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Florida Car Transport May be Tougher This Week Thanks to New Storms

Florida Car Transport
Courtesy of weather.com

Thunderstorm and tornado warnings are in effect for much of the southeast today. This might make Florida car transport, Georgia car shipping and other areas in the region more difficult to accomplish.

The forecast is calling for severe thunderstorms and squall lines through north and central Florida. This is expected to last through the evening as the system makes it way up the coast and into the Carolinas. The forecast is also calling for heavy hail, damaging winds and possibly even tornadoes over northern and central Florida and Georgia. Flash flooding is also possible.

This, of course, makes auto shipping services more difficult across the region. It does depend on where you’re shipping from and to, of course, as some areas will be more adversely affected than others.

What to expect with Florida car transport this week

It’s getting close to the start of summer so these squalls and storms aren’t exactly rare. So it’s not like auto transporters aren’t going to prepare for these things. And it’s not like it’s hurricane season quite yet, so Florida car transport shouldn’t see any major hits.

The issue, though, is that Florida is perhaps the most popular car transport location in the United States right now. Whether coming or going, car transporters like Florida because there’s so much traffic. And storms like this can disrupt routes, cause diversions and delays and make things more difficult and take longer and cost more.

Now, on the whole, most auto transporters who service Florida regularly shouldn’t have any issues. They may have to take a different route than planned and avoid some of the more heavily-hit parts, but that’s about it. However, some things that you need to keep in mind stem from the hail and the tornadoes.

If you’re waiting for the carrier to pick your car up, try to keep it covered if you can, preferably in a garage. This is to prevent hail from damaging the vehicle. If your vehicle is already in transit, it’s up to your carrier to watch the weather.

What to expect later in the week

As we mentioned, this storm is moving to the northeast, up the coast, so it’s not just Florida car transport services that will be affected. Come Thursday and Friday cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston Columbia, and all the way to New York City will see severe weather. If you notice, this is right up the I-95 corridor that many carriers use throughout the year. So you’ll want to keep an eye on the weather. You should also talk to an agent about pickup or delivery in affected areas.


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