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New York Car Shipping May Be Tougher Thanks to Lake Effect Snow

New York Car Shipping
Courtesy of weather.com

Feet of snow are expected in the Great Lakes region as well as northern and northwestern New York thanks to more lake effect snow.

Lake effect snow occurs when cold air passes over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes. The cold air picks up warmer water vapor off the lakes and then turns it into snow, dumping most all of it on the downwind shores.

This is a typical problem in the Great Lakes as well as what is known as the New York Snowbelt. This area typically includes the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse corridor of I-90. Lake effect snow makes New York car shipping a lot harder to achieve. It can also freeze routes along I-90 through the Great Lakes region.

Snow is expected to hit Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and western New York.

How lake effect snow affects New York car shipping

It shouldn’t affect any shipments to the Big Apple or anywhere in southeastern New York. However, most areas along the Great Lakes and in the north will likely get at least a foot of snow.

Auto transporters hate the snow and try to avoid it if they can help it. Snow makes car transport services more dangerous to complete, naturally. Though auto shipping trucks are much larger and heavier than standard vehicles, they are still susceptible to snowy and icy conditions. They can cause unexpectedly slick conditions that can lead to accidents and damaged vehicles. As such, auto shippers try to avoid those areas at all costs.

The lake effect areas aren’t all that popular of shipping locations in the winter months. They tend to only see a handful of shipments during the winter because most people tend to be shipping their cars to warmer areas of the country. The New York Snowbelt is not all that popular because of the snow, after all.

So you should expect higher prices and longer wait times for pickup and transit while the storms are raging. Even shipments to New York City, and other New York car shipping areas, may be affected. This is especially true coming from the south, as many carriers will want to travel west along I-90 due to ease-of-access. That said, it does depend on their planned routes. We highly recommend you speak to an agent regarding your New York car shipping services as well. Luckily, the storms typically don’t last long…though the snow they dump definitely does.

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If you’re interested in shipping your vehicle to New York, regardless of where, fill out our free form. New York State is one of the more popular shipping locations in the country mostly because of New York City. That said, we can get you free quotes from top-rated companies free of charge. Just fill out our free form or call us toll-free at 800-930-7417. If you call, you’ll connect directly with a live agent. They can answer questions, give advice, and take your information right over the phone to get you your quotes. So don’t delay; let American Auto Shipping help you get free auto transport quotes today.

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