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When to go with an Enclosed Transport

So many decisions must be made when it comes to transporting your vehicle. Whether it’s buying a new car, moving cross country, or transporting your college student’s car to a new city. One of the […]

Understanding California’s EV Mandate 

California has already begun its process of gradually electrifying the sales of all new vehicles sold in the state. With a goal of by the year 2025 all new cars and light trucks will be […]

Top Reasons Auto Shippers Are Delayed

Auto transporters average over 100,000 miles per year on the road. That’s almost ten times the average yearly mileage of your standard daily driver. So, to say that auto shippers are driving pretty much all […]

Tesla delivers first production semis to Pepsi

In November 2017, Tesla announced that it was joining the trucking industry. Debuting its new semi truck concept then, over the last five years, Tesla has worked to bring the concept to life. Originally slated […]

New EPA Emissions Rules Decried by Truckers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has updated their emission standards for the 2027 year, focusing on curtailing NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions. The goal in this is to reduce emissions at least 80% below the current […]

Do High Prices, Equal a Diesel Shortage?

Fears of a nationwide diesel shortage may be unfounded. The Energy Information Administration has said that, while distillate levels are at their lowest point since 2008, and diesel prices are still near $5 a gallon […]

Diesel Prices Hit Two-Year High

Diesel prices in the United States have hit a price not seen since 2018, according to the Department of Energy. Fuel prices in general have been steadily increasing for the last five months, give or […]

How to Avoid Issues With Your Auto Transport Broker

Shipping a car is not always an easy process. But it’s a lot easier if you use an auto transport broker to help you get it done. If you’ve ever shipped a car, chances are […]

How Do Car Vending Machines Work?

For years, Carvana’s online shopping platform and car vending machines were seen more as gimmicks than as practical ways to purchase a car. After all, how could you purchase a car without visiting the dealership, […]

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