still in its infancy, and auto shippers may prefer to drive it up the truck themselves. Honestly, it’s probably a good idea to let them.


A fresh storm is rolling in off the west coast, bringing with it rain and flood warnings for parts of Washington State, Oregon and California. Considering these are popular auto transport locations right now, the weather may affect your shipment. Speak to an agent to learn more.


With the lifting of the embargo on Cuba, you may now be able to ship your car there! While we don’t know for sure yet, and while we can’t get you quotes to ship there ourselves, you may be able to find a company that can.


With all the wintry weather going on, don’t be surprised if shippers usually open on the weekend are suddenly closed due to the storms. If you can’t get a hold of your shipper today or tomorrow, that may be why.


We’re still in the depths of the winter shipping season, but there seems to be a lull in the bad weather, at least in the western states. The Northeast, Southeast and Midwest are still seeing snowfall right now, but things in the west have cleared up – even if there’s still snow on the ground.


Right now, New Mexico is a great place to not only ship a car to (thanks to the weather) but it is also a good place to move. Lower cost of living, increased job opportunities and new industries have helped the state grow, particularly cities such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces.


Shipping to the Portland, Oregon area? Expecting delivery today? A fresh storm has just dumped upwards of six inches in some areas, which will definitely slow things down. If you’re shipping to anywhere higher than sea level, your vehicle may not even be delivered today due to the snow.


Winter weather is preparing to sock the southeast with some serious snow and ice. This can cause problems especially for carriers used to staying away from snow and ice. Talk to an agent to learn more about conditions on your route and how they may be affected by the wintry weather.


Please keep in mind that no food or drink is allowed in a vehicle that is being shipped. Make sure to clear out old fast food or lunch bags, as they can spoil and make it disgusting to get in the car.


Yet more winter weather is pouring in from the west and looking to traverse the country. Expect delays and reroutes in areas such as the Midwest and New England in particular.


Tying into yesterday’s Tip of the Day, if you don’t have the ability to pay the driver with a cashier’s check or a money order, cash will work just fine too.


Don’t have a credit card? That can be difficult to work around, but most auto transporters should be able to accommodate you when you’re paying your deposit. Talk to an agent for possible payment alternatives.


Can’t afford your shipment? If not, you may want to wait to ship your car until you can. Most companies won’t take payment plans due to the nature of the industry. Many carriers turn little profit, and a payment plan can seriously hurt them financially.


Unlike truckers in the arctic, many car transporters can’t handle icy roads. Considering how bad the weather has been, it’s important to note that icy roads will be almost impossible to traverse safely. If your pickup or delivery location is locked in by the ice, talk to an agent to discuss possible alternatives.


Don’t have the vehicle’s registration for a car you’re shipping? That’s okay! Most carrier companies don’t require it so long as you can prove in other ways you have the right to ship the vehicle.


Musical instruments should never be shipped in a car that is to be transported. Weather conditions can cause severe cold or hot temperatures in the cab and trunk of a vehicle, which can cause warping in things such as guitars. Avoid this at all costs.


A new year, a new time for auto shipping services! Right now, though, winter weather is pretty bad across the country, which is slowing down routes and causing havoc across the U.S. Talk to an agent about possible slowdowns and diversions on your route.

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