Kingston 1Kingston is a city in and is also the county seat of Ulster County, New York. It is currently home to a population of over 23,800 residents and even anchors its own minor metropolitan area, home to over 177,000 residents, though it is still technically a part of the New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area. Kingston was first settled in the mid-18th century and became New York State’s first capital in 1777; it was subsequently burned by the British later that year, causing the capital to move, but the city was rebuilt and thrived after New York became a full-fledged state. Natural cement was discovered in Kingston in the 19th century, causing a boom; it grew into a fairly large transportation and distribution center as well as a minor manufacturing area, though the cement industry has long since given way to more modern economic sectors including retail, healthcare and education.

Basic Facts About Kingston

  • Current population: 23,800
  • Current mayor: Shayne Gallo
  • Total area: 8.6 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Ulster County
  • Founded in: 1651
  • Zip codes: 12401-12402
  • Area codes: 845

Auto Transport Tips to and from Kingston

Kingston, as a city, is not an incredibly large one, and in the auto transport industry that can be a problem. Auto shippers prefer running routes into and out of major metropolitan areas, and while the Kingston area sits between New York City and Albany, it’s still not the most popular of routes. Since fewer carriers are willing to run the route, it’ll take more incentive to get them to do so, and that usually means you’ll have to pay more for their services. It’s part of the industry – carriers have to worry about fuel, maintenance and scheduling, and they have to work your shipment in with the rest of them; if they’re traveling a hundred miles out of their way – one way, no less – that’s going to cost them time and money, and they need to make up for that by charging you more since it’s kind of your fault they have to go that route.

At the same time, Kingston sits between Albany and New York City, and in fact sits right along I-87, the main north-south interstate that services eastern and northeastern New York State. This makes it easier for carriers to get into and out of Kingston, but you need to realize that upstate New York isn’t the most popular of areas to ship a vehicle to or from, and we refer you to the last paragraph as to why. But it’s a lot easier to run a route into Kingston than it would be to run along a state route the same distance, namely because it’s likely someone else will be going at least to the area; maybe there’s someone going up to Albany, and they can just stop in Kingston along the way.

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