April 2021


If you bought a vehicle from a dealer in another state, the vehicle will need to be paid for before the dealership will release the vehicle. Please let us know if you have not paid for your vehicle or the payment is still processing so we do not send a carrier out that cannot pick it up.


If you are having trouble getting ahold of your driver, feel free to reach out to us and let us help. Drivers cannot answer phone calls or texts while driving, but we may have other ways of reaching the carrier.


If you are unable to pay for your vehicle to be delivered, it will most likely be dropped off at a local vehicle yard, where you will have to pay the carrier’s fee as well as any storage fees before they release the vehicle.


Please have payment ready to go when your carrier arrives at the delivery location. They will not release the vehicle without certified funds ready to hand over.


If your vehicle does not roll, brake, or steer, chances are it will be more expensive to ship it. It will require special equipment that not all carriers have, so please be honest with us about the state of your vehicle. This will save you money in the long run and will cause fewer issues when it comes to finding the right truck for your vehicle.


Please keep in mind that any vehicle being shipped from an auction will require the carrier to give a lot or stock number as well as a buyer or customer number. The auction will not release a vehicle to a carrier without that information.


Please let us know right away if the condition of your vehicle changes between booking and dispatch. A vehicle that is booked as a running vehicle that is then shown to be inoperable can result in dry run fees and other problems. Let us know as soon as you know.


It may be April Fools Day, but that doesn’t mean we’re fooling about our prices. Give us a call today to get the best rates to ship your car!

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March 2021


While expedited shipping is a great way to get your car moved quickly, please note you still need to be flexible when it comes to the actual pickup time. We will do our best to work around your schedule but please be aware we can only do so much. Being flexible will go a long way to making your expedited shipment a success.


Remember, carriers do not take personal checks. Payment to the carrier must be in the form of certified funds.


If your vehicle is shipping to or from a business, please let us know their business hours. This will allow us to find a carrier that can work within those constraints.


If you cannot be there for pickup or delivery that is perfectly fine. However, we do need to know who will be there; typically, carriers can’t take vehicles if there is no one at pickup to release the vehicle, and won’t deliver it until there is someone to accept it.


We are happy to work around things in your life that might impact your ability to drop what you’re doing to meet a driver for pickup or delivery. Please let us know what those things are so we can make sure to work around them.


Shipping from a dealership? If so, we’ll need the VIN number so the carrier can give it to the dealer to identify the correct vehicle to release to the carrier.


Many older vehicles, especially pickup trucks, were built to customer specifications. This means that dimensions can vary between vehicles of the same type. Please be sure to have the dimensions of any classic vehicle, especially those built prior to 1950.


While we try to avoid issues where possible, there are times when carriers simply cannot take a load they are scheduled to. Oftentimes it’s due to mechanical failure, and the truck has to get into the shop. But there are other reasons. If that happens to your shipment, we will let you know immediately and try to find a new carrier for you as soon as humanly possible.


If you need to change your first available date, please let us know as soon as possible so we do not dispatch your vehicle first just to have to cancel the dispatch.


We love hearing feedback from our customers, but please note we are not the carrier and we have no control over the carrier company.


Always remember to keep your order number on hand. It is the easiest way to ensure we find your order quickly when you call us.


If you are okay with pickup late at night or early in the morning, please let us know. We try to dispatch orders for pickup during relatively reasonable time frames, but if that doesn’t work for you, just let us know.


Strip malls, outlet malls, and big parking lots make for great pickup and delivery locations.


If you are shipping a vehicle from an auction or other place that charges storage fees after a certain point, those will need to be paid before the vehicle can be picked up.


If you’re shipping a vehicle one direction, and another vehicle back the other direction, oftentimes we can get the same driver to handle both. This however depends on their route and schedule, so separate orders for both vehicles will still be required.


If you need more notice than 4 hours for pickup, please let us know.


If you are in the Las Vegas area, you can drop your vehicle off at our main office and store it until it is ready to be picked up, for free!


If for whatever reason your vehicle is scheduled to be picked up and you do not have the driver’s name and number available to you, give us a call and we will be happy to provide it.


If circumstances change your first available pickup date, please let us know as soon as possible. That way, we can update your order to reflect the changes, which makes it easier to dispatch it as well.


Inoperable vehicles need to be accessible by the carrier. If you are shipping a vehicle that does not run, make sure the carrier has easy access to it when they pick up.


In addition to sending you an email with your driver’s name and number, you can always contact our main office for that information if you do not have it and your vehicle is scheduled for pickup.


Worried about your vehicle not being picked up on time? Opt for priority or expedited service to get it moved when you need it.


The spring shipping season is starting up, which means faster dispatches but also higher prices in comparison to winter shipping. Give us a call now for great rates before they’re gone!

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February 2021


If your driver cannot reach you to coordinate the delivery of your vehicles, they will likely be put in storage until you can get them. Don’t dodge your driver, or you could end up paying lots for storage!


No food or liquid of any kind is allowed in your vehicle when you ship it.


Please let your representative know if you are shipping to or from a gated community. Drivers will need to know ahead of time so pickup goes as smooth as possible.


Now that the winter weather is somewhat behind us, carriers are moving again. This means that pickup and deliveries should be on time, barring more winter weather down the line.


Don’t forget that you should only have about a quarter of a tank of fuel in your vehicle when you ship it.


Another storm is moving into the northeast and the eastern U.S., which could slow transportation services to and from the region. Again.


Rolling blackouts are plaguing the state of Texas right now, which can result in delays in pickup, delivery, and communication with carriers.


Texas, especially Houston and Dallas, is in the midst of a massive storm that has already dumped four inches of snow on the entire region, and ice is now expected tonight and into tomorrow. Keep this in mind if you’re concerned about pickup or delivery of your vehicle in that area, as both will be delayed due to the winter weather.


Snow and ice are all over the United States today, making pickup and delivery in some areas more challenging and resulting in delays in auto transportation services. Speak to your carrier if you’re in an area affected by winter weather.


The Pacific Northwest is being hit with a snow storm, which can delay pickup and delivery in the area. Be sure to coordinate with your carrier if you’re expecting your vehicle to be picked up or delivered this weekend.


Be sure to talk to your rep about tipping!


If you’re shipping lots of vehicles, your order may need to be split into multiples. Carriers can only load 10 cars at a time; pickup trucks make it harder and decrease the amount of available units depending on the pickup’s size. Enclosed carriers can usually only load 4-6 vehicles at a time depending on size. So if you’re shipping over 10 vehicles via an open shipper or 6 or more enclosed, multiple orders may be necessary.


If you’re shipping multiple vehicles, you can usually save money by shipping them in the same order. There are many reasons why you may want to ship them separately, but, if you can put them on one order, instead of two, you can usually save at least a bit of money.


You will need to give your carrier a key to your vehicle. We recommend a spare key if you can. They will need to start the vehicle and drive it to load and unload it. Even if your vehicle is not running, the carrier will need the keys to ensure they can keep the vehicle locked and also move it on the truck if necessary (though this is rare).


Large parking lots located off major highways or wide surface streets make for excellent pickup and delivery locations.


Make sure to leave a review! We appreciate feedback from all our customers and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services.


A good tip to save some money on your car shipment is to make sure your vehicle starts. If it does not start, try to get it to. It can save you hundreds on inop fees.


With all the snow in the northeast and the Great Lakes, pickups and deliveries might be delayed due to safety concerns. Make sure to coordinate with your driver.


We try to give customers at least 4 hours’ notice for same-day pickup. Let us know if your shipment has other requirements regarding pickup or delivery.

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January 2021


If you are shipping from a dealership, we will need the VIN to give to the carrier. A dealership will not release a vehicle to a carrier for transport without it.


If you need your vehicle picked up within the next day or two, try expedited shipping services. They’re more expensive, but more likely to get a carrier last-minute.


Be sure to ask your representative for discounts!


Make sure to represent your vehicle accurately. If your vehicle has even a small lift, we need to know. It can be the difference between being able to fit on a standard carrier and needing an alternate method.


While everyone likes a good deal, sometimes, prices in the car transport industry are too good to be true. You want to get multiple quotes to compare prices and you never want to choose the lowest priced quote.


We try to give our customers at least four hours’ notice for same-day pickup. If you need more time than a minimum of four hours to get your vehicle ready to be picked up, please let us know ahead of time.


It’s typically not a big deal to have some items in your vehicle, so long as it’s not too much. If you do put items in a vehicle being shipped, we do need to know what’s in it and how heavy it is.


If you have questions or concerns about your shipment, it’s best to speak to your representative. You can email them any time, or contact them over the phone.


Please remember carriers only accept cash, cashier’s check, or money order on delivery. They do not take personal checks, business checks, or credit/debit cards. Some may be able to do electronic transfers, such as Zelle or Cash App, but not every carrier can.


We offer priority and expedited services for customers who need to get their vehicles moved more quickly than the standard shipping time frame allows.


If you live in a remote area far removed from any major cities, don’t be surprised if it takes a while to find a truck. Moving pickup or delivery to a bigger city, even if it’s a bit of a drive, can save you a lot of money on your car transport services.


Please note pickup and delivery dates given at time of dispatch are not guaranteed and are considered estimates. Please allow 24-48 hours for your carrier to arrive.


Our job is to find you a carrier to ship your vehicle. That’s what we do – we find you a carrier to move your vehicle. That’s it.


Large, open parking lots are often the best place to meet a carrier for pick up or delivery of a vehicle.


Shipping to or from a military base? That’s fine, but there are some bases that won’t allow carriers on-base. Make sure to coordinate with your shipper if your base is one like that.


Larger vehicles are more difficult to ship because they’re harder for carriers to move safely due to their size. Having the dimensions or even pictures of larger vehicles will help us find the right carrier the first time.


Booking with another company besides us can result in you forfeiting your refund. It is against our terms and conditions to book with us as well as another company.


If you’re pressed for cash and are trying to save money, moving your pickup or delivery location to a bigger nearby city is often a great way to save some.


Remember, no firearms or hazardous materials are allowed in a vehicle that is being transported. For a full list of prohibited items, please contact a representative.


With 2020 now in the rearview mirror, here’s hoping to a great year of auto transport in 2021! Make sure to call or fill out our online quote form to get your shipment started today.

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