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How Cleaning Your Former Home Can Save on Household Shipping

House 3When you’re shipping all your worldly possessions from one abode to another, there’s a lot that you’ll need to do. Seriously, from start to finish, household moving is an involved job, even if you’re planning on hiring a moving company to move your goods for you. And it’s not like household goods shipping is cheap – it’s more expensive than auto transportation, that’s for sure, but only because there’s typically a lot more weight involved than a car, and household movers charge more than car transporters anyway because of the differences in industries. When it comes to transporting your household goods you’re going to want to be prepared, but a big part of it that people don’t really think about is leaving your former residence in much the same shape it was in when you moved in.

There’s a reason for this, particularly if you’re moving out of a house or selling a home and moving to a new one. For starters, when you get everything packed up and put away and ready to go, you’re going to want to clean your former home. This may take a bit of time, but really it’s going to help a ton, particularly if you’re selling your home. If you’re showing your home off to prospective buyers, you want to make sure that’s it’s clean as a whistle so as not to scare off anyone looking to buy. In particular you should make sure that your kitchen is clean, particularly inside the oven and refrigerator. You’d be surprised at how often that can be a deal breaker – people want to move into a home immediately, they don’t want to spend time cleaning, so it’s up to you to do that if you’re wanting to increase the value of your home.

But how does this save on moving costs? Really, directly, it doesn’t, but it’ll likely net you a better return on your home that you’re selling. If you’re renting an apartment or a home, you could easily get your security deposit back by making sure any stains in the carpets or on the linoleum floors are cleaned. Sometimes this may take some elbow grease, and if you have kids or pets a professional cleaning service may be a better route. You could easily recoup your moving costs by getting your deposit back or getting that extra bit of cash out of your old home. Regardless, you can get free household moving quotes by filling out our free household goods moving quote form.

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