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Auto Transport Routes: Minneapolis to Phoenix

As far as popular auto transport routes go, Minneapolis, MN to Phoenix, AZ isn’t at the top of the list, but it’s a route that many major carriers will travel on because of the number of other cities they can hit along the way.

Scheduling transportation on-the-fly, like auto transport carriers do, can be tough, so having a plethora of major cities to pass through on the way from A to B is helpful for both carriers and customers.

It allows carriers to hit major cities and find new customers and it allows customers to more easily find carriers in their area. Minneapolis to Phoenix probably will be a bit more expensive than, say, Boston to Miami because of the city’s locations, plus the fact that the carrier is going from the southwest U.S. to the far northern reaches of the Great Lakes.

But it is still a popular auto transport route, all things considered (and it’s a lot more popular than, say, Bakersfield to Joplin, MO). It’s just important that you get quotes as quickly as possible to ship along it.

Snowbirds really help the cause with Minneapolis to Phoenix prices. People move south to Phoenix during the winter, which helps drive the industry while also keeping prices low in the lean season.

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