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Flooding Grounds California Car Transportation Services

The drought in California may not be over yet, but recent snow and rain has caused a deluge in certain areas of the state, threatening people, homes, and California car transportation services.

California Car TransportationFlooding of the Russian River has left people in Napa and Sonoma counties struggling to keep themselves above water. The flooding is worst in central California and also western Nevada. Hundreds of people around Reno have had to be evacuated because of rising waters.

In addition, sections of U.S. Highway 101 are closed as well, which will disrupt routes up and down the coast.

The flooding is both good and bad. Good, because it has dumped water on an area that desperately needs it. Bad, because it’s just a bit too much water.

How California car transportation services are affected

Toppled trees around San Francisco and across central California have shut down some routes. This will likely lead to diversions for carriers running routes through the area, which will likely lead to delays.

This is to be expected, though, especially when the weather is bad. And the weather tends to be really bad during the winter months. While flooding hasn’t been all that common in recent years, particularly in California, it’s not surprising. The Russian River is prone to flooding especially when snowfall is heavy.

But still, California car transportation services are being affected adversely by this storm. And officials say it may get worse before it gets better.

And the problem isn’t limited to California. As mentioned, areas around Reno, notably Sparks, have had residents evacuated as well. In fact, the Truckee River, the main river through the Reno area, is expected to settle at six feet above flood stage today.

Naturally this is problematic. Shipments through Reno, however, are at a low point in the season, so relatively few customers are affected. But central California sees much more traffic.

But it’s not just central California, but also northern California as well. Areas such as Redding and Sacramento are seeing heavy rains as well that might wash out roads.

How to move forward with your California car transportation services

If you’re trying to ship a car to California – or from the state – right now is kind of tough. It likely will be over the next few days and weeks, depending on how long the flooding lasts. Typically it doesn’t last too long, but with downed trees and rivers overflowing their banks, some routes are completely washed out. This will lead to delays for your shipment.

But prices for anyone in transit shouldn’t go up. If you’re still on the hunt for California auto transport services, chances are carriers are going to wait a bit to commit to new loads. Southern California auto shipping should be easier to find, especially out of Los Angeles and San Diego. These areas are still relatively dry even with the heavy rains.

Ultimately, we suggest you speak to your agent if you think your route will be affected. They can explain more about conditions on your route and also be able to contact the carrier for you. At the very least, they can give you a status update that pertains to your shipment.

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