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Virginia is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States. One of four states to be an official commonwealth, Virginia is currently home to a population of over 8.3 million residents and is known as “Old Dominion,” as it was the first colony to be established by the British during their colonization of North America.

The state itself is named after Queen Elizabeth I of England, and was one of the thirteen original colonies that revolted against the British Empire. The first settlement in the state is the historic settlement of Jamestown, and over time Virginia grew into a major agricultural center of the newly formed United States. Virginia is known as the “Mother of Presidents,” as eight U.S. presidents have been from the state.

Today, Virginia still holds true to its agricultural roots and is the home of the Shenandoah Valley, one of the most fertile valleys in the entire region. With major cities such as Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Norfolk, Virginia’s statewide economy is as diverse as ever and stronger as a result.

With tourism and entertainment dominating the Virginia Beach area, on the eastern shores of the state, to the federal offices around Alexandria, near Washington D.C. in the north, and Norfolk, with its major naval presence (it is home to several major naval bases), it’s not surprising that there’s a little something for everyone in Virginia, whether it be for work or for play. This leads to Virginia being a rather popular car shipping location, and thus Virginia auto transport services are usually in high demand during most times of the year.

One of the biggest issues with Virginia auto transport services, however, has to do with the fact that there are giant swaths of the state that are relatively rural and not as easily accessible to car transporters. Major interstate highways such as I-64, I-81, I-85 and I-95 provide car transportation services to a number of the state’s largest municipalities, which is quite helpful when it comes to shipping a vehicle to or from the state, but there are far more areas that carriers may have a difficult time getting to, at least in terms of time and fuel spent getting there. This can result in higher prices to lower-populated areas, which can be mitigated by moving your pickup or delivery locations to somewhere close by that is much larger – and, preferably, accessible via an interstate highway.

Perhaps the most popular vehicle shipping location in Virginia is the northern area adjacent to Washington D.C., the nation’s capital. Alexandria is the largest city in the area, and is connected to cities such as Fredericksburg and Richmond via Interstate 95. Carriers want to stick close to densely populated cities and areas while also staying close to major interstate highways.

I-95 is one of the most heavily traveled of the nation’s interstate highways, thanks to its route – it winds north out of Miami, Florida through some of the largest cities in the eastern U.S. on its way through Virginia and into Washington D.C., then beyond, to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, all the way up to the Canadian border at Houlton, Maine. This gives carriers a long, relatively straight route through some of the largest markets in the industry, which can help keep prices lower and transit times faster.

If you are interested in Virginia auto transport services, including to or from one of the many communities within the state, be it rural or urban or suburban or anywhere in between, you can and should take a minute to fill out our free online car transportation quote request form. It’s completely free and will yield a free, no-hassle quote straight from our auto shipping experts. If you have questions about our services, the quote you receive, or would rather simply speak to a live agent, you can do that too – just call us any time at 800-930-7417 to connect.

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