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Auto Transport Routes: Bridgeport to Nashville

Bridgeport 2Bridgeport is the largest city in the U.S. state of Connecticut, located in the New England region of the country. Roughly a thousand miles to the southwest is Nashville, in Tennessee. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and the second-largest city in the entire state. Both cities are major metro areas in their respective states and popular transportation locations in their regions. Nashville is a popular tourist attraction as it is widely considered to be the birthplace of country music – many famous musicians lived and recorded in Nashville. Bridgeport is more of a factory town – or at least was, until recently. When it comes to transporting a vehicle from Bridgeport to Nashville, however, cultural significance plays a smaller role than geographical location and ease-of-access.

Bridgeport is located in the northeastern region of the U.S., not too far north of New York City. This makes it easier for auto transporter to get to or from the Bridgeport area, but it’s still north of New York City, which can cause problems if shippers don’t run routes into New England. Many will, but it’ll likely cost a bit more than you might want to pay – if this is the case, you can talk to your shipper and likely get your vehicle picked up in the New York Metro Area, which is a much larger area and a much more popular shipping location anyway. Nashville is located in the central region of Tennessee and is actually a popular transportation location. When shipping from Bridgeport to Nashville, many carriers will travel down I-95, the main north-south interstate in the area, as opposed to traveling through more remote areas like the state of West Virginia and the western portions of the State of Virginia.

Nashville 1There are a few different routes that carriers can take from Bridgeport to Nashville, of course, so keep in mind that the routes described in this blog post may not reflect where your specific carrier is going to travel. The quickest route from Bridgeport to Nashville will likely be via I-95 to I-64 through West Virginia, then catching I-81 in western Virginia and finally hitting I-77 in Kingsport, Tennessee, which will take your carrier straight into Nashville.

Alternatively, they could travel straight down I-95 to Richmond, catch I-85 into Atlanta, and then from there take I-75 to I-24 which runs into Nashville. There are others as well, of course, and you can discuss your carrier’s specific route with your agent when you book your order. To get a quote to ship today, just fill out our free online quote form or give us a call at 800-930-7417. No matter what you’re shipping, or where, we can help you get it done.

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