Auto ShippersAuto shippers move vehicles for a living. They travel from city to city, state to state, moving cars for individuals and businesses. Their line of work brings them into contact with customers from all different walks of life.

But despite the thousands of vehicles moving across the country, cancellations still happen. The average cancellation rate for auto shippers is about 10%. Most cancellations are the result of a conscious decision of the customer. Sometimes a carrier has to cancel, but that’s more rare. Auto shippers understand that cancellations happen, but they try to avoid them as best they can.

Understanding why people cancel orders may help you avoid the same problems, which would result in you getting your vehicle shipped that much more quickly.

Misrepresentation can cause cancellations with auto shippers

One of the reasons why cancellations happen is that customers misrepresent their vehicle in an attempt to lower prices. This isn’t as prevalent as it once was, thankfully. But even now some customers try to pass their large SUV’s as small cars. Or, they’ll try to pass non-running vehicles off as running.

This can cause major problems. For non-running vehicles, a carrier with a winch attached to their truck is required to load and unload the vehicle. Oversize vehicles such as lifted trucks and modified SUV’s may not fit on a standard carrier.

Dispatching the wrong carrier will result in a carrier cancellation, which often leaves the customer paying for it. Carriers don’t want to travel to a pickup destination and leave empty handed. For carriers, time is money, and wasting time means wasting money.

Customers can change pickup or delivery windows

Sometimes, customers will cancel because their pickup times have changed. This is a fairly common reason for cancelling. Since auto shippers cannot guarantee pickup or delivery dates, some customers think they can get something done by a certain time but then it ends up they can’t.

Pickup and delivery windows can interfere with a customers’ busy schedule. This then causes issues with the auto shipper’s schedule and thus leads to a cancelled order. To avoid this make sure to book your shipment at least seven days from the day you want your vehicle picked up. For less popular routes, two weeks may be better.

The same goes for delivery windows. However, with delivery window changes, if your vehicle is already picked up you can’t cancel. Some carriers will work with customers who can no longer be there at the arranged delivery time. In this case, they’ll simply hold on to the vehicle until the customer is ready. Not all carriers will do that, so you may need to talk to your representative if this is the case. If your vehicle hasn’t been picked up, a change in delivery dates is usually easy to do, but some customers just cancel instead.

Changes in other factors can also lead to cancellations

Yet another reason why customers cancel their shipment is that things change before pickup. They may believe one thing to be happening when really the auto shippers are thinking something else. This usually stems from a misunderstanding in the basic shipping process.

While auto shippers do their best to be as informative as they can be, if you don’t ask specific questions, take the time to understand the business, or have all your bases covered, you likely won’t be as informed during your shipment as you should be.

Many auto shippers have taken to over-explaining certain basics about the industry in general because it’s important that customers such as yourself understand the overall process. Customers should not be afraid to be inquisitive about this business, and should always feel free to ask questions of their auto shippers, since a main requirement of their job to answer them.

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