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How Tolls Impact Auto Shipping Services

How toll impact auto shipping servicesToll roads and routes have long been a part of the United States, almost since its founding. Of course, car shipping has not – that’s only been around for about a hundred years, maybe a bit less. But something that few people discuss is how tolls impact auto shipping services. From price hikes to delays in pickup, transit and delivery, tolls seem like a real pain.

Let’s face it – they sure can be a pain for regular motorists such as us. So expand that to commercial truckers who are focused on making money and moving fast, and you can kind of see how it might impact them. But with modern technologies, tolls aren’t nearly as detrimental as they used to be. But they can still impact shipments, so read on to learn more.

How tolls impact auto shipping services – how it impacts carriers

Most carriers don’t care too much about tolls; nowadays, it’s easy to pay thanks to electronic systems and the like. Some older routes still have manual tolls, but carriers, on the whole, avoid those areas.

Some routes, however, actually increase in price because of tolls. For instance, legislators in Rhode Island are debating new tolls along I-95 and other major routes through the state. This could impact carriers of not just vehicles but any goods. Granted, the tolls should be cheap, as no one in Rhode Island wants to shut down commerce or the like. But they can impact prices and might cause some carriers to travel along other routes, thus increasing transit times or costs for some customers.

How tolls impact auto shipping services – how it impacts customers

Toll routes shouldn’t impact you in any way, at least not in any way that’s noticeable. I-95 is tolled in areas and it’s perhaps the most popular auto shipping corridor in the nation. As such, tolls don’t usually impact customers, the prices they pay or the services they receive.

At worst, you could see your shipment go up by a few dollars, but that’s incredibly rare – and it will almost never be because of tolls along the route. Prices take into account tolled roads and carriers build their routes with tolls in mind. So you shouldn’t see any noticeable impact on your services. You can also speak to an agent for more, if you have further questions about how tolls impact auto shipping services.

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