Rock Springs is a city located in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, and currently home to a population of over 23,000 residents. Located along Interstate 80, Rock Springs is the anchor of the Rock Springs Micropolitan Statistical Area, home to over 37,900 residents. Like many smaller cities in Wyoming, Rock Springs is a major oil and natural gas producer, which is a major boon to the small city’s economy and future growth projections, but unlike other cities in the state Rock Springs is incredibly diverse due to the many immigrants that flooded to the city to work in coal mines and on oil derricks during the city’s formative years.

Rock Springs has been settled since U.S. citizens began migrating west, though it was not incorporated as a city until at least 1888. Rock Springs has mainly been an energy-producing area and was large enough to warrant inclusion along the route of Interstate 80, Wyoming’s main east-west interstate. This has led to slow but sustained growth in Rock Springs, which has helped the city’s popularity in terms of auto transport services. At the same time, Wyoming is one of the least-popular areas for carriers and car shippers, which can lead to higher prices and longer pickup wait times.

During the summer months is usually when auto transport services to and from Rock Springs will be at its busiest, since the weather is nice and demand for car shipping is high most of the time. During the winter, however, it gets cold, and snow is fairly common; with highs rarely getting above freezing and lows often falling down into single digits, Rock Springs is not very nice to carriers running routes into or out of the city. Snow and ice can cause problems for car shippers, which is why they don’t like running wintry routes and prefer to stay toward the south more often than not. This will also increase prices into and out of Rock Springs and make it much more expensive and harder to find a carrier in the first place, so keep that in mind when it comes to budgeting and figuring out how much time you have.

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