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The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Car Shipper

Questions to ask your car shipperIt’s easy to find a company to ship your car – they’re everywhere. But what’s a bit more difficult to do is figure out what questions to ask your car shipper that will make your shipment great. Interstate auto transportation can be a hassle, but it’s a necessary service for a lot of people.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be saddled with just any company. With so many shipper out there, you have options, and it’s important to know how to weed out the bad from the good. This is where asking questions comes in. Here are the top five questions to ask your car shipper to ensure your shipment is as great as it can be.

The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Car Shipper

#5: What does my price include?
Understanding what services are included in your price is important. Most companies’ prices are all inclusive – license fees, fuel surcharges, insurance coverage, all that should be included. But some companies don’t say that – they just give you your price and are wishy-washy about telling you what goes into it. If a company doesn’t explain their pricing, you should move on.

#4: What methods of payment are available?
Every single car transport company that’s worth their weight in salt will allow you to pay via credit or debit card. Some may take alternate payment methods if you are unable to pay via a card. But every company will offer the option. If they do not, you should not book with them.

#3: Where are you located?
If a company is reluctant about giving out their physical address, move on. Only shady companies refuse to give out their location. This also goes for any contact information. If a company is reluctant about publishing ways to contact them, you should be reluctant to trust them with your vehicle.

#2: What is your licensing information?
Every auto transport broker and carrier has to have an MC# (Motor Carrier Number). The U.S. Department of Transportation or the FMCSA provides all that information. Some may have both an MC# and a USDOT#. If they are reluctant to give you that information, or refuse to, you should move on.

#1: Is my vehicle insured?
By law, insurance is required on every vehicle that is shipped. Brokers especially are required to keep carrier insurance information on file. But some don’t. Some are lax, or they don’t keep up on the carrier’s insurance information, and problems arise. You can request insurance information for any carrier as it is public information.

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