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Phoenix Car Shipping May See Delays This Weekend

Phoenix Car Shipping

Road work on Interstate 10 near Phoenix, Arizona, might cause delays in Phoenix car shipping services this upcoming weekend.

Stretches between 51st and 83rd avenues will be shut down between May 10th and May 13th for maintenance. The closure will allow Arizona DOT workers to lay new asphalt along the Loop 202 work zone.

Alternative routes include Loop 101 west of I-17.

The construction project is slated to be finished by 2020, but traffic should be able to use the freeway sooner. Once completed, the project will provide an alternative route into downtown Phoenix.

What this could mean for your Phoenix car shipping services

Reroutes and things of this nature aren’t entirely uncommon. Road maintenance is an important part of maintaining the infrastructure that our industry drives on. However, it can cause issues if drivers are unaware of closed roads or routes, and it can be frustrating for customers who are not informed either.

Unlike some reroutes and delays – particularly those in the Midwest from the flooding – this one shouldn’t be too serious. I’m not in the Phoenix area, so I’m working off a map, but it seems that pickups or deliveries in Peoria, Glendale, and Alhambra could be impacted.

These impacts will likely be minimal. Delays of an hour or two, mostly, and if you are affected, your carrier has likely already contacted you regarding the issue. Some customers may not see any delays at all. If a carrier has a pickup or delivery scheduled in the affected area, you may need to change where you will be meeting the driver.

Does road maintenance affect shipments that often?

Road maintenance is a common occurrence in the United States. Our infrastructure is massive, sprawling tens of thousands of miles across the nation. So it’s not all that surprising that sometimes, road work impacts the auto shipping industry.

Like with this closure in Phoenix, most of the time, road work doesn’t affect many customers, if any at all. When it does, the impact is minimal, with the worst of it being having to change the pickup or delivery location to somewhere more easily accessible.

Price hikes don’t happen because of road maintenance. You see hikes like that before the vehicle is scheduled for pickup with a carrier, and often for more pressing reasons. For instance, natural disasters like floods cutting off access to certain roads. Many times, in those kinds of scenarios, it’s entire regions that are inaccessible. This results in carriers having to detour drastically, which results in price hikes.

But a closure for a specific part of a metropolitan area with many other ways to get around it won’t impact price like that.

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