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What to Know About Springtime Auto Transport

Springtime auto transport

We’ve mentioned before how the vehicle shipping industry is seasonal. Popular routes get more expensive in the summer, due to higher demand, and cheaper in the winter, due to lower demand. The opposite can be true for less popular routes as well – summer shipping can be cheaper on less popular routes, but winter shipping can be more expensive for the same reason. But something that we really haven’t touched on much is springtime auto transport and what it can mean for you.

Understanding springtime auto transport services

Spring and fall are interesting when it comes to shipping a car because they’re in between the busy season (summer) and the slow season (winter). It’s a time when prices tend to be in flux and popular routes have yet to be firmly established. It’s not uncommon to see vehicles priced too low to move right away because of this.

Remember, brokers work to keep your prices lower by negotiating with carriers for the best rates. That’s part of what makes them such a vital part of the industry. But the problem comes from demand. As demand for shipping along popular routes increases, trucks can take the highest-paying loads first. This begins to take real shape once the spring shipping season starts getting into full swing. It’s not as dramatic or pronounced as in the summer, when volume is at its highest. But it’s still something to watch for.

Because of this shift, some brokers end up getting behind the ball in terms of their prices. This in turn results in vehicles that sit on the board for longer than they would have in the winter months.

And it’s not like the shift is dramatic – it’s gradual. The first day of spring doesn’t really mean much in the industry; it’s more nuanced than that. So it’s actually pretty easy for companies to get a bit behind on the prices of a particular route. For instance, if a route is normally $400 in the winter, it could jump up to $500 or even $600 come spring. If a company isn’t keeping up on their prices, it means more cars that aren’t moving when they need to.

Preparing for your springtime auto transport

If you’re looking to ship your vehicle in the springtime, it’s important to do your homework. Prices tend to rise along the most popular routes as the season progresses. So you want to make sure to compare prices and find ones that aren’t too low. Low prices are enticing, but they often end up with you waiting longer than you’d like to have your vehicle picked up.

While some companies use lowball tactics to get customers, it’s a dying practice. Or, at least, it seems to be. So most of the time, low prices tend to be an honest mistake as opposed to something deliberate. We can’t say for sure, but the result is the same: either you end up paying more money to get the vehicle moved, or it just sits there at that low price while carriers find other shipments. This is where price comparisons really come in handy.

Another thing you can do to prepare for your springtime auto transport services is to actually discuss your shipment. Many times, customers book but they’re not shipping for a few weeks. This can be troublesome during the spring because of the way prices fluctuate. Try to keep close to your preferred pickup date. It’s okay to get quotes early, but keep in mind that they could change because of the way the season is.

Get the right price with American Auto Shipping

No matter where you’re shipping from or to, American Auto Shipping can help you with all your car transportation needs. Whether you need springtime auto transport now or later, let us get it done for you. Give us a call any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to a live agent. They can answer your questions, give you a quote, give advice about shipping your vehicle, and much more.

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