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Auto Transport Routes: Cleveland to Phoenix

Auto Transport Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

Most of the time, when you plan on driving from one city to another hundreds or thousands of miles away, you will plan the route you want to take, generally based on how fast it will get you there.

And for most people that works fine, but when it comes to shipping vehicles from one city to another finding the best route from one to the other is a lot more than just finding out how fast you can get there.

Shippers need to be able to profit off the routes they drive, which generally means avoiding areas without major cities or routes that go through rural areas. In this edition of our Auto Transport Routes blog series, we will shed some light on how your vehicle will get moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona.

Shipping down from Cleveland takes carriers along a few different interstates, but luckily they can string together a pretty decent route due to how many major metro areas they can hit along the way.

They can usually get there pretty quick by heading from Cleveland into Columbus a few hours south, then from there taking I-70 west through Indianapolis and into Saint Louis, where they can then hop on I-44 into Oklahoma City and then from there I-40 straight into Arizona.

Typically they’ll head into Flagstaff and then use I-17 to go south into Phoenix proper, though some may prefer running on some of the smaller state routes to help save time. This is up to your auto transporter, so make sure you talk to them about where exactly they’re going to be going and how long it’ll take them on their specific route.

Auto Transport Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

If you are interested in transporting your vehicle from Cleveland to Phoenix, fill out our free online quote form. You will get a free quote to ship your vehicle right away. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents who can answer your questions and help you on your automobile transportation journey.

Please remember that the routes we highlighted in this blog post are simply the most convenient routes according to Google Maps, and while this is a popular route choosing method that carriers use frequently, you should still talk to your carrier regarding the specific route he will be traveling when transporting your vehicle.

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