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Auto Transport Routes: Topeka to Dallas

Topeka 1Topeka is the capital of the state of Kansas, and auto transportation services to and from the capital are pretty frequent; however, its location in a fairly rural state deters many auto shippers from picking up or delivering in the area unless the price is right. Shipping to areas just as remote as Topeka, however, will yield even higher prices; this is why, when shipping down into Texas, transporting your vehicle from Topeka to Dallas is generally going to be your best bet.

Though neither city is the largest in their respective states, they’re still major metropolitan areas and among the biggest metro sprawls in the region, and there are a few things you should know about the route that your vehicle will likely travel along. After reading, you can visit our auto transport by city page to get an overview on the biggest metropolitan areas in the United States.

The route from Topeka to Dallas is a relatively easy one, all things considered. At roughly five hundred miles pretty much straight south of Topeka, Dallas gives auto shippers a lot of incentive to go there from just about anywhere in the country. Topeka and Dallas are connected by I-35, though I-335 (an auxiliary interstate of I-35) runs from Emporia up to Topeka, as I-35 shoots off northeast into Kansas City.

Auto shippers running this route will likely pass through Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, before heading through Oklahoma City – another major metro area and a popular transport hub in the area – before making the final stretch into northeastern Texas and Dallas proper. What makes it so much easier for auto shippers is that they have access to three major metropolitan areas along the route, which in turn gives them access to a number of major interstates, which connect them to the rest of the country.

Dallas 1If you’re interested in shipping from Topeka to Dallas, we can help! Just take a minute to fill out our free, no-hassle quote request form and see your price immediately. We are a top-rated auto transport company with over 20 years in the industry and decades of experience. We work with only top-rated carriers and our prices are built to move your vehicle on-time and on-budget. You can also contact us any time, toll-free, at 800-930-7417 to speak to a representative. They can answer questions, give a quote, book your shipment, and more.

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