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Kansas Car Shipping May Get Harder Thanks to Funding Gap

Kansas Car ShippingThe State of Kansas is going to have to halt another ten infrastructure projects indefinitely, it seems.

Kansas has been struggling through financial hardships over the past few years, and it’s taken its toll on the state. Now, the Department of Transportation has to slash ten projects. The total savings should be around $17.45 million.

Just last month, Kansas halted another 24 road projects that would have cost the state $32 million. The new cuts come in the face of a budget shortfall totaling $348 million, with an estimated $582 million shortfall in 2017. And all of this has people in the auto transport industry thinking that Kansas car shipping may get even harder.

People in the state are frustrated, particularly construction firms who are losing jobs. But what does it mean for Kansas car shipping services?

How Kansas car shipping may get harder

No new projects means that vital infrastructure, such as interstates, are going to go untended. This can result in more potholes, more traffic and more congestion.

The main routes likely won’t see many issues. Interstate highways such as I-70 probably will still be the main load bearers for Kansas car shipping services.

No, what will likely be affected more are rural routes. Auto transporters may not be able to use certain highways due to them being undermaintained. This is an issue for many a car transport company.

Postponed projects include an expansion of US 169 in Montgomery County, which may not be a vital area for car transporters, but it does see traffic. Other postponed projects include a new bridge project near Wichita which could better traffic flow to and from the state’s largest city, and also a street restoration near Manhattan, one of the state’s largest cities.

But there are more, many more, that have already been axed by KDOT due to lack of funds. And it’s only going to get worse.

What does the future have in store for Kansas car shipping? Deteriorating roads can lead to excess damages for carriers and can decrease popularity of routes through the state, which is already not all that popular in the industry.

Restorations and new projects could make for smoother traffic, which would allow faster pickup, transit and delivery times. Now, though, they will likely stay the same, or get worse, depending on the condition of the roads.

Auto carriers go where their customers are, of course, but if they can’t get there, what do they do? It will require diversions and reroutes and you may end up having to move your pickup and delivery location.

Right now it’s not so bad, but in the future…well, who knows?

Interested in Kansas car shipping services?

If you’re looking to ship a car to Kansas, make sure to fill out our free form. American Auto Shipping is a top-rated car shipping quote provider that can get you quotes from top-rated auto shippers. We clear every auto shipper for dependability and reliability and we make sure each is fully licensed and bonded. You can fill out our free online auto transport quote request form any time to get your quotes emailed to you. Alternatively, you can contact us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to a live agent.


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