Auto Transport to Roanoke, VirginiaRoanoke is an independent city (which means it is not a part of any established county) located in the southwestern region of the U.S. state of Virginia. It is currently home to a population of over 97,000 residents and is the anchor of the Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area, one of the largest metro areas in the state (though it pales in comparison to the larger ones in the area).

First established under the name “Big Lick” in 1852, the city was renamed Roanoke in 1884, when it was reincorporated as an independent city. Frequent annexation of nearby lands led to rapid growth during the early 20th century, though the state legislature put a stop to it in 1976.

Today the city is known for its rail and overland transportation services, healthcare and retail more than anything.

Basic Facts About Roanoke

  • Current population: 97,000
  • Current mayor: David A. Bowers
  • Total area: 43 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Founded in: 1852
  • Zip codes: 24001-24020, 24022-24038, 24040, 24042-24045, 24048, 24050, 24155, 24157
  • Area codes: 540

Auto Transport to Roanoke Tips and Tricks

Auto transport to Roanoke should not be all that difficult to find or book, though it may be a bit more expensive than the larger cities in the state as there are more potential customers and usually easier ways to get into and out of the eastern cities of the state.

Roanoke does sit along Interstate 81, which is helpful for car shippers, but the route that I-81 takes runs through vast swaths of rural and sparsely-populated areas. While this is true of many interstates in more rural areas, car shippers try to avoid those unless they can make money on the route.

Roanoke is fairly large, which usually means carriers can provide services to more customers in a smaller amount of time, which does help keep prices lower. Either way, you’ll want to discuss your shipping services and prices with a representative to get the full scoop.

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