The State of New York is a U.S. state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. The state is home to a total population of over 19.7 million residents, making it the fourth-most populous state in the Union, and spans 54,550 square miles, ranking 27th among the 50 states. New York is perhaps best known as being the home of New York City, the largest and most populous city in the United States and home to over 8.4 million residents. The first European colonists to New York were the Dutch, who settled the region as New Amsterdam. After claiming it from the Dutch, the British founded the colony as New York. One of the thirteen original colonies, New York State has seen some of the most monumental and world-changing events in modern history, including the formation of the United States, the American Civil War, two world wars and much more. Today the state is one of the most popular auto transport locations in the entire country, namely thanks to the New York City metropolitan area.

The New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as the New York Metro Area or oftentimes just “New York,” is home to over 18.7 million residents, though more recent estimates have put the metro area’s population at over 20 million – more populous than the entire state within which it sits. New York is also the immigration capital of the U.S. and was the main gateway for immigrants coming to the U.S. through the now-famous immigration platform Ellis Island. As a cultural and economic center of the United States, New York City has become a symbol of the United States in general and has become a trend-setter around the world in fashion, politics, technology, urban living and styling and so much more.

Economically, New York City has the largest single economy of any city in the country. It is classified as a world city, but the state itself has a larer economy based on gross state product. The third-largest state economy in the U.S., If the state of New York were an independent nation it would rank 15th largest in terms of economic product. Though many people see New York City as the focal point of the entire state, it’s quite inaccurate; New York spans over 55,000 square miles, with New York City touching only a fraction of that overall space, and it is located well to the southeast to boot; literally on the border of three different states, New York City is only a small portion of the state itself, especially economically. New York State’s economy is vast and far-reaching, with major economic outputs including agriculture, manufactured goods, sand, salt, and concrete, and of course finance, banking, healthcare, insurance, and much more.

New York State has a fairly varied climate, though it generally sees four distinct seasons, with warm and rainy springs, hot and humid summers, cooler and more mild autumns and cold, snow-filled winters. Western New York State typically sees the most snowfall, particularly around the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse metro area, where nearby Lake Erie can cause lake-effect snows that bury those cities in literally feet of snow. Northern New York State also tends to see snow, and even New York City, far to the south, though less so than other areas, particularly due to the city’s pronounced urban heat effect, which makes the ground warmer in the densely-populated areas such as Manhattan and the Bronx. This can affect winter auto transport services to or from New York State, with Buffalo perhaps being the hardest to get into and out of due to the heavy snows.

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More Information About Cities in New York State by Urban Area†

New York City-North New Jersey-Long Island Metropolitan Area^
New York CityManhattan* | Brooklyn* | Queens* | The Bronx* | Staten Island* | Yonkers | New Rochelle | Mount Vernon | White Plains | Poughkeepsie | Middletown | Kingston | Newburgh

Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse Metropolitan Area
Buffalo | Rochester | Syracuse | Rome | Utica | Niagara | Seneca Falls | Batavia | Auburn | Watertown

Albany-Schenectady-Troy Metropolitan Area
Albany | Schenectady | Troy | Saratoga Springs | Plattsburgh | Amsterdam

Binghamton Metropolitan Area
Binghamton | Ithaca | Elmira | Cortland

†The New York Metro Area is so large that there are few other major metropolitan areas, and many cities spread out across a vast landscape. Therefore, less than five metropolitan areas are listed, and are grouped loosely based on geographical location more than Census Bureau designations. If you are having trouble finding information about a city, use the Ctrl+F function to search it on this page. 

^The New York Metropolitan Area spans four states, with many principal cities in each. Included in this list is only principal cities within New York State proper; to learn more about other cities in the New York Metro Area that are located in New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania, please visit those state pages on our Auto Transport States page. You can find a link to it on our menu bar at the top of the page.

*Denotes a borough of New York City, which is a technically not its own city. However, New York’s five boroughs are so large in size and population that they warrant their own unique information pages about them. You can find the five boroughs on our auto transport quote request form, along with all their zip codes, if you type the name of the borough in the “ship car from” or “ship car to” boxes.