Car Transport Companies: Concerning Carriers

Open Car Transport CompaniesWhen it comes to car transport companies, there are three types: online quote providers, brokers, and carriers. Quote providers provide quotes, brokers handle the paperwork and customer service, and carriers physically haul your vehicle. Of the three main car transport companies, perhaps the most important are carrier transport companies, because without them, the auto transport industry as we know it today would not exist. While we always recommend booking your shipment with brokers, you will need to deal with the actual auto transport companies themselves, primarily when they pick the car up and when they deliver it to wherever it needs to go. But while your contact with these car transport companies may be limited, you should still know what they do and how they operate.

Car Transport Companies: Carrier Prices

Most auto transport quotes you receive from brokerages online will consist of a bid – but where does that bid come from? Well, carriers are the main car transport companies that set the prices, though prices in the auto transport industry are anything but fixed and oftentimes transport companies will charge more for a route than they did just two weeks previously because of changes in fuel prices or weather conditions. It’s important to understand that automobile shipping companies that travel across the country need to keep their rigs in working order and running, and they can only do that if they charge customers enough. As gas prices fluctuate, so too do the prices that car transport companies charge. Most car transport quotes only last a maximum of two weeks, and we recommend searching for car transport two-to-three weeks ahead of when you need to move.

Car Transport Companies: Popular vs. Unpopular Routes

Most car transport companies that haul vehicles around like to do so along major interstate highways and through major metropolitan areas. Most people ship vehicles from easy-to-get-Popular Routes for Car Transport Companiesto-locations, and statistics prove that car transport companies that run through major cities typically do better than those that don’t. That’s not to say that no one travels along less-populated routes; it just means that car transporters who are willing to travel on those unpopular routes will charge more money for them, and it could possibly be a bit more difficult to find car transport companies willing to actually take an unpopular route. This is compounded if your vehicle is oversize, as there are fewer flatbed transporters that will run along minor interstates. If you’re concerned that your vehicle is traveling along an unpopular route, possible ways to save money include moving your pickup/destination locations to larger cities.

Car Transport Companies: Inclement Weather

Weather conditions play a major factor in terms of your auto transport prices. Transport companies prefer operating in the spring and summer months, as fall and winter typically bring weather that their rigs can’t handle as well. It’s easy to drive in the sun, but when you have ten cars on the back of your truck and you need to trudge through snow and ice, it can get perilous quick. Most car shipping companies that operate in the winter time won’t go to places that are known for having bad weather, so if you need to ship in the winter time we recommend shipping in the late fall, especially if you’re going to far-northern areas that get a lot of snow and other bad weather. Doing this will most likely decrease your wait time for pickup as well as your overall prices.