Staten Island 1Staten Island is one of New York City’s five boroughs, located southwest of Brooklyn and just east and south of New Jersey, across from Woodbridge Township, Rahway and Elizabeth and just south of Bayonne. Home to over 472,000 residents, Staten Island is the least-populated of New York City’s boroughs, though it is third-largest in total area. Staten Island is much less densely populated than the rest of New York City as well, with the most urban areas located around the North Shore area, with the South Shore region given over to more suburban housing. It is the only borough of New York City that is not connected to the city’s subway system, though it is accessible via one bridge from New York City and three from New Jersey, two going east-west and one north-south.

Basic Facts About Staten Island

  • Current population: 472,000
  • Current mayor: James Oddo (Borough President)
  • Total area: 102 sq mi
  • Official website:¬†
  • Located in: New York City
  • Founded in: 1661
  • Zip codes: 10301-10314
  • Area codes:347, 718, 917, 929

Auto Transport Tips to and from Staten Island

Staten is the least-populated – and also the least densely-populated – of New York City’s five boroughs, and this will have an effect on your auto transport prices and services, since it’s generally the least-popular area of New York City to ship into and out of. This mostly just affects where you can get your vehicle picked up and delivered, though it helps that Staten Island is more suburban than urban, since the streets are generally wider and traffic patterns less restrictive for auto transportation companies. This generally means that they’ll be able to get to and from your door physically, though it may not necessarily mean they want to – you’ll have to discuss it with your shipper before or after pickup, depending on if you’re shipping out of Staten Island or into it.

I-95 runs north-south just west of Staten Island, through New Jersey, and this is really helpful for auto transport companies as well – and tends to lead to lower prices and faster pickup and delivery times due to the fact that they can easily get to the area along one of the most heavily-traveled interstates in the country. This does not always mean that they will be able to get to your door, however; there are still areas of Staten Island that shippers can’t get into or out of. While this may require you getting to somewhere close by to meet the driver for pickup or delivery of your vehicle, it doesn’t usually result in an increase in price – and, quite frankly, may help to decrease it, as you’re actively making the shipper’s job easier by being willing to move your pickup or delivery location.

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