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Auto Transport Tips: Where to Start

direct carrier auto transport quotesThe auto transport industry isn’t the friendliest of industries, especially when it comes to people shipping a vehicle for the first time. Though it’s been around for decades now, auto transport is still fairly niche; at the end of the day, you can drive your car the same distance that you’d be shipping it but by the time you factor in fuel prices, hotel costs (for those really long distances), maintenance for your vehicle, tolls, etc, driving your vehicle as opposed to shipping it turns out to be less cost-effective than you originally thought. Well, more often than not, anyway. But still, if you’re looking for auto transportation services, a good place to start would be this blog post. We’ll explain a bit about how you can get started on your vehicle shipment and how to ensure your shipment is as stress-free as it can be.

You’ll always want to start with free quotes to ship your vehicle. Auto transport quotes are always free (and if they aren’t you need to hang up and contact a different shipper) and the more you get, the better the price you’ll get. Different shippers have different methods for pricing freight, and one company’s “good deal” can be another’s “high end price.” Along any given route prices can vary by upwards of $300 or more, depending on the route and the companies you contact. Gathering multiple quotes allows you to compare and contrast prices and services so you can get the best shipper for your money.

When you’re determining who should ship your vehicle, though, quotes typically aren’t enough. You’ll want to do some research on your prospective shipping companies, in order to ensure that they are who they say they are, and that they’re reputable and reliable. Lying on the internet isn’t hard, and the idea of building up your business by stretching the truth or fudging some numbers is (unfortunately) all too common. That’s why you want to do some research at the Better Business Bureau and Transport Reviews, which we’ve discussed before on this blog. Those are great resources that you can utilize to find out how reputable and reliable your prospective shippers are.

From there, you’ll want to discuss your options with an auto transport representative before you ultimately book your order. This is an important step; getting quotes is one thing, but you’ll want to determine how well you work with whatever representative has been assigned to help you move your vehicle. Talking to representatives from different auto transport companies will give you a better idea of who’s good at their job and who isn’t – and in the car shipping industry this can mean all the difference in the world. You want to get a feel for the representatives that compile your quotes because that’s your go-to if you book with that company, and you want to be able to have a good working relationship with your representative at all times. So take some time out of your day to get a feel for the different people at the different companies and make your shipment better.

Just remember, make sure to start with us! You can read all about us right here on our website, or contact us any time toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our auto transport professionals. They know the industry and can give you a quote right over the phone. They can also answer your questions, book your shipment, and much more. You can also get a free quote to ship your vehicle with us – just fill out our free online quote request form! Unlike other companies, our auto transport quote calculator is designed to move your vehicle when you need it moved, and we use over 500 data points to make sure your quote is always accurate.

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