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Should You Move to New York?

Ah, the big apple, the greatest city in the world, the city that never sleeps! No matter what you call it, New York has a grand reputation. Ask anybody and they’ll confirm: there’s no city like this one.

Should you move to New York? It can be intimidating to think about, especially if it’s been a dream for a while. You might have also heard the rumors about how pricy it might be.

Well, don’t be afraid, it’s time to follow your dreams (or at least plan for them). If you want to move to New York, you’re going to have to prepare for it. This is the fun part, figuring out logistics while feeling that excitement bubbling.

This guide to moving to New York will help answer all your questions and bring you one step closer to a new home. Let’s dive in.

Get to Know New York City’s History

New York City is packed with rich history. There is no way to cover everything here but there are plenty of books to get you started. Knowing the roots of your new home is an important part of the moving process.

Much of NYC’s history still affects every part of the city today. History is being made all the time in the big apple and soon you’ll be part of it.

Humble Beginnings

The first visit to New York was by a European in 1524 by the name of Giovanni da Verrazzano. Then in 1624, the Dutch founded the first permanent trading post. Soon, a small town was built on the southern tip of Manhattan island.

This was called New Amsterdam and it thrived by selling all types of animal products. By 1700 New York’s population grew to 5,000 and it continued to grow pretty fast.

As the city grew, it began to see structural improvements and in 1811, a grid of streets and avenues for parts of Manhattan north of Houston Street was created. Then came clean water in 1837. The population continued to grow, immigrants began to call it home, and before anyone knew it – it was the 20th century.

The New York City Known Today

At the turn of the 20th century is when New York City started to become, well, New York City! In Dember of 1897, New York City had an area of 60 square miles and a population of a little more than 2 million people.

Although the 20th century was a struggle for New York due to the wealthy emigrating after World War II, this encouraged living in suburbs and other cities that were developing. This caused strife in the economy and livelihood of New York.

However, the Hart-Cellar Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 came to the rescue. This allowed immigrants from all over the world to move to New York City and reinvigorate the city.

Now, New York City is home to 8 million people, has the largest amount of billionaires living there, and 37% of New York residents were born in another country!

There you have it, a brief history of the greatest city in the world. Now, let’s discuss how to begin the steps to moving there.


The Job Process

The one thing New York City is known for, besides pizza, it’s the cost. Both Manhattan and Brooklyn rank as two of the most expensive places to live. What they have going for them is a strong economy. With that said, the first thing you want to think about is what your work will be.

Finding work in New York doesn’t differ much from finding work in other cities, the difference is you need to be one step ahead. Even if there are lots of jobs, there are even more people to compete with.

The most ideal scenario is that you are currently working a job in which you can relocate. This will allow you to have the security blanket of a steady income as you make this major life decision.

If you don’t have a job lined up, start browsing the web or talking to friends and family who might have a lead. Depending on your field, the job process can either be simple or very difficult.

It isn’t recommended that you move to New York without any job but people have made it happen. Regardless, try to have a job landed before you move; you’ll be thankful for it.


Picking the Right Neighborhood

New York is compact, you can get almost everywhere with their impressive public transportation system. If you’re not crazy about the subway, there is always a cab or ride-sharing service available. At all hours of the day!

Picking the right neighborhood is important. There are several elements to consider: cost, safety, and convenience. This will be the area you walk around daily and everything from your local coffee shop to the ease of your commute matters.

If you prioritize the cost then it is smart to check out places outside of Manhattan proper or the rising popularity of certain Brooklyn neighborhoods (like DUMBO). Some of the less expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan include Harlem and the Bronx. For Brooklyn, check out Bed-Stuy or Flatbush.

New York City is one of the safest big cities. However, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you live. Neighborhoods with higher crime tend to be more affordable.

There are plenty of areas with lower crime that are still budget-friendly but don’t break the bank. Be sure to do your research on which areas are more susceptible to crime as you plan your move.

As far as convenience goes, that’s a simple one! Where are you working? Do you like to live near a park? A certain type of restaurant? Each neighborhood is its own microcosm with different cultures and styles.

There’s the trendy Bushwick for young artists, the family-friendly Park Slope, or the heavy Dominican Washington Heights. Your day-to-day will be impacted by your neighbors, the local food, and certain lifestyle needs. Luckily, there are so many types of neighborhoods, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Finding an Apartment for Your Budget

Part of the bubble of finding the right neighborhood is finding the right apartment. Many times it feels like you can only choose two of the three: price, location, size. There is a possibility to check all three but it’s rare.

As mentioned previously, the price and location depend on the neighborhood. Many times you can find a large apartment for cheap but it is on the outskirts of the more busy towns. You might find an apartment for the perfect price and great location but it’s pretty much a closet.

One of the best ways to decide what’s important to you is by figuring out what is essential. If you’re a minimalist on a budget who likes a short commute to work, don’t prioritize the size of the apartment. If you love to have space and work from home, live further away from the action.

The key is to browse apartment websites once you know your moving date and stay notified about any apartments that fit your criteria. Then you can get notification updates sent to your phone whenever a new apartment is on the market! At that point, it’s just about jumping on the offer as soon as you can.

Another option is to find a room! Living with a roommate (or several) is just part of being a New Yorker. Since people are often coming and going from NYC, there are rooms constantly being rented out.

This is often a great choice if you’re moving by yourself as it can be incredibly expensive to find a studio or one-bedroom without sharing it with a partner. Finding a room is cheap and you’ll be able to make new friends.


The Move to New York

For the actual move itself, treat it like you’re moving to another place in your current city but with some major differences.

First, you need to decide how you’re going to get all of your belongings to New York City. The best way to do this is by either hiring a moving company or doing it yourself! Obviously, it’s more expensive to hire a moving company but it does allow you to relieve some of that stress.

If you decide to rent a moving truck, this can be cost-effective and straightforward. If you have a lot to bring, there’s also the option of hiring a moving service simply to help pack and unpack your furniture but you still do the drive. This is a cost-effective way to alleviate stress while also saving money.

So if you’re taking a truck, how will your car get there?

Transporting Your Vehicle to New York

There are several options for getting your car to New York including shipping, towing, hauling, and driving. For long distances, consider having your car shipped. Especially if you need to ship your car across country. Auto shipping does everything for you and is more cost-effective than towing or hauling. Choices include open auto transport, enclosed auto transport, train transport, motorcycle shipping, and military car shipping. Consider too that there are several ways for you to save money with your car transport.

Towing is a flexible option for some. Pulling your own car is a popular option too, but you need to have the proper equipment and it adds a lot of stress to an already stressful situation.

To find the best choice for your situation, do your research on the different options available. Getting a car shipping estimate ahead of time can help you make your decision.


Fresh Start in New York City

There’s something so invigorating about moving to a new place. This sentiment is particularly true when it comes to moving to a city as exciting as New York City.

It’s important to stay excited while also planning carefully for the big move. There are many factors to consider but with enough planning, the move to New York will be a breeze!

Planning a big move to the big apple and need a way to transport your vehicle? We can help with the auto transport process from start to finish. Be sure to get a no obligation car shipping quote from us today!

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