December 2021


Happy New Year’s from American Auto Shipping!


Don’t be surprised if wintry weather slows down your shipment. As we get deeper into the cold season we’re going to see more areas that are restricted due to weather, which will cause re-routes for carriers.


Many carriers have GPS systems that tell them when their truck can’t fit in a specific area. It’s very important that you be flexible in regards to meeting your carrier for pickup or delivery.


The Pacific Northwest has experienced some pretty crazy winter weather which is making pickups and deliveries west of the Cascades more difficult right now. Please be patient with your carrier if you are anticipating a pickup or delivery during the wintry weather.


We will be open all week this week but will be closing early New Years’ Eve and will be closed New Years’ Day.


Merry Christmas (tomorrow) from American Auto Shipping!


We will be open until 12pm PST tomorrow, Christmas Eve.


If you are unable to be there at delivery to pay the driver, you can always request to have us take care of it for you. We’ll charge the remaining balance and then pay the carrier on your behalf. Not all carriers will do that, so be sure to talk to a rep prior to your vehicle being dispatched or picked up.


We make sure that we email every customer the carrier’s information that will be picking up their vehicle. Make sure you have your carrier’s information for pickup and delivery and never release to a company that is not listed in the paperwork that we provide.


Christmas Eve is Friday. We will try not to dispatch loads for pickup on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. If you’re okay with pickup on those days though please let us know.


Remember, when you sign our terms and conditions you are agreeing not to contract any other shipping companies but us to transport your vehicle. Violation of that could result in a cancellation of your order and the inability to get a refund.


When we assign your vehicle to be picked up by a carrier, we will send you an email with all the carrier’s information, the dates for pickup and delivery, and other pertinent information to know about your shipment and what to expect at pickup and delivery.


If your vehicle is lowered or lifted, we need to know. Not all carriers can handle lowered or lifted vehicles.


If your pickup or delivery location is inundated with snow and ice, it might cause delays. Keep that in mind and discuss with your carrier if this is the case for your shipment.


Damage to personal items inside a vehicle that is shipped will not be covered by the truck’s insurance. As no personal items are technically allowed in a vehicle that is being shipped, carriers assume zero liability for any damage to items inside the vehicle.


Many carriers are okay with you leaving the keys with the vehicle for pickup if you are unable to be there and do not have anyone else able to release the vehicle. However, this does prevent you from doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle at pickup, so we recommend using this only as a last resort.


As snow and ice become more prevalent, especially in the northern and eastern parts of the U.S., drivers may take longer to pickup and delivery in wintry areas, so keep that in mind.


If your vehicle is modified in any way and different from a stock counterpart, we need to know so we can let carriers know before we assign them to pick your vehicle up.


If your vehicle has things on the top of it, such as roof racks, vents, etc, we need to know about it. They alter the total height of the vehicle which means we need to let prospective carriers know of the height before we dispatch it, as we don’t want to send a truck that can’t fit your vehicle!


Remember, not all carriers can fit everywhere. Many are too large for urban or suburban streets, which requires you to meet your carrier near your pickup or delivery location to load or unload the vehicle.


If you are shipping to or from a port run by Matson, you’ll need to authorize the carrier to pickup or deliver at the port. This just requires you to call Matson and let them know who the carrier will be.


If you are thinking of shipping a vehicle to someone as a present, it’s usually best to have it arrive after Christmas, and not before.


We’re officially in December, the time of year when inclement weather becomes a pain for carriers. Make sure to keep an eye on weather reports in your pickup and delivery locations so you aren’t surprised by delays due to snow or ice.

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November 2021


Remember to wear your mask when interacting with your carrier at pickup or delivery.


Snow and ice are becoming more and more common as we get deeper into winter. This kind of extreme weather can cause delays in pickup and delivery if roads are unsafe for trucks, so keep that in mind when shipping this winter.


The day after Thanksgiving is a busy one for dispatch, so don’t be surprised if we call you with a carrier!


Happy Thanksgiving from American Auto Shipping!


Most auction locations are closed weekends, but there are some that will still load vehicles for carriers. Make sure to let us know if you’re shipping from an auction so we can get the hours of availability.


Most carriers don’t want to pickup or deliver on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but some are okay with it. If you’re okay with it too, let us know.


Prices for shipping your vehicle have already started going down now that winter is upon us. It’s a great time to book your next vehicle shipment!


Shipping to or from a business? If so, we need the operating hours of the business. That way, we can tell carriers when they can and cannot arrive for pickup or delivery.


If you have personal items you want to put in your vehicle we need to know about it so we can let prospective carriers know as well. Not all carriers ship vehicles with items in them.


Many carriers will still be picking up or delivering vehicles on Thanksgiving. If you are unable to release or receive your vehicle on the holiday, make sure to let us know.


Remember that delays can happen, which can result in longer wait times for pickup and delivery. Carriers often cannot avoid these delays, though they do what they can.


If you need your vehicle picked up on a specific date, we recommend choosing our expedited shipping service.


If you are a veteran, make sure to ask about our military discounts. We offer discounts for military members both active and retired!


Happy Veteran’s Day from American Auto Shipping!


The terms and conditions you sign when you place an order constitutes a binding contract. Be sure to read them thoroughly so you understand them.


We have a zero-abuse policy here at American Auto Shipping. We do not tolerate harassment of our representatives in any way, shape, or form.


Most shipments overseas, either to the mainland U.S. or from it, will require a booking number. We need that booking number for the carrier to give the port so the port knows they are taking/releasing the correct vehicle.


Shipping a vehicle you bought at a dealership? If so, we’ll need the VIN of the vehicle – the dealership will not release to a carrier without them having the VIN for the vehicle.


If your vehicle is dispatched to a carrier and then you cancel, you will not be entitled to a refund under most circumstances.


Remember, large car transport trucks can’t fit in many residential areas, so you’ll likely have to arrange to meet your driver in a nearby large parking lot at a mall or a strip mall for pickup and delivery.


If you are unable to pay via cash or money order at delivery, many carriers take payment via Zelle, Cash App, or Venmo. Make sure to speak to your driver about alternative methods of payment if you need them.


Now that we’re getting closer to the holiday season, keep in mind most carriers won’t pickup or deliver vehicles on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s.

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October 2021


Shipping to or from the port? The port will need to be paid before a carrier can pick up or deliver, so be sure to have that taken care of.


It’s hard to get your vehicle picked up if you don’t give us the correct contact information for the pickup person. Please be sure you give us accurate information so we can get it to the carrier and there are no issues with coordinating pickup.


If you want to ship parts with your vehicle, that’s usually okay. However we need to know what kind of parts and how heavy they are. They also need to be secured – if they shift during transport, the carrier’s insurance will not cover damages incurred by the parts.


Pickup and delivery in major metropolitan cities often is handled by a local driver. This is the only way most carriers have of actually getting to locations within those big cities, as their large trucks usually can’t fit. A smaller truck will pickup the car and take it to the big truck which will haul it across the country, or, a smaller truck will take the car from the big truck in order to deliver it.


If your vehicle is being delivered at night, the inspection still needs to be done. Make sure to have a flashlight or other source of light so you can thoroughly inspect your vehicle.


Typically we tell carriers we need at least 4hrs notice for our customers for same-day pickup. This is not the case for expedited services where customers pay extra to get it picked up on a specific date. So keep that in mind if you opt for expedited services.


Your First Available Date is just that – the first date your vehicle will be available to pick up. If you give us a first available date of tomorrow, but in reality you need the vehicle until next week, we may end up finding a carrier to pick it up tomorrow. So you need to let us know when your vehicle is ready to be loaded onto the truck.


If you are shipping from an auction or a dealership, the vehicle needs to be paid for before the carrier can pick it up. Many dealers and auctions will take time to process payments so they will not release vehicles to carriers the same day you pay for the vehicle usually.


If you are shipping an older vehicle (more than say 8-10 years old), it’s a good idea to make sure that it starts and runs before your carrier arrives, especially if it’s been sitting.


Know your availability and tell us your availability before you book your shipment. Telling us you’ll be available for your vehicle to be picked up on a certain date or within a certain time frame and then changing that after we’ve assigned your vehicle to a carrier can end up costing you more money in the long run.


If you are not the person the carrier needs to contact to pickup or deliver your vehicle, make sure we have the contact person’s name and telephone number so the carrier can easily reach them.


Carriers rarely give us pickup times – just dates. You will be able to coordinate the exact time with your carrier when they call to schedule your pickup.


If you are unable to meet your driver for pickup, we will need to know ahead of time. Many carriers will be unable to reach residential areas due to the size of their truck, so if you cannot meet a carrier we need to be able to let the carrier know so they can make arrangements to get your vehicle.


We work only with top-rated carriers in the industry. This means that we vet our carriers before we assign them to pick up any loads and only work with carriers that have a proven track record of success.


Someone has to be at both the pickup and delivery locations, especially if you are shipping from or to a residence. Most carriers don’t want to pick up vehicles without having someone there to sign the paperwork and release the vehicle.


When picking up or delivering in dense urban areas, many carriers will work with local trucking companies to get into tough spaces their large trucks can’t get to. Your carrier will let you know if they use local drivers for pickup and delivery.


Priority and expedited services are available if you need your vehicle picked up within a couple of days or on a specific date.


Large, overhanging trees, cramped, narrow streets, and local ordinances can all make it impossible for carriers to get to specific locations. If this is the case with your pickup or delivery location, you’ll need to meet the driver somewhere near by.


While it’s not required, many drivers will appreciate any kind of tip you can give for their services.


Prices are starting to go down as demand goes down and carriers struggle to fill their trucks on less popular routes. Now is a great time to start thinking about shipping a car!


If you have specific times or dates that do not work for you for pickup and delivery, let us know before we dispatch your vehicle to be picked up. This way, we can make sure the carrier works with your schedule so there are no issues when your vehicle is transported.

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September 2021


Inoperable vehicles will require a winch in order to load and unload it. If your vehicle is not running, we need to know, otherwise we may dispatch a truck that cannot load it, because we did not know it needed a winch.


If you are shipping from a dealership, the vehicle must be paid for before a carrier can pick it up.


If you get a car wash after delivery, we can reimburse it! Just email your representative the car wash receipt and we’ll be sure to reimburse you for it.


Please remember to wear a mask and follow social distancing procedures while your driver is picking up or delivering your vehicle.


When shipping from a dealership, we will need the VIN of your vehicle. A carrier will be unable to pick your vehicle up without having the VIN to give to the dealership.


If your vehicle’s delivery is more than 14 days past the estimated delivery date, we will help you with any car rental costs you incur.


We offer a reimbursement for your car wash, up to $20, after delivery of your vehicle. To qualify, please contact one of our representatives and email us the receipt of your car wash, and we’ll reimburse you!


Don’t forget to leave a review! If you are happy with our services, you are welcome to leave a review. We have reviews on numerous websites including Google, Transport Reviews, and Consumer Affairs.


Shipping to or from Hawaii? We’ll need your booking number so the carrier can get your vehicle at the port, or deliver it to the port.


Remember, carriers drive big trucks. This means that they will not be able to physically access some pickup or delivery locations, especially those along tight streets, streets that have heavy tree coverage, and areas that restrict large vehicles such as them. If this is the case, you’ll need to meet your carrier somewhere nearby they can physically access.


Our job is to find a reputable and reliable carrier to transport your vehicle. If we do so, and you cancel your order after your vehicle is assigned to a carrier, you may not be eligible for a refund, but instead a credit toward your next shipment.


It’s always a good idea to plan to meet your driver at a big box store or a shopping mall for pickup and delivery. These often have plenty of space for the carrier to maneuver, as well as to load and unload your vehicle.


If you have specific dates where you will be available for delivery, let us know before we assign your vehicle to a carrier. This way, we can make sure the carrier can accommodate the dates you give us so they do not show up early and be unable to deliver your vehicle.


Need your vehicle picked up within 24 hours? Opt for expedited services. It’s more expensive, but it’s rare we don’t move expedited vehicles within that 24 hour time frame.


Priority shipping means we schedule your vehicle with a carrier within 1-3 business days of your first available date. This means that the carrier could show up after that 1-3 day window.


Remember, your “first available date” is the date that the vehicle is first available to be picked up. We dispatch vehicles according to the first available date, which includes the date you give us.


Don’t forget to ask about discounts for students, seniors, repeat customers, and more!


Now that Labor Day is past, we should start to see the industry slow down. This tends to result in lower prices on major routes, but can also result in longer wait times for pickup due to lower demand on routes.


Happy Labor Day from American Auto Shipping!


Monday is Labor Day, so don’t be surprised if carriers wait until Tuesday to pickup or deliver your vehicle, as many won’t work on Labor Day.


Massive amounts of flooding in New York and other areas around it are causing problems for some carriers picking up and delivering vehicles, which can cause delays for customers.


The summer shipping season has come to an end. Now that schools are back in session and the fall is coming on, prices should start dropping soon.

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August 2021


Did you know that we are a recommended auto shipping company by both and Consumer Affairs? We are!


Hurricane Ida made landfall and seems to be weakening. This means that things should be able to get back to normal in the Gulf region soon.


Hurricane Ida is rearing its head and heading toward the Gulf states. This can cause issues with pickup and delivery not just in the area but also on routes that go through the area, so keep that in mind.


If you’re looking to ship a piece of heavy equipment, we can help! Give us a call and make sure to have the dimensions on hand!


It’s back to school time! We offer student discounts for both new and returning students that are moving vehicles to their universities, so jump on it now before they’re gone!


Hurricanes in Boston? Apparently so. Crazy weather has been wreaking havoc on areas across the U.S. which can impact pickup and delivery times.


We’re still expecting things to slow down in the coming weeks but so far it’s still been a busy time in the auto transport industry. If you need to move a car fast, now’s a great time to book!


Don’t forget to tip your driver!


We try hard to make sure our customers have ample time to prepare for a carrier’s arrival. If you are okay with little notice – or if you need more than a 4-5 hour heads’ up for the carrier’s arrival – please let us know ahead of time.


Please bear in mind that pickup and delivery dates given to you after your vehicle is assigned to a carrier are only estimates. There are many things that can delay pickup and delivery as carriers are traveling overland and cannot account for inclement weather and traffic conditions.


If you are buying a vehicle online or from a dealership, be sure you know who will be responsible for arranging the transportation of the vehicle.


Remember, if you are shipping out of any auto auction we will need both the lot number and the buyer number.


Wildfires in Northern California, southern and eastern Oregon, and in northern and eastern Washington are ravaging the entire west. This may result in delayed pickup and delivery times for affected areas. Talk to your driver for more.


If your vehicle is damaged during transport, you will need to file a claim against the carrier’s insurance. We can help you get started but ultimately the claim is up to you to file and go through.


There’s another heat wave hitting the Pacific Northwest this week, which could push some pickups or deliveries into the evening or early morning, in order to beat the heat.


Be sure to coordinate the pickup and delivery of your vehicle with your driver, as they are the ones that will be able to give you the most up-to-date information on the dates and times of their arrival.


If your vehicle cannot be delivered before a specific date, we need to know. If we don’t, we could end up dispatching to a carrier that will arrive too early for you to take delivery of the vehicle, and we want to avoid that if possible.


When your vehicle is assigned to a carrier you will receive an email that has all the carrier’s information and the driver’s information as well. This way, you can coordinate the pickup and delivery of your vehicle with the driver himself.


Remember, pickup and delivery dates are estimates only. We cannot guarantee pickup and delivery on a specific date as carriers have to contend with conditions on the road that can cause delays.


It’s wildfire season again, and the west is burning. While it’s not necessarily making national news or causing many delays in pickups or deliveries, as the season wears on it could. Keep that in mind and keep yourself safe if you are in a hazardous area.


If your vehicle is lifted or modified and you place your order online, please give us a call so we can get the correct dimensions of your vehicle. We will need that for prospective carriers, as not all can handle lifted vehicles, for instance.


We’re starting to transition out of the busiest time of the year, so prices should start to drop as demand goes down. At the same time, as demand goes down, so does carrier availability, so it’s a great time to book to get your car picked up fast if you need it.

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July 2021


If you have to change pickup or delivery locations after dispatch, let us know right away. If you have to change the cities, and not just the address within the city, your price could change as well.


With summer heatwaves becoming increasingly common in cooler climates, some carriers are having issues with trucks overheating and other mechanical issues. This can cause delays in pickup, delivery, and transit times, so keep that in mind.


We typically try to give our customers at least 4hrs notice if their vehicle is dispatched and scheduled for pickup on the same day. If you need more time, or don’t need as much time, let us know ahead of time.


If you’re shipping from the downtown area of a major city, you may need to meet the carrier somewhere easier to get to. Or, you can hire a tow company for them to get the vehicle to the carrier as well.


Carriers cannot pick up a vehicle from a dealership if the vehicle is not paid for or the paperwork is not finalized.


While the interior of your vehicle needs to be clear of any personal items, we recommend not washing your vehicle’s exterior until after delivery. A thin layer of dirt can protect the vehicle from smaller particles that can cause minute damage during transit.


If you need to change the pickup or delivery addresses, do so before your vehicle is assigned to a driver. Changes to pickup or delivery locations can result in price changes, which are easier to handle before a driver is assigned or the vehicle is on the truck!


If your vehicle is inoperable, we need to know. Misrepresenting a non-running vehicle as running can result in delays and fees that you likely don’t want to deal with.


If you cancel your order after your vehicle is dispatched, you may not be entitled to a refund. Speak to a representative for more information.


We have a zero-tolerance policy toward rude or abusive customers. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any customer that exhibits rude, abusive, or threatening behavior toward our staff members.


It’s always a good idea to have in mind potential alternate locations for pickup and delivery. Not all carriers can fit everywhere; those that can’t will need to pickup or deliver where they can fit. Having some ideas of where you could meet them can go a long way to making your shipment easier and more efficient.


If you find yourself shipping a lot of vehicles, make sure to talk to one of our representatives about our repeat customer discount. We offer great savings for customers who book multiple shipments with us!


If you cannot be there for delivery, or cannot pay the carrier at delivery, ask your rep if cash on pickup is an option instead of cash on delivery.


If you have questions about how much you owe the carrier at delivery, just give us a call and we can let you know.


Moving a vehicle from an auto body shop? Make sure to let us know the condition. If it’s not running, or if there’s damage, we need to let carriers know before we assign them to pick the vehicle up.


Shipping heavy equipment? We can help! Heavy equipment is not as easy to move, but we can offer competitive prices that will get your heavy equipment picked up when you need it picked up.


If you have personal items in your vehicle please disclose that to us before we assign a carrier to pick your vehicle up. Not all carriers take vehicles with items inside, so we need to know ahead of time.


Shipping a vehicle you bought from a dealership? We’ll need the dealership’s name as well as the vehicle’s VIN number so we can give that to the carrier. Carriers cannot load from dealerships without a VIN number.


If you are shipping to or from the Las Vegas area, you are welcome to ship your vehicle to or from our terminal in the city. Ask a representative for more information.


Happy 4th of July! While many companies are closed today to observe Independence Day, many carriers and brokers – including us – are here working to assist you with all your auto transportation needs.


If there are days during your pickup window you will not be available, let us know and we’ll make sure to not schedule your pickup on any of those days.


The 4th of July is this coming Sunday, and most carriers are looking forward to the weekend off – but not all, so if your pickup or delivery is scheduled for this weekend be sure to talk to your driver to make sure they are still on schedule.

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June 2021


As a reminder, your first available date is the first date the vehicle is available to be picked up, not the date that the carrier will arrive. The first available date is when your pickup window starts.


Note that, while you can get quotes to ship a vehicle at any time of the year, quotes are generally only valid for a few days before prices change and a new quote will be needed.


Record-breaking temperatures are ransacking the Pacific Northwest. Though expected to get down below triple digits this week, don’t be surprised if your carrier wants to pickup or deliver early in the morning or later in the evening once things have cooled down a bit.


Auto transporters need to be able to reach you to coordinate pickup and delivery of your vehicle. If they cannot, it may result in a canceled dispatch, so keep you phone on you!


Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are illegal to transport in a motor vehicle that is being shipped. Please be sure to remove any alcohol, tobacco, or firearms from your vehicle before it is picked up by the carrier.


Read all about the services we offer under our “Auto Shipping Services” section, and make sure to check out our “Useful Information” section as well – both can be found in our menu bar at the top of every page.


We offer great content on hundreds of U.S. cities and shipping vehicles to and from them. They’re a great resource to learn more about prospective shipping locations!


Our auto quoter is designed from the ground up to get you a price to move your vehicle when you need it moved. Try it out!


There are a lot of reasons a carrier may be unable to pick your vehicle up, which is why it’s important to give us any and all information about the state of your vehicle and its location so we don’t have issues when the carrier goes to pick it up.


After your vehicle is assigned to a carrier, we will send you an email with all that carrier’s information, the pickup and delivery dates, and information you may need to know about your shipment. Make sure to keep that on hand and refer to it before calling with questions.


If you own or manage a dealership and you ship a lot of cars, we can offer great discounts to help you get those vehicles moved on time at a great rate.


If your vehicle is leaking fluids, you need to let your driver know. It can cause issues with other vehicles on the truck especially if your vehicle is on the top rack of the carrier.


Shipping heavy equipment? If so, we may need to find a special flatbed or lowboy, depending on the size and weight of the equipment. Talk to an agent and be sure you have the dimensions of your heavy equipment ready to give to your representative.


If you are shipping to or from the Las Vegas area, you have the option to have your vehicle shipped from or to our personal terminal at our office. We can hold your vehicle for free for up to seven days.


Don’t forget to get your vehicle washed after delivery – we’ll reimburse you for up to $20 for it!


Hard-to-reach or otherwise remote pickup and delivery locations will cost more to ship to and from. Save some money by moving your pickup or delivery location to a larger nearby city if your locations are difficult to access for carriers.


If you have to cancel your order after we have assigned it to a carrier, you may not be entitled to a refund. Make sure to speak to your representative if you need more information about our cancellation policies.


When leaving a review for our services, please note that we do not physically transport vehicles. If you have issues with your carrier, leave a review for their services with their company.


Please let us know if your vehicle has any problems, such as unable to start or run or roll. We will need to relay this information to prospective carriers before we dispatch them in order to ensure the carrier can load and unload your vehicle properly.


Do not ship any electronics or other expensive items in a vehicle that is being transported. Items in a vehicle are not covered by the carrier’s insurance should anything happen to them.


Be sure to keep your dispatch notification email handy. It has the carrier’s information as well as the driver’s information, and other information about dates and what you can expect during pickup, transit, and delivery.


Now that Memorial Day has passed, carriers are jumping on freight and getting ready for the summer. Now’s a great time to book a shipment!

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May 2021


We will be closed Monday, 5/31/2021, for Memorial Day.


We are not responsible for personal items left in a vehicle during transit.


Don’t forget to tip your driver!


If you have to update pickup or delivery information, inform us as soon as you know you’ll need to update it. The sooner we get that updated the better.


Once we have assigned your vehicle to a carrier, you need to make sure you are available for the carrier to reach you for pickup and delivery. If you are not there for pickup or delivery, the person you have trusted to be there to release or take possession of the vehicle needs to know that they need to be available for the carrier to contact.


We do not control carriers or their schedules. Being mad at one of our employees because of something they have no control over makes you a Karen. Don’t be a Karen.


Brake inspection week happens in August this year. Last year during the brake inspection week, 12% of carriers were sidelined, resulting in delays for some customers. We’ll do our best to make sure all carriers we work with will be compliant so as to avoid those issues this year.


If you need help moving construction or other heavy equipment, we can help you with that.


If your need your vehicle delivered after a specific day, let us know. We can typically accommodate delivery after specific dates, though we typically cannot guarantee specific delivery dates.


If you need your vehicle picked up on a certain day, expedited services can usually get that taken care of for you.


If you have specific hours you can be available for pickup and delivery, let us know and we will do what we can to ensure we find a carrier that can accommodate those hours.


Having someone present for pickup and delivery is always preferable to having to leave your vehicle somewhere for the carrier to pick up.


Having the zip codes of your pickup and delivery locations will make your quotes more accurate.


If you cannot be there for pickup or delivery, you need to let your carrier know. Some can pick up or deliver without someone to relinquish or receive the vehicle, but most don’t.


You should never leave any food or drink in a vehicle that is being transported.


Tying into yesterday’s tip, many carriers are beginning to take payments via Cash App, Zelle, and Venmo. If you’re interested in that, speak to your driver, and they can tell you what payment methods they accept.


The use of cryptocurrency may be on the rise, but auto transporters still only take cash or certified funds when delivering vehicles.


Your first available date is the first date that the vehicle can be picked up. It is not a “last delivery date” option or anything like that; we will not dispatch your vehicle for pickup prior to the first available date you give us.


If you cancel your order after your vehicle has been assigned for pickup by a carrier, you may not be entitled to a refund. Speak to a representative for more.


Let us know if there is a forklift or some other way you can load an inop at your pickup location. Some carriers can take non-operational vehicles if they have help loading and unloading.

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April 2021


A non-running vehicle has to be able to roll, brake, and steer. If it cannot do any of those three things, most carriers will be unable to load them properly.


Did you know we can help you ship construction equipment? Give us a call but be sure to have the dimensions of your piece of equipment when you call for a quote.


Shipping to or from a port? We’ll need the booking number on file in order to get it dispatched properly and avoid issues.


If you need to get in contact with your driver, the dispatch notification we send will have their name and telephone number. You can also contact us if you cannot reach them.


You can upgrade your shipment to a pre-pay (which means you pay us the full amount and we take care of all the payment stuff for you) any time before dispatch.


You can add or remove vehicles from your order any time before the load is dispatched.


Unlike other shippers, we work with only top-rated carriers on the road, and our dispatch department does their due diligence to ensure that the driver picking your vehicle up is one of the best in the business.


Items left in the vehicle during transit can shift and cause damage to the interior of the vehicle. Carriers are not liable for any damages that stem from personal items left in the vehicle.


If your representative and your driver do a good job, please consider giving a tip!


Remember, your first available date is the first date that the vehicle is available to be picked up. So if your first available date is a week out from the day you book your order, your vehicle will not be picked up at any point during that week.


If you are shipping from a place of business it will help if you give us their operating hours so we can let the carrier know.


When shipping from a dealership, the carrier will need the VIN or maybe a release form, depending on the dealership. They will require proof that the carrier is picking up your vehicle specifically, so please be sure we have that before we find a carrier for you.


If you have any restrictions on when you can meet the carrier for pickup and delivery, please let us know right away. This will help us avoid issues when finding a carrier to ship your vehicle.


If your vehicle is damaged during transport, let us know and we will help you file a claim with the carrier’s insurance and help you handle it.


If you bought a vehicle from a dealer in another state, the vehicle will need to be paid for before the dealership will release the vehicle. Please let us know if you have not paid for your vehicle or the payment is still processing so we do not send a carrier out that cannot pick it up.


If you are having trouble getting ahold of your driver, feel free to reach out to us and let us help. Drivers cannot answer phone calls or texts while driving, but we may have other ways of reaching the carrier.


If you are unable to pay for your vehicle to be delivered, it will most likely be dropped off at a local vehicle yard, where you will have to pay the carrier’s fee as well as any storage fees before they release the vehicle.


Please have payment ready to go when your carrier arrives at the delivery location. They will not release the vehicle without certified funds ready to hand over.


If your vehicle does not roll, brake, or steer, chances are it will be more expensive to ship it. It will require special equipment that not all carriers have, so please be honest with us about the state of your vehicle. This will save you money in the long run and will cause fewer issues when it comes to finding the right truck for your vehicle.


Please keep in mind that any vehicle being shipped from an auction will require the carrier to give a lot or stock number as well as a buyer or customer number. The auction will not release a vehicle to a carrier without that information.


Please let us know right away if the condition of your vehicle changes between booking and dispatch. A vehicle that is booked as a running vehicle that is then shown to be inoperable can result in dry run fees and other problems. Let us know as soon as you know.


It may be April Fools Day, but that doesn’t mean we’re fooling about our prices. Give us a call today to get the best rates to ship your car!

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March 2021


While expedited shipping is a great way to get your car moved quickly, please note you still need to be flexible when it comes to the actual pickup time. We will do our best to work around your schedule but please be aware we can only do so much. Being flexible will go a long way to making your expedited shipment a success.


Remember, carriers do not take personal checks. Payment to the carrier must be in the form of certified funds.


If your vehicle is shipping to or from a business, please let us know their business hours. This will allow us to find a carrier that can work within those constraints.


If you cannot be there for pickup or delivery that is perfectly fine. However, we do need to know who will be there; typically, carriers can’t take vehicles if there is no one at pickup to release the vehicle, and won’t deliver it until there is someone to accept it.


We are happy to work around things in your life that might impact your ability to drop what you’re doing to meet a driver for pickup or delivery. Please let us know what those things are so we can make sure to work around them.


Shipping from a dealership? If so, we’ll need the VIN number so the carrier can give it to the dealer to identify the correct vehicle to release to the carrier.


Many older vehicles, especially pickup trucks, were built to customer specifications. This means that dimensions can vary between vehicles of the same type. Please be sure to have the dimensions of any classic vehicle, especially those built prior to 1950.


While we try to avoid issues where possible, there are times when carriers simply cannot take a load they are scheduled to. Oftentimes it’s due to mechanical failure, and the truck has to get into the shop. But there are other reasons. If that happens to your shipment, we will let you know immediately and try to find a new carrier for you as soon as humanly possible.


If you need to change your first available date, please let us know as soon as possible so we do not dispatch your vehicle first just to have to cancel the dispatch.


We love hearing feedback from our customers, but please note we are not the carrier and we have no control over the carrier company.


Always remember to keep your order number on hand. It is the easiest way to ensure we find your order quickly when you call us.


If you are okay with pickup late at night or early in the morning, please let us know. We try to dispatch orders for pickup during relatively reasonable time frames, but if that doesn’t work for you, just let us know.


Strip malls, outlet malls, and big parking lots make for great pickup and delivery locations.


If you are shipping a vehicle from an auction or other place that charges storage fees after a certain point, those will need to be paid before the vehicle can be picked up.


If you’re shipping a vehicle one direction, and another vehicle back the other direction, oftentimes we can get the same driver to handle both. This however depends on their route and schedule, so separate orders for both vehicles will still be required.


If you need more notice than 4 hours for pickup, please let us know.


If you are in the Las Vegas area, you can drop your vehicle off at our main office and store it until it is ready to be picked up, for free!


If for whatever reason your vehicle is scheduled to be picked up and you do not have the driver’s name and number available to you, give us a call and we will be happy to provide it.


If circumstances change your first available pickup date, please let us know as soon as possible. That way, we can update your order to reflect the changes, which makes it easier to dispatch it as well.


Inoperable vehicles need to be accessible by the carrier. If you are shipping a vehicle that does not run, make sure the carrier has easy access to it when they pick up.


In addition to sending you an email with your driver’s name and number, you can always contact our main office for that information if you do not have it and your vehicle is scheduled for pickup.


Worried about your vehicle not being picked up on time? Opt for priority or expedited service to get it moved when you need it.


The spring shipping season is starting up, which means faster dispatches but also higher prices in comparison to winter shipping. Give us a call now for great rates before they’re gone!

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February 2021


If your driver cannot reach you to coordinate the delivery of your vehicles, they will likely be put in storage until you can get them. Don’t dodge your driver, or you could end up paying lots for storage!


No food or liquid of any kind is allowed in your vehicle when you ship it.


Please let your representative know if you are shipping to or from a gated community. Drivers will need to know ahead of time so pickup goes as smooth as possible.


Now that the winter weather is somewhat behind us, carriers are moving again. This means that pickup and deliveries should be on time, barring more winter weather down the line.


Don’t forget that you should only have about a quarter of a tank of fuel in your vehicle when you ship it.


Another storm is moving into the northeast and the eastern U.S., which could slow transportation services to and from the region. Again.


Rolling blackouts are plaguing the state of Texas right now, which can result in delays in pickup, delivery, and communication with carriers.


Texas, especially Houston and Dallas, is in the midst of a massive storm that has already dumped four inches of snow on the entire region, and ice is now expected tonight and into tomorrow. Keep this in mind if you’re concerned about pickup or delivery of your vehicle in that area, as both will be delayed due to the winter weather.


Snow and ice are all over the United States today, making pickup and delivery in some areas more challenging and resulting in delays in auto transportation services. Speak to your carrier if you’re in an area affected by winter weather.


The Pacific Northwest is being hit with a snow storm, which can delay pickup and delivery in the area. Be sure to coordinate with your carrier if you’re expecting your vehicle to be picked up or delivered this weekend.


Be sure to talk to your rep about tipping!


If you’re shipping lots of vehicles, your order may need to be split into multiples. Carriers can only load 10 cars at a time; pickup trucks make it harder and decrease the amount of available units depending on the pickup’s size. Enclosed carriers can usually only load 4-6 vehicles at a time depending on size. So if you’re shipping over 10 vehicles via an open shipper or 6 or more enclosed, multiple orders may be necessary.


If you’re shipping multiple vehicles, you can usually save money by shipping them in the same order. There are many reasons why you may want to ship them separately, but, if you can put them on one order, instead of two, you can usually save at least a bit of money.


You will need to give your carrier a key to your vehicle. We recommend a spare key if you can. They will need to start the vehicle and drive it to load and unload it. Even if your vehicle is not running, the carrier will need the keys to ensure they can keep the vehicle locked and also move it on the truck if necessary (though this is rare).


Large parking lots located off major highways or wide surface streets make for excellent pickup and delivery locations.


Make sure to leave a review! We appreciate feedback from all our customers and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services.


A good tip to save some money on your car shipment is to make sure your vehicle starts. If it does not start, try to get it to. It can save you hundreds on inop fees.


With all the snow in the northeast and the Great Lakes, pickups and deliveries might be delayed due to safety concerns. Make sure to coordinate with your driver.


We try to give customers at least 4 hours’ notice for same-day pickup. Let us know if your shipment has other requirements regarding pickup or delivery.

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January 2021


If you are shipping from a dealership, we will need the VIN to give to the carrier. A dealership will not release a vehicle to a carrier for transport without it.


If you need your vehicle picked up within the next day or two, try expedited shipping services. They’re more expensive, but more likely to get a carrier last-minute.


Be sure to ask your representative for discounts!


Make sure to represent your vehicle accurately. If your vehicle has even a small lift, we need to know. It can be the difference between being able to fit on a standard carrier and needing an alternate method.


While everyone likes a good deal, sometimes, prices in the car transport industry are too good to be true. You want to get multiple quotes to compare prices and you never want to choose the lowest priced quote.


We try to give our customers at least four hours’ notice for same-day pickup. If you need more time than a minimum of four hours to get your vehicle ready to be picked up, please let us know ahead of time.


It’s typically not a big deal to have some items in your vehicle, so long as it’s not too much. If you do put items in a vehicle being shipped, we do need to know what’s in it and how heavy it is.


If you have questions or concerns about your shipment, it’s best to speak to your representative. You can email them any time, or contact them over the phone.


Please remember carriers only accept cash, cashier’s check, or money order on delivery. They do not take personal checks, business checks, or credit/debit cards. Some may be able to do electronic transfers, such as Zelle or Cash App, but not every carrier can.


We offer priority and expedited services for customers who need to get their vehicles moved more quickly than the standard shipping time frame allows.


If you live in a remote area far removed from any major cities, don’t be surprised if it takes a while to find a truck. Moving pickup or delivery to a bigger city, even if it’s a bit of a drive, can save you a lot of money on your car transport services.


Please note pickup and delivery dates given at time of dispatch are not guaranteed and are considered estimates. Please allow 24-48 hours for your carrier to arrive.


Our job is to find you a carrier to ship your vehicle. That’s what we do – we find you a carrier to move your vehicle. That’s it.


Large, open parking lots are often the best place to meet a carrier for pick up or delivery of a vehicle.


Shipping to or from a military base? That’s fine, but there are some bases that won’t allow carriers on-base. Make sure to coordinate with your shipper if your base is one like that.


Larger vehicles are more difficult to ship because they’re harder for carriers to move safely due to their size. Having the dimensions or even pictures of larger vehicles will help us find the right carrier the first time.


Booking with another company besides us can result in you forfeiting your refund. It is against our terms and conditions to book with us as well as another company.


If you’re pressed for cash and are trying to save money, moving your pickup or delivery location to a bigger nearby city is often a great way to save some.


Remember, no firearms or hazardous materials are allowed in a vehicle that is being transported. For a full list of prohibited items, please contact a representative.


With 2020 now in the rearview mirror, here’s hoping to a great year of auto transport in 2021! Make sure to call or fill out our online quote form to get your shipment started today.

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