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Use our auto transport calculator to find out. We strive to provide the lowest possible price to move your vehicle within a reasonable amount of time. Our pricing experts consider not only supply and demand and diesel fuel rates, but also provide special discounts for popular transport routes and seasonal backhaul routes.
The good news is the trucks travel about 400 miles per day. American Auto Shipping provides online tracking of your vehicles shipment 24/7.
Yes, using our 10 car open carriers, we allow you to have 100 pounds of personal items in the trunk of your car or cargo area of your truck/SUV while it's being transported. If you ship your vehicle in an enclosed carrier you can pack it full!
Concierge transport services are the services that we offer at no extra cost to our customers. These services include:
  • A free car wash inside and out after your car has been delivered.
  • Free rental car if it takes longer than 14 days from pickup to delivery.
  • Your own personal concierge that will be with you from the quote process until delivery.

How Auto Shipping Companies Plan Their Routes

Interstate Highway SystemAuto transporters have a pretty tough job – driving a huge automobile meant to carry other automobiles on its back isn’t a picnic, and requires a lot of training before they’re even able to get into the cab of the truck, let alone drive it on the roads that you and I share every day.

It’s a hard job, one that sees drivers ripped from their families for weeks and months on end, driving back and forth across this vast nation of ours, picking up and delivering cars for folks just like you. Now add into the mix the fact that auto transport companies have a lot of rules and regulations they have to abide by – though they’re hauling around a bunch of cars, it’s still something that they need to be licensed and insured in order to do.

All these things are conditions that auto transport drivers have to abide by if they want to ship vehicles for a living, and it is for these reasons that those same auto shipping companies run the routes that they do. No one grows up saying they want to drive a transport truck – it’s not the most glamorous job in the world and it doesn’t usually make anyone rich.

But it’s a job that needs doing, no matter how unpleasant it can be, so people do it, whatever their reasons, and the people that do need to make sure that they are still able to eek out a living, even if it is primarily on the road.

This is the primary reason why car transporters plan their routes the way they do and why the industry runs the way it does – it’s the best system that we currently have. Auto transport drivers prefer to run routes along major interstate highways that pass through major metropolitan areas and have major links to other major interstates that in turn link to other major cities – you get the idea.

Over the years, the best routes for carriers have become apparent, so they tend to stick to those routes and deviate only when they benefit from it financially. This is also one of the main reasons why prices along popular routes are a lot lower than prices between two cities nobody’s ever heard of – it’s a lot easier to charge less-per-vehicle if you have ten vehicles you can pick up in one spot.

This is how auto transporters plan their routes – they look at the popularity of a given route, which is generally based on where they are currently located and where they want to get to, then they see how many people need a vehicle shipped along that same route – and then they try to book as many of those orders as possible. Usually, the more vehicles that they can pickup up in one area the cheaper each car will be, because they only need to make so much to turn a profit on a route, and the industry is incredibly competitive as-is.

There are a lot of factors that go into how auto transport drivers choose and price the routes that they travel on, but this should give you a decent idea of how it’s done. You can then use this information to make better and more informed decisions about your auto transport, and also how much you’re willing to spend. This industry revolves around money, and the more you can spend the better your shipping experience likely will be.

If you need a quote to ship a vehicle, fill out our free online quote form. When you do, you’ll get a free quote to ship your vehicle right away. You can also call us at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our own agents, who can give you a free quote as well as answer more general questions about the car shipping industry in general.

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