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Auto Shipping Glossary: Licensed

Auto Shipping Glossary: LicensedWhen a company is licensed it means that they are federally certified to do the job that they advertise. If a company that makes boats wants to sell boats, they have to have a license. Anyone that owns or runs a business needs a license or a permit or whatever it may be. The reason why is so that the government knows who is doing what and if there are problems between customers and the businesses they interact with, someone can step in and right the wrongs. Of course, this is good in theory but if anyone reading this has dealt with BBB complaints and the like you’ll know that business licenses are more for tax purposes than for protecting the consumer. Well, in the car shipping industry, all brokers and carriers must be licensed to do what they do.

If a broker or a carrier is not licensed and are moving freight, it’s a federal offense and whoever is in charge of said company could face some serious penalties for operating without a license. Carriers that drive without valid licenses (and we’re talking a business license, not a regular CDL license) face confiscation of their trucks, jail time, fines, etc. Licenses are one of the most important things any car carrier or vehicle shipping broker can have. You can review any shippers’ license online, and in addition to that you can search for shippers via their Motor Carrier Number (MC#) to get a good history of the company you are looking at or thinking of booking with. This is a great way to do your homework, ensure you ship only with a reliable transportation company and that you don’t get scammed by…well, scammers.

If you are interested in getting a quote to transport your vehicle, you can fill out our free online quote request form to get a free one immediately. We work with only reputable and reliable auto carriers and we can help you with any transportation service you need. You can also call our toll-free telephone number to speak to one of our helpful representatives, who can answer any questions you have as well as give you a quote right then and there. So give us a call or go online and see what American Auto Shipping can do for you.

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