Trying to figure out what kind of car carriers are available and which is best for you? If so, you’ve found the best company to help. Knowing what kind of carrier will be best for your vehicle is important. As such, going with the wrong kind can lead to problems with shipments including dings and dents, over payments, or the inability to even ship the vehicle.

Having the right transport carrier for your shipment makes your entire shipment cheaper, faster, and easier for everyone involved. As such, you need to know about the different car carriers out there. More importantly, you need to know how each will affect your shipment.

This is why we do what we do. Here at American Auto Shipping, we can help you figure out the right carrier for your needs. First, read about the different carrier types. Second, determine which is best for you. If you aren’t sure which is best, give us a call and speak to an agent.

Open Car Carriers

Car Carriers

  • Standard shipping method
  • Lowest prices
  • Most trucks on the road
  • Easiest to find
  • Fastest shipping services

Enclosed Car Carriers

Enclosed Car Shipping Services

Flatbed Car Carriers

Overview of the Different Car Carriers on the Road

Open transport trucks are considered standard. This is because they are the cheapest to operate and maintain and can haul the most vehicles. As a result, they are usually the cheapest and fastest method available to ship your vehicle. Almost all daily drivers are shipped with an open transport truck.

Enclosed carriers are useful for vehicles that need extra care. As a result of their enclosed trailers, they are perfect for exotic, classic, or show cars. Therefore, if your vehicle is expensive, enclosed is typically the way to go. Note that enclosed shipments cost between 50-100% more than open shipments.

Flatbed carriers are used for specialty shipments, such as heavy equipment. Many vehicles that require flatbed shipments are much larger than standard vehicles. As specialty shippers, most companies will let you know if you need a flatbed transport truck, as opposed to being able to request one.

Knowing Your Carriers

An important part of your vehicle shipment is simply knowing your carrier. What we mean is that, once your vehicle is dispatched to a carrier company, you should do some research.

Transport Reviews is a great website to use to see how good your carrier is. First of all, most carriers are listed. Secondly, it’s a community-run website designed for customers to use to check the veracity of their shippers. And lastly, it’s good to read how other people have fared using these carriers.

Not all carriers are a part of Transport Reviews. Because of this, you should check the FMCSA website and look up your carrier’s Motor Carrier Number (MC#). The FMCSA is the main regulatory agency of the auto transport industry. As a result, it’s chock full of good information. And of course, you can always contact one of our agents to learn more.

Tips for Choosing a Carrier

  • Know what you’re shipping. Half of choosing the right carrier is knowing what your vehicle needs. As such, it’s important to understand the differences between the different carrier types.
  • Speak to an agent. They can help you determine which carrier would be best for your vehicle. It’s important to speak to a live expert if you are new, or shipping a vehicle for the first time.
  • Don’t worry about price. If you have an expensive vehicle, it’ll likely be worth it to ship enclosed. Flatbed shipping will cost what it costs.
  • Know your limits. If you are pressed for time, or shipping on a budget, make sure to talk to your agent. First of all, they can help determine which services will be best for you. Secondly, they have knowledge about how to keep prices lower without compromising your services.

Alternative Methods of Transport

If none of these options interest you, speak to an agent. They can explain more about the various alternative methods of transport that are available, including local towing and even drive away services.

Keep in mind that towing services are local only – within 50 miles, usually. In fact, towing a car within fifty miles will often be cheaper than any standard auto transport method.

Drive away services are much different. Drive away means you hire someone to actually drive the car instead of load it onto a truck. Because of how it works, you should speak to an agent or read our article on drive away services to learn more.

No matter which one of the standard car carriers you choose, use American Auto Shipping to get started. Take a minute to fill out our free online quote form, or give us a call at 800-930-7417. We have agents standing by to help get you your quote, answer questions, give advice and more. This means that no matter what you’re looking to ship, American Auto Shipping can help you get it done.

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