Get to know the people of American Auto Shipping. We have over 40 years of combined knowledge in the industry.

Mark Larsen

Vice President / Webmaster

Mark has been the webmaster at American Auto Shipping since 2011. His strengths are in the WordPress Platform, G-Suite, Adobe Suite and multiple analytics environments.

Dave Armstrong

Website Author

Dave has been a professional website content writer, manager and architect for almost ten years. Links aren’t everything - content has long been at the heart of website ranking and authority. He has extensive experience in writing content that not only pleases search engines but is also engaging and informative for readers and potential customers.

Shannon Sales

Graphic Designer / Social Media Manager

Shannon has a bachelor's degree in graphic design with eight years of experience. She is well versed in logo design, branding, typography, and layout design. She utilizes these skills to maintain our social media profiles on a daily basis.

Our Drivers


Shukrullo has been driving an auto transport truck and working in the industry since 2013. A native of Tennessee, Shukrullo currently works with us as a contracted carrier, moving vehicles all across the United States. He is happily married.


Dwayne started in the car shipping industry back in 2012, originally using just his pickup truck and a trailer to haul cars. Over the years he’s become an industry expert in open and enclosed shipping. Though much of his work puts him behind the desk, he still enjoys traveling the country, hauling cars for folks.


Mike first started working in the car transport industry in 2006. With over a decade of experience both behind the wheel and in the office, Mike is one of our most knowledgeable team members. He has operated his own truck and his own business alongside his wife and today is one of our most valued team members.


Paul has been working in the car shipping business since 2007 when he started as a commercial driver. Over the years Paul has traveled across the U.S. delivering vehicles to all 48 states. Today he mostly works out of the office, though the itch to get back on the road still leads him to get back in the cab.


Brent, originally from Arkansas, has been working in the industry directly since 2010. Starting out with the family business and working his way up to operations manager, Brent knows just about everything there is to know about shipping cars. He is happily married with two kids, and has since traded his truck keys for office keys.


Vasi is one of the foremost experts on shipping classic and exotic vehicles, having hauled vehicles with his own enclosed trailer since 2012. Vasi has made his name well known in some circles of the car shipping industry and is our go-to expert for all things regarding enclosed vehicle shipping.


Michael has been a dispatcher and driver and a team member since 2012. A fan of fishing and football, Michael enjoys the great outdoors when he’s not busy helping customers move their vehicles. Originally working the Arizona-Colorado runs, he understands what it takes to ship cars to more remote areas, and is a major asset for us.


Laurence has been helping people ship motorcycle and exotic vehicles since 2005. A family man and motorcycle enthusiast, Laurence is one of our enclosed shipping specialists and a go-to team member for all our high-end shipping needs.


Stefan has been working in the auto shipping industry since 2012 when he started as a driver for the family transport business. He has experience handling a variety of vehicles and today is one of our go-to drivers for any and all vehicles.


Cosmin has worked as an auto transportation specialist since 2008 when he started with his first 8-car hauler. He has traveled coast-to-coast shipping vehicles for individuals and businesses, and has shipped every type of vehicle under the sun. He is married, and enjoys vacations and time with his family when not helping customers ship their vehicles.


Andriy has been working as a transportation specialist since at least 2006 when he started as an owner-operator. Over the years he has risen to become a manager and then an owner of his own trucking company. Today, Andriy works with customers to help them get the best auto shipping services that he can provide - just like us.


Tso has been working as a car shipper since 2011 but has known the industry for much longer. Originally from Mongolia, Tso came to the U.S. to earn a better life for himself and his family, and today he is a proud citizen. He enjoys traveling, martial arts, and spending time with his wife and child.


Harold is a lifelong car transport driver, who inherited the family business which opened in 1975. With such a background, it’s no surprise that Harold is one of the most trusted drivers in the industry.


One of our newer team members, Chris has been shipping vehicles since 2008 and is as skilled a technician as they come. With a mission of quality customer service and timely auto shipments, Chris goes above and beyond for his customers and our customers, and he’ll do the same for you.


Omar has been around auto transport most of his life, starting with his family’s trucking company back in 2004. Since then, he has become a driver in his own right, and has traveled back and forth across the country, seeing the sights and helping customers. Today he is one of our most trusted team members.


Hasha is a proud, self-made businessman who has been shipping cars since 2010. As an independent start-up, Hasha has made a name for himself in the industry by providing quality shipping services across the country. He enjoys football and spending time with his family.


Though somewhat new to the industry - having gotten his start in 2013 - five years goes a long way. Ulzii the transport specialist is one of the most dedicated and committed, and we are proud to have him on our team helping our customers.


Sam has been hauling cars since 2012 when he first started operating his own independent transport truck. Over the years he has evolved into an auto shipping expert, able to haul a variety of different vehicles. As such, he is a highly valued member of our team and an integral part of our shipping process.