February 2019


There’s heavy rain and flooding in parts of California, notably Sausalito. This could result in carriers having to divert because they cannot reach their pickup or delivery locations.


We’re expecting this big storm front to continue moving east. This will likely result in delays in transportation across the Midwest as roads freeze and snow becomes an issue for carriers.


When it comes to finding the right price to ship your pickup, more is better. Budget shipping is appealing, but trucks are hard to move especially in the winter. They take up more space and force carriers to take fewer vehicles, so the more you pay, the faster it’ll move.


Well, so much for snow in the PNW! The “snowpocalypse” that many meteorologists were claiming was heading was less that and more a minor dusting. Regardless, auto transportation to and from the Pacific Northwest should be moving along just fine.


Large vehicles are harder to ship than small ones. This includes trucks and large SUV’s. Don’t be surprised if everything is priced correctly and it still takes time to move your vehicle.


It’s supposed to snow quite a bit in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, which could result in longer wait times for pickup. We’ll keep you appraised as the days go by.


Because of the way prices fluctuate throughout the year, it’s important to get updated quotes if you started your search a while back. If you have quotes over two weeks old, chances are they’re out of date.


If you need your vehicle shipped right away, use our priority shipping option. It’s a bit more expensive, but almost every car shipped priority gets picked up within a day or two.


February is often the slowest season for car shippers. Freight takes longer to move due to weather and lack of demand, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a bit for pickup.


Have a travel mug for your coffee? Make sure it’s not in your car when it’s shipped. It could end up rolling around and breaking something, plus, you’d be without a travel mug.

January 2019


The snowbird season is starting to wrap up, so now’s your last chance to get great rates on your shipment from the Northeast to Florida!


As wintry weather continues to pound the northern Midwest, many routes through the region are seeing delays, reroutes, and closures. If your vehicle is in transit, please speak to a representative to make sure there are no issues with your shipment.


If your vehicle isn’t in our vehicle database, that’s okay – just mark it as “other” in our quote form, or select a vehicle that is similar in size to the one you are trying to ship. You can also simply contact us over the phone to get a quote from a representative.


It seems prices are dropping across the industry along most major routes, so make sure to scoop these prices up before they change!


You should never ever let your vehicle be loaded onto a carrier without signing the inspection report and Bill of Lading.


Pickup and delivery in certain areas of the Midwest and the Northeast may still be delayed. Things move fast in auto transport, but weather can slow it down, and it can take carriers a bit more time to trust a route that got whacked by a blizzard.


Remember, you don’t need much in the way of paperwork to ship a car. You won’t need a title, or proof of registration, or even insurance to get it moved.


Always check to make sure your coffee cup is not in your car when the carrier arrives. Don’t want to have to use that backup if you can help it!


There are few problems in auto transport that money can’t solve. If your shipping company is having a hard time moving your vehicle, you can always try throwing money at the problem. Things like bad routes or wrong prices can cause freight to sit, but those are both overcome by money. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s what it is.


Having a hard time getting your vehicle picked up in the middle of nowhere? Move your pickup location! Moving to the next big city can draw carriers who would otherwise be turned off by the rural area.


If your rep hasn’t contacted you, it’s likely because there’s nothing new to report. You are always welcome to call us for a status update, of course, but don’t be surprised if there’s no news.


Never let a carrier load your vehicle without first doing an inspection, properly marking the inspection report and signing the Bill of Lading.


It’s been a fairly mild winter so far this year, but it’s still early. While we haven’t seen any crazy weather so far, we’ll keep an eye out for you.


The snowbird season is starting to dwindle, which means less freight from the northeast to the southeast. Instead, routes are more popular out of California, which is actually causing prices to go up right now.


Our services now include a free car wash and a personal concierge! Call us today to see how we can help make your shipping experience the best it can be.


Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts!


When you’re working to get your vehicle shipped, always make yourself available. Things can move quick in the industry and sometimes dispatchers can find a carrier that can pick your vehicle up the same day it’s posted to the nationwide load boards.


Though there are plenty of cars that ship within just a day, they’re not exactly the most common. Expect pickup to take at least a day from the date of dispatch.


Don’t wait until the last minute to book an order and ship. Always plan ahead when it comes to shipping a vehicle as it usually takes at least a few days to find a truck, and a few more for the truck to get to you.


Keep in mind that having personal items in your vehicle is typically not allowed. Some carriers allow “junk in the trunk” while others say no to any items in the vehicle. Always confirm with your rep regarding putting personal belongings in your vehicle before it’s shipped.


Make sure to get a quote and book an order today to lock in great low rates on most major routes!


Getting back to work isn’t always the best, but it’s a new year and a new outlook. Here’s to 2019 being the best in auto transport!


Happy New Year from American Auto Shipping!