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A Complete Guide to Moving to Colorado

Colorado is one of America’s most beautiful states! The natural beauty, the majestic wildlife, the healthy economy, and the low sales tax make this state more and more attractive.

Tick off your moving checklist one by one as you fall in love with this state. Moving to Colorado will move you!

Is Colorado a Good Place to Live?

Colorado’s nickname is Colorful Colorado, and that it is. For those that enjoy being outdoors and staying active, Colorado has a high appeal.

Seen as one of the most desirable of the states, Colorado has been booming in popularity, especially over the last two decades. The residents are happy, and most will retire and spend the rest of their lives there.

The state is pet friendly and full of local breweries, which give it a comforting vibe. Colorado has a thriving entrepreneur and business owner community, with new development happening all the time.

Active outdoor lifestyles are full of hiking, skiing, biking, fishing, camping and so much more. Colorodans will tell you, that Colorado is a great place to live.


Is It Expensive to Live in Colorado?

Colorado growth is on the rise at a steady pace, which has made prices across the board raise. As the rush settles, the prices will start to relax. New residents are buying property and demanding homes almost faster than they can build them.

The price of homes may be at the higher end of the market, yet property taxes are surprisingly low. Additionally, sales tax and income tax rates are also quite low.

The most expensive places in the state to live are Aspen, Vail, and Boulder. With Grand Junction, Pueblo, and Trinidad being a few of the more affordable towns in Colorado.


The Local Economy

A major factor in moving to a new place can be considering the local economy. We want to know what to expect. Colorado has a very low unemployment rate and plenty of job opportunities on offer.

Industries support the economy like machinery, mineral mining, and tourism. There is also a lot of food production and large chemical plants that put money into the growing economy of the state.


Foodies in Paradise

Colorado is overall a progressive eco-friendly state that is full of flavor. The terrain and climate also play a part in influencing the local food.

From fine dining comfort foods in the ski resort to authentic local tacos from a food truck, Colorado is a real mecca for foodies. Homegrown farm to table style is becoming the most popular, but with a down-home mid-west twist.


Best Places to Live in Colorado

Colorado is so breathtakingly gorgeous that it is a tough decision to pick just one place to live. So, maybe buy one home for living in, and one for vacationing in?

As far as city life goes, Colorado Springs has both the thrill of the city, but with waterfalls, and natural beauty mixed in. From trendy restaurants to shops on the Promenade, Colorado Springs is growing in popularity and is currently the second most populated city in CO.

The other major cities have a lot going for them, too. Denver has over 300 sunny days a year and is great for those wanting a city rich in history and culture. Whereas Boulder is more funky and chic with a hip crowd of outdoorsy skiers and such.

Basalt, CO has that small-town feel complete with a Saturday market downtown. Located near the center of the state with a population under 5,000 it is one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets.

And, for those looking to live more of a ski resort lifestyle, Vail is undoubtedly the place to be. The largest ski mountain in the state is perfect for all winter sports. Summer in Vail is also picture perfect with golfing, fishing, and plenty of music festivals.


How to Transport Your Vehicle(s) to Colorado

The largest item you’ll have to consider is most likely transporting your vehicle to Colorado. It won’t fit in a box with a label. So, what’s the best auto transport option from point A (your current home) to point B (Colorado)?

Your options:

How far is the drive to Colorado? Who else will be driving with you? Why not leave the biggest hassle to the professionals and hire a car shipping company to move your vehicle to your new home in Colorado? Whether you have one car or a small fleet of personal vehicles, sometimes the easiest thing to do is just make a call.


How to Get a Colorado Driver’s License

Don’t forget to add CO DL to your moving to Colorado checklist. Transferring your license from another state? You’ll need to schedule a written test, eye tests, and pay the required fee.

Members of the military and their spouses are exempt from having to obtain a Colorado driver’s license as long as they have a valid license in another US state.

While you are working on getting your license, schedule an appointment to get your vehicle inspected by the state for emissions

Conveniently, drivers’ license centers also handle voter registration. It’s a one-stop-shop!

As for fishing, hunting, and boaters licenses, that goes through Colorado Park and Wildlife Department and may require you to show proof of Colorado residency.


How to Move to Colorado

Moving to Colorado is similar to a move to the other US states. You’ll pack your belongings up, load them onto a truck, and make the trip to your new home. Easy as 1-2-3, right?

The state is located close to the center of the country which will make it fairly simple for friends and family to come and visit.

Real estate agents there are friendly, knowledgeable, and waiting to help you. Finding the perfect property and home is easier than ever. How about a Colorado ranch, or a log cabin in the mountains?

Once you have a home picked out, and your moving date secured, you can let everyone know when you are leaving including friends, family, your job, and your car insurance company.

Don’t forget to stop by your local post office for an official change of address form, or you can change your address/ stop your mail online.


Local Road Trips

Once you get your vehicle delivered and settle into your new home, you may want to take a tour of the state. Here are the coolest things to discover:


The Great Outdoors

Let’s talk parks. Colorado is chock full of amazing parks.

There are 41 state parks throughout the state, 4 national parks, and 11 state forests. Enjoy activities like hiking, biking, rafting, and wildlife watching.

State Forrest State Park in the Rocky Mountains is the largest of them all. And, Rocky Mountain National Park is the most popular, drawing people from all over the globe.

Looking for something a bit different than the average park? Check out Dinosaur National Monument on the border of Colorado and Utah.

This awesome park offers camping, rafting, hiking, petroglyphs, and even dinosaur bones!


Watching the Wildlife 

The local wildlife is a major draw for those that are animal friendly. Even if you are not on state parkland, you are bound to see some type of wildlife walking/flying around.

Bison, mountain lion, black bears, elk, and bighorn sheep may catch you off guard if you’re not expecting them. You can also find elk, deer, moose, rattlesnakes, and coyotes- maybe even in your yard!


Things to Know Before Moving to Colorado

In Colorado, the weather changes quickly, and temperatures can drop 20+ degrees when the sunsets. Summer weather depends on the altitude and the time of day with temperatures varying between 60-high ’90s. Winter can be somewhat harsher, and full of snow!

Humidity is rarely an issue unless you’re concerned about the lack of it. Most of Colorado is dry but can experience a monsoon season from mid-June to late-September. There is a chance a tornado may roll through, too.

Because of the mountainous terrain that covers most of the state, high altitude is not uncommon. The highest point is over 14,000 feet! The state animal is the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, and you can see them in mountainous areas.

Other than weather and wildlife, Colorado is known for its weed. Recreational marijuana is legal, and it is completely normal to see and/or smell it throughout the state. For some, this may come as a complete culture shock, while for others it may be exciting.

Gun owners have no fear. Colorado is firearm friendly, as long as the weapons are legally obtained and registered to a licensed gun owner.


Moving to Colorado

You are going to love this state! After this, it will be quite hard to say no to moving to Colorado.

Take the guesswork out of car transport by calling the professionals at American Auto Shipping to get a quote or reserve your spot today. It will make your life, and your move so much smoother.

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