Get to know the people of American Auto Shipping. We have over 40 years of combined knowledge in the industry.


Vice President / Webmaster

Mark Larsen has been working with American Auto Shipping 8 years and is currently the Vice President and Webmaster. He has experience in almost every aspect of the auto shipping industry and today is one of the foremost experts in shipping cars. When not working or helping friends with tech issues, he enjoys spending time with his family, trips to the coast, and Marvel movies.


Transport Specialist


Transport Specialist


Transport Specialist

Gina Garrison is from Sacramento, CA, where she grew up. She played basketball in her youth. She majored in early childhood education at American River College and is currently working on getting her master's degree. When not working she enjoys reading sci-fi/fantasy and comic books, as well as spending time with family.


Graphic Designer / Social Media Manager


Transport Specialist

Breanna Ferrell is from Columbus, GA. A recent Vegas transplant, she grew up in Columbus and graduated from Kendrick High School. She enjoys shipping cars for customers, but outside of work she enjoys shopping, spending time with family, and traveling.


Transport Specialist

Rachel Mitchell is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. She graduated high school with great grades and a passion for knowledge. She enjoys spending time with friends and family when outside of the office, especially her three children. She has a passion for quality television and enjoys watching the stellar Vegas sunsets.


Transport Specialist

Chad was one of our first transport specialists here at American Auto Shipping. A native of El Paso, Texas, he moved to Las Vegas seeking good times, quality education, and a different atmosphere. He enjoys spending time in downtown, going to the occasional Vegas show or restaurant, or just being among friends. He also enjoys kayaking when he can as well as spending time with his wife.


Website Author

Dave Armstrong is one of our company's longest-tenured employees. As the content manager and strategist, most of what you read on this website came from him. He has extensive knowledge of the industry, having spent time doing every single thing a brokerage can do. He has lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, and enjoys music, reading, and spending time with family.


Back-end Developer

Aaron is one of our web developers, typically working on specific coding issues for our website. A team member for quite some time, Aaron works behind the scenes to make sure that our website is working smoothly 24/7. A native of Seattle, Washington, it's no surprise that one of Aaron's most important things is coffee, tied for first with his family.


Customer Support

Wittany Davidson is from Federal Way, Washington, and attended the art instutute of California - Hollywood where she majored in film. She has been with the company for four years now. She enjoys the Las Vegas nightlife and the occasional homecooked meal.


Transport Specialist


Transport Specialist

I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Has 2 teenagers that I spend all my time with. I like to sing and I love the beach.

Our Drivers


Shukrullo has been driving an auto transport truck and working in the industry since 2013. A native of Tennessee, Shukrullo currently works with us as a contracted carrier, moving vehicles all across the United States. He is happily married.


Dwayne started in the car shipping industry back in 2012, originally using just his pickup truck and a trailer to haul cars. Over the years he’s become an industry expert in open and enclosed shipping. Though much of his work puts him behind the desk, he still enjoys traveling the country, hauling cars for folks.


Mike first started working in the car transport industry in 2006. With over a decade of experience both behind the wheel and in the office, Mike is one of our most knowledgeable team members. He has operated his own truck and his own business alongside his wife and today is one of our most valued team members.


Paul has been working in the car shipping business since 2007 when he started as a commercial driver. Over the years Paul has traveled across the U.S. delivering vehicles to all 48 states. Today he mostly works out of the office, though the itch to get back on the road still leads him to get back in the cab.


Brent, originally from Arkansas, has been working in the industry directly since 2010. Starting out with the family business and working his way up to operations manager, Brent knows just about everything there is to know about shipping cars. He is happily married with two kids, and has since traded his truck keys for office keys.


Vasi is one of the foremost experts on shipping classic and exotic vehicles, having hauled vehicles with his own enclosed trailer since 2012. Vasi has made his name well known in some circles of the car shipping industry and is our go-to expert for all things regarding enclosed vehicle shipping.


Michael has been a dispatcher and driver and a team member since 2012. A fan of fishing and football, Michael enjoys the great outdoors when he’s not busy helping customers move their vehicles. Originally working the Arizona-Colorado runs, he understands what it takes to ship cars to more remote areas, and is a major asset for us.


Laurence has been helping people ship motorcycle and exotic vehicles since 2005. A family man and motorcycle enthusiast, Laurence is one of our enclosed shipping specialists and a go-to team member for all our high-end shipping needs.


Stefan has been working in the auto shipping industry since 2012 when he started as a driver for the family transport business. He has experience handling a variety of vehicles and today is one of our go-to drivers for any and all vehicles.


Cosmin has worked as an auto transportation specialist since 2008 when he started with his first 8-car hauler. He has traveled coast-to-coast shipping vehicles for individuals and businesses, and has shipped every type of vehicle under the sun. He is married, and enjoys vacations and time with his family when not helping customers ship their vehicles.


Andriy has been working as a transportation specialist since at least 2006 when he started as an owner-operator. Over the years he has risen to become a manager and then an owner of his own trucking company. Today, Andriy works with customers to help them get the best auto shipping services that he can provide - just like us.


Tso has been working as a car shipper since 2011 but has known the industry for much longer. Originally from Mongolia, Tso came to the U.S. to earn a better life for himself and his family, and today he is a proud citizen. He enjoys traveling, martial arts, and spending time with his wife and child.


Harold is a lifelong car transport driver, who inherited the family business which opened in 1975. With such a background, it’s no surprise that Harold is one of the most trusted drivers in the industry.


One of our newer team members, Chris has been shipping vehicles since 2008 and is as skilled a technician as they come. With a mission of quality customer service and timely auto shipments, Chris goes above and beyond for his customers and our customers, and he’ll do the same for you.


Omar has been around auto transport most of his life, starting with his family’s trucking company back in 2004. Since then, he has become a driver in his own right, and has traveled back and forth across the country, seeing the sights and helping customers. Today he is one of our most trusted team members.


Hasha is a proud, self-made businessman who has been shipping cars since 2010. As an independent start-up, Hasha has made a name for himself in the industry by providing quality shipping services across the country. He enjoys football and spending time with his family.


Though somewhat new to the industry - having gotten his start in 2013 - five years goes a long way. Ulzii the transport specialist is one of the most dedicated and committed, and we are proud to have him on our team helping our customers.


Brian has been shipping both cars and household items since 1998. A longtime expert of the transportation industry, Brian is one of our go-to shippers regardless of what we need. Servicing the entire U.S., there's no route that's too tricky for him.


Steve has been working with his current truck for the past three years, but has decades in the long-distance shipping industry. He has hauled it all, but today focuses on hauling vehicles. He is a knowledgeable and integral part of our auto shipping team and will take care of any and every customer.


Jenaro has been shipping vehicles since 2014 but has been hauling freight for far longer. A senior member of our drive team, Jenaro has been across the U.S. and understands what it takes to ship a car quickly and efficiently. When not on the road he enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors.


Since 2011 Flavius has been a member of our team and working hard to fulfill our customers' needs. Though he prefers to stay along major interstates going east-west, he's capable of transporting vehicles to all 48 states. Truly one of our rising stars.


Jaime has been shipping vehicles since 2009, but has experience hauling a lot of different types of freight. Based out of the southwest, he knows what it takes to get through the hottest parts of the country. As one of our more experienced crew members, his knowledge and expertise is a great addition to our company.


Telman has been helping our customers ship their vehicles since 2008. A student of aeronautics, he has continued to raise the bar in terms of safety for our customers' freight while also working hard to increase the efficiency of his truck and the company as a whole.


Alisher is one of our newer drivers, having started back in 2016. However, he is one of our most reliable and dependable crew members, with an attention to detail that rivals the best. He is a fan of traveling, snowboarding, and enjoys spending time with his family.


Jefro is one of our most experienced and technical drivers. Though he’s only shipped cars for the past five years, he has experience hauling a number of different types of freight. With an outgoing, pleasant demeanor, he’s always a joy to work with and we always love hearing customers give glowing reviews about him!


Alvin has been working in the industry since 2012 and currently operates as a team with his wife. They have a large family and enjoy family get togethers when he’s not out on the road.


Irvin has been shipping cars for over five years now and has been a valuable part of our driver team. When not on the road shipping cars for customers he enjoys spending time with his wife and their young son.


Rostyslav is his full name, but we like to call him Rosty. Working primarily out of his truck, he has been shipping cars since 2012 and has hauled just about any vehicle you can think of. Alongside his girlfriend, Rosty has become a major part of our northeastern shipping division.


Anton has been a part of the auto shipping industry since 2012 and has shipped everything from cars to trucks to motorcycles. He currently lives in Florida with his wife and child. When not on the road, Anton enjoys working on his custom choppers and motorcycles and is a competent mechanic.


Though Zafar works more in the office than on the road, he has plenty of experience in the industry. With his own cadre of drivers at his disposal, Zafar is a major part of our long distance shipping team.


Since 2011 Yusup has been a one-man army hauling cars across the nation as an independent owner-operator. Though he still operates as one today, he has become a crucial part of our shipping team and is one of our go-to shippers through the Pacific Northwest.


Francisco - Frank - is one of the newest members of our team, but that doesn't mean he's new to hauling freight. Specializing in flatbed transportation, Frank is one of our go-to haulers for oversize freight in the southern U.S.


Though it’s spelled “Oleksandr” he prefers Alex for simplicity. Since 2012 he’s been moving cars and while he has done nationwide routes he prefers his current route which takes him from Washington State to Florida and back again.


Petr is one of our most reliable nationwide haulers. A trucker since 2011, Petr is known for his safe and efficient driving and his ability to haul just about anything, running or non-running. While he prefers routes to Texas, California, the northwest and the southeast, he will go anywhere in the nation if it's needed.


Yuriy has long been in the transportation industry, with a focus on automobiles since 2014. As an independent driver Yuriy is able to take loads that many others won’t, and is an integral part of our team.


Alexandr - Alex to his friends - has been helping us move vehicles since 2012. A veteran of the industry, he travels coast to coast servicing the 48 contiguous states. When not driving he enjoys outings with his wife and children.

Alex S

Alex, along with his partner, Sergey, operate as a team and have since 2009. With such experience he has no problems traveling across the country to help customers ship their vehicles. Reliable and expedient are two great words to describe the job that Alex does. Professional every time.


John operates his own pickup truck with a trailer, which helps him reduce costs associated with shipping cars. But don't let that fool you; John is one of our most important drivers and a crucial part of our team. He handles coast to coast shipping with an emphasis on southern-based routes that can keep him close to home.


Ramin has been a part of the auto shipping industry since 2007, when he first started working as an independent owner-operator. Over the years he has traveled across the U.S., and continues to enjoy it today. He is a fan of cars, travel, and good food.


Darrell is one of auto transport's up-and-coming powehouses, and we are proud to have him on our team. Though he ships nationwide using a standard hauler, he prefers routes that keep him in the northeast, where he calls home, so he can be close to his family.


Kenneth comes from a family of long haul truckers and has been driving long haul trucks for over ten years. Though he is somewhat new to the car transport industry, he is a firm believer in safety, customer service, and expedient shipping services.


Enok is a family man and the owner of several different auto transportation trucks. As such, he is a valuable member of our team and one of our go-to people when we need to help customers. More importantly, he is one of our storage experts and helps us find storage for customers who can't be there for pickup or delivery.

Dwayne B

Dwayne has been hauling cars for over a decade now, and has been happily married for most of those. A family man, Dwayne ships cars for a living, but prefers being back home in the Midwest. Most of the time his route keeps him between the Allegheny Mountains and the Rocky Mountains, but he has been known to travel further for the right reasons.


Alina is another one of our newer drivers, but is highly professional and one of our go-to shippers for routes between the Rockies and the east coast. He has been working with us hauling cars since 2016. Some people know him as Alex.


Riley is one of our younger team members, but that doesn’t mean he’s inexperienced! He’s been shipping freight for the better part of the decade and today operates a seven-car hauler that he uses to ship vehicles nationwide. We are proud to have Riley on the team!


Phil has been a driver for almost 20 years and is certified to haul just about any vehicle. While he primarily ships larger vehicles, such as buses, he can haul anything with wheels, just like the rest of our team members. Phil is happy to travel across the nation to help customers ship their vehicles, no matter what they are.


Mikhail has been operating auto shipping vehicles since 2008, and with over ten years in the business, he has become one of our most helpful drivers. An expert in both open and enclosed shipping, Mikhail can help our customers ship anything they need. He mostly operates out of the southwest.


Del has been working with us for several years, but has been shipping cars since 1987! He’s seen it all, and with that much experience, Del is one of our most trusted drivers. With both domestic and international experience, and a wealth of knowledge about shipping all kinds of vehicles, Del is one of the drivers we turn to most.


Dmitri is one of our go-to local drivers, servicing mostly California, Nevada and Arizona. He has been a part of our team since 2014. Dmitri enjoys traveling across the great state of California and likes being able to stay close to his friends and family. Despite not being a nationwide driver, he is one of our best local drivers and a great part of our transportation team.


Gilmar is an experienced, professional long haul truck driver who has been in the industry for a number of years. A veteran of the interstate highway system, there’s nowhere that Gilmar won’t travel for his customers or ours. He is happily married and enjoys spending time with family when not on the road.


Bogdan has been a part of the vehicle shipping industry since 2007, which speaks to his expertise and experience. He is one of our go-to California transporters. His preferred routes take him coast-to-coast, usually in the southern U.S., but we have relied on him to go all over the country, and you can too.


Osmani is one of our newer drivers but has extensive experience in the car hauling industry. Operating out of Florida, Osmani is more than willing to travel anywhere in the United States for our customers. When not on the road he enjoys spending time with his family when he can.


Clint has been one of our go-to drivers for years. He has been working in the industry in some capacity or another for decades but driving since 2006. Specializing in classic, exotic, and expensive vehicles, Clint primarily works with his enclosed trailer to move vehicles for customers.


An experienced heavy equipment driver, Brandon has been hauling cars and other freight for years. Today he drives a six-car hauler on shorter routes, but has the ability to travel nationwide if the price is right. Brandon is continually one of our go-to drivers for regional shipments as well as national.


Jesse has been working in the auto shipping industry since 2012 and has seen it all. Starting with a single-car hauler, he has worked his way up to a six-car carrier that he uses to primarily run from California to Florida and back. He is one of our go-to carriers on southwest-to-southeast routes.


Manuel is a driver with plenty of years of experience. And while he mostly transports new cars to and from dealerships, he’s capable of hauling just about anything anywhere. A veteran of the industry, he has been an independent carrier and a member of several major car hauling fleets throughout his career.


Bolortoli, a family man and truck driver, has been hauling cars since 2012. An expert in nationwide routes, B, as we like to call him, knows all the ins and outs of the business. Operating an eight-car hauler, Bolortoli likes to go places other carriers don’t, which makes him one of our go-to’s for less popular routes.


Teofil - Teo - has been working in the industry in some capacity or another since 2005. With his sons as well, Teo has managed to make a name for himself in the car shipping industry, and today travels anywhere in the lower 48 that he is needed. When not on the road, Teo enjoys spending time with his wife and children at their home.


Though Curt normally runs routes into and out of Canada (one of the few that do!), he’s our main contact for shipments to Montana and the Dakotas. Those are tricky areas, so having a guy like Curt willing to travel there makes things a lot easier for us and our customers. Thanks Curt!


Catherine has been shipping vehicles since 2014, and has the skills to hang with the best in the business. Offering both open and enclosed transportation with her husband, the two of them traverse the lower 48 states helping customers no matter what kinds of vehicles they need shipped.


Gino is one of our main enclosed drivers, which means he handles high-end, exotic, and classic vehicles. He has over 15 years of experience handling expensive cars, trucks, and SUV’s, and is able to service all 48 lower states.

Michael S

Michael has only been on our team for the past year, but he has years and years of experience in the freight transport industry. Michael operates a two-car carrier that he is willing to take across the country. When he is not driving he prefers to be at home taking care of his ranch and his family.


One of our more regional shippers, Guven handles a lot of our northeastern and east coast shipments. Since 2014 he has been moving cars on his three-car carrier, and is hoping to expand to a bigger truck. When not driving he enjoys spending his time with his family.


Since 2005, Jamie has been one of our most reliable carriers. With hundreds if not thousands of vehicles shipped over the years, Jamie knows how to handle any vehicle, big or small, expensive or not, running or inoperable. We are lucky to have Jamie as a part of our team.


Gary is a driver that has seen and done it all. Starting in 1997, Gary has been shipping cars across the United States and even Canada. Known for taking loads on irregular routes, Gary is one of our main drivers for those vehicles on routes that other shippers just don’t want to take. Without drivers like Gary, we’d have a much harder time shipping our customers’ vehicles.


Geury is one of our east coast shippers, mostly handling shipments up and down the east coast. An expert on the New England-Florida route, Geury handles shipments year round, including shipments for snowbirds. And, with a full ten-car hauler, Geury can handle weekly shipments for any customer who needs it.


Vladimir is another one of our enclosed-only carriers and works nationwide. Though he’s been shipping cars since 2013, he’s been working in the transportation industry for far longer. A native of Russia, he emigrated here decades ago and is now one of our trusted enclosed haulers.


Yenovi is one of our Florida-only carriers, but just because he only moves across Florida doesn’t mean he isn’t a crucial part of our team. As Florida is the most popular car transport state in the U.S., Yenovi does a great job for us helping local customers get their vehicles across the state.


Jimmy has been working on shipping cars since 2015, but has experience hauling pretty much anything. But cars aren’t the only thing he ships. With a 40-ft flatbed truck, Jimmy knows how to handle not only vehicles, but any kind of heavy freight. This flexibility, as well as the ability to travel nationwide, makes Jimmy one of our go-to heavy equipment haulers.


Another one of our local Florida-only haulers, Jorge has worked hard to make a name for himself in the local car transport scene. Though he doesn’t operate a ten-car carrier, he works hard to move vehicles for customers across Florida. When not driving, he likes spending time at home with his wife and children.


Though more a manager than a driver, Jose is still one of our top team members. Able to handle up to nine cars across two trucks, Jose knows how to get just about anything moved. Though he prefers to stay on the Texas-Florida route, he’s willing to go anywhere he needs to help customers.


Julian took over for his father but has been in the industry since 2008. Preferring to stay in the southeast, Julian and the rest of the family are willing to travel just about anywhere they are needed. When not working he enjoys golfing and hanging out with family.


Alaen is one of our east coast shippers and one of our go-to Florida-New York haulers. Since 2016 he has been an integral part of our team. When not driving, Alaen enjoys spending time on the water with his wife, relaxing and basking in the Florida sunshine.


Another one of our Midwest drivers, Igor likes to stay on the Northwest-to-Midwest route. This is a boon for us because that’s definitely not the easiest of routes! Rain or shine, Igor helps us get it done.


Mikhail actually drives two different trucks with a partner driving the other. So he has the ability to handle both open and enclosed vehicles, as well as larger vehicles (see the pic above). This versatility, along with the ability to traverse all 48 contiguous states, makes Mikhail one of our first calls when looking to dispatch loads.


Mostly servicing the northeast to southeast routes, Mauro is another one of our eastern region haulers. He is also one of our go-to auction shippers, particularly out of Mannheim. When not hauling cars for our customers, he enjoys spending time with his family, preferably doing something fun.


Roman is another one of our northeast drivers, though he also drives through the Midwest if it’s necessary. In the industry for over 12 years, Roman is one of our veteran drivers. When not driving he likes to cook and travel, and enjoys baseball and the beach.


Denis has been working with us for the past few years but has been a part of the industry since 2012 and has much more experience with commercial driving. Though he operates a smaller four-car carrier, Denis has the experience to get any vehicle moved quickly and efficiently.


Edgar is one of our CA-TX drivers and one of our main oversize haulers as well. While he still drives a standard hauler, he's more than happy handling oversize loads as well as standard cars and trucks.


A long-time nationwide transporter, Hideraldo is usually found on the CA-FL circuit, moving cars to and from the L.A. area. A veteran auto transporter, Hideraldo and his trucking company are one of our go-to shippers for any coast-to-coast California-Florida shipments.