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What is the Cost to Ship a Car?

Cost to Ship a CarFor some, the cost to ship a car is relatively easy to afford. For others, it might as well be a million dollars. Subjective views on its costs aside, it’s not going to be cheap to move a car across the country.

And this, quite frankly, is something that you need to prepare for when shipping your vehicle. Make sure to start with a quote directly from us. Asking “how much does it cost” is going to lead you to a bunch of quote forms without actually telling you the answer. Because the answer depends on a lot of factors.

The factors that go into your auto transport quotes

Finding out how much it will cost to ship a car requires a few different points of information from you, notably where you’re shipping from and to. The distance between the pickup and delivery locations will always be the biggest variable in your auto shipping quotes and prices.

This is because fuel is expensive and auto shipping trucks require a lot of it. Most car carriers only get 8-12 miles to the gallon of diesel fuel, which right now costs roughly the same as regular gasoline. So imagine driving a huge truck that you have to refill nigh-daily across thousands of miles of territory. Probably getting expensive, right?

Now, imagine that you have to haul literally tons of cargo on the back of that truck, a weight that you know will lower your fuel economy and your top speed. So another major factor in the cost to ship a car is how big and expensive your vehicle is. Too big and it may need a flatbed hauler; too expensive and it may need enclosed.

Then there’s the time of year as well as the popularity of the route you’re trying to ship along. If you’re shipping to or from sparsely populated areas, expect to pay more and wait longer. More densely populated areas tend to be faster and cheaper to ship to or from, particularly the largest cities in the U.S.

Can I get a quote to ship a car?

If you are looking for a quote to ship a car, make sure to fill out our free quote request form. It’s free and easy, won’t take more than a minute or two and will get you a free quote to ship right away. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-930-7417. You’ll get in contact with a live agent who can give you a quote, answer questions, help you book your shipment, and more.

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