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A Guide for Winter Car Shipping Services

Like football and flowers, the auto transport industry is seasonal. That doesn’t mean that it stops in the fall and starts back up in the spring – no, it’s a year-round industry. But when we […]

Answering Questions About Shipping a Non-Running Vehicle

Everybody’s had to deal with a lemon before. You know, a car that just doesn’t want to stay running, no matter how hard you try. For most people, vehicles that don’t run are problematic because […]

Top Reasons to Use an Auto Transport Company

Deciding to ship a car isn’t always the easiest decision to make. This is especially true if you’re shipping long distances. But there are many reasons to use an auto transport company as opposed to […]

Most Popular Auto Shipping Destinations in the U.S.

Knowing the most popular auto shipping destinations in the nation isn’t something that everyone needs to actually know. However, if you’re shipping a vehicle, it might come in handy. Popular locations to ship either from […]

Answering Questions About Auto Transport Prices

Auto transport prices – at least, from a customer’s perspective – tend to be not only high, but all over the place. Getting quotes to ship a vehicle can yield quotes that can be hundreds […]

Getting the Most When Shipping an Oversize Vehicle

Shipping a standard vehicle can be stressful enough, but what about shipping an oversize vehicle? Well, it can be a hassle, or it can be easy, depending on what it is and how much we […]

Debunking Common Auto Transport Myths and Misconceptions

Ever since I started writing for American Auto Shipping, my goal has been to bring customers quality information. There’s enough misinformation and half-truths about the industry out there, and that’s not what we’re about. Everybody […]

How to Get the Most Out Of Classic Car Shipping

Classic car shipping services may not be the biggest segment of the auto transport industry, but it is a part of it. And those people shipping classic cars know how important it is to keep […]

The Slow Demise of Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

Terminal to terminal car shipping is a method of transporting vehicles that is slowly fading in the industry today. In fact, it’s been slowly dying for quite some time, at least over the last decade, […]

The Importance of Auto Transport Owner-Operators

Auto transport owner-operators are a vital part of the industry. Heck, in any logistics-based industry, owner-operators are a crucial piece of the puzzle. Some operate as contractors for larger fleets, which helps them secure freight […]

Senate Mulling Over New Speed Limiter Mandate

The idea of a speed limiter for freight trucks is nothing new. Some fleets have been using them for years already. But a proposed speed limiter mandate from the DOT – first sidelined in 2016 […]

Autonomous Transport Trucks One Step Closer to Reality

Autonomous transport trucks – really, autonomous driving in general – is a hot-button topic right now. We’ve been hearing about it for years and years now, how cars and trucks will be driving themselves sooner […]