Plattsburgh is a township in northern New York State and borders the city of Plattsburgh; both are located in Clinton County, the uppermost county in the state. As of the 2000 census, the city’s population was 11,190, though recent estimates have shown the town has grown slightly. This growth could be from the influx of new students to the State University of New York, which is located in the city.

It was founded in 1785 as Plattsburgh by Zephaniah Platt, but was later dissected to form several new towns (the towns of Peru, Beekmantown, Saranac, and Schuyler Falls), and the city’s population was split accordingly, making the population levels drop considerably. During the War of 1812 the British invaded from Canada and fought the Americans at the Battle of Plattsburgh (also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain), where they were driven back and the invasion was halted.

Like many other cities in the state of New York, Plattsburgh has a humid continental climate, with average highs during the summer months topping out at around 82 degrees, while overnight lows drop to around 60 degrees. In the winter the weather gets more severe, with average highs in the thick of winter hovering around 34 and overnight lows dropping to around 21 degrees or so.

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