December 2020


It’s the last day of 2020! Our offices will be open until 12pm PST (3pm EST) today and closed tomorrow for the new year. Happy New Year!


Don’t be surprised by delays in pickup or delivery this weekend. As it’s New Year’s, and with the weather bad in some parts of the country, delays are to be expected.


If you have multiple vehicles you need to ship, you can ship them all in one order. However, if they are in different locations, they will require separate orders.


We will not be open on New Year’s Day.


Happy holidays from American Auto Shipping!


We will not be open tomorrow, Christmas Day.


Don’t expect much in terms of getting a vehicle moved on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Most trucks aren’t running and brokers try to actively avoid scheduling pickups and deliveries on holidays.


Many trucks have already stopped taking new loads until after the new year. This may affect dispatch times and windows, especially for orders booked this week. If you have to get your vehicle moved quickly, opt to increase your level of service.


Right now, prices are higher in and out of the northeast due to massive storms and lots of snow. Keep that in mind if you’re looking for car shipping services to or from the region within the next few weeks.


Please note that some pickups or deliveries in the northeast may be delayed by the recent storm.


The more restrictions you put on pickup or delivery, the more difficult it will be for us to dispatch your vehicle. Please be as open as possible for pickup and delivery so there are no miscommunications or issues when shipping your vehicle.


Having the accurate dimensions of a box truck or other oversize vehicle can mean the difference between a successful shipment and a canceled dispatch. Carriers can only take vehicles that are so big; we don’t want to dispatch the wrong kind because you failed to tell us the actual size of your vehicle.


If you have questions or concerns about your shipment or an aspect thereof, you are welcome to speak to any of our representatives. They will be happy to assist you.


We highly recommend you do not change your shipment after dispatch, especially if you are trying to add or remove vehicles to your shipment.


Please be sure to coordinate your pickup and delivery with the driver that is assigned to ship your vehicle.


Changing your available dates after your vehicle has been dispatched can lead to canceled dispatches and longer wait times. Don’t change the dates unless you absolutely have to, especially after a driver has already been scheduled.


Remember, carriers can drive about 400 miles per day, give or take. So if you’re trying to figure out the transit time for your carrier, remember: about 400 miles per day is all they can drive.


If you are shipping a car to someone as a present for the holidays, you should get that done quickly. They will likely not get it on Christmas, but we’re sure they’ll be very thankful nonetheless.


If your vehicle is not able to be driven on the road, you need to be sure it’s in an area a carrier can get to for pickup. If it is not, you need to tow it somewhere where it can be picked up.


Don’t forget to check out our helpful YouTube videos all about shipping cars!


Pickup windows are never guaranteed. Carriers are never guaranteed. While we are happy to continue looking for carriers even if the first (or second, or third) don’t work out, making continual changes to your order -especially after dispatch – makes our job harder and leaves you waiting longer for pickup.


Winter shipping means worse weather on some routes, but also lower prices on others, especially east-west routes.


We try to not schedule pickups or deliveries on holidays. If you’re okay with pickup or delivery on Christmas or New Years, be sure to let your agent know.

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November 2020


We’re approaching the Christmas shipping season, which can mean irregularities when it comes to transit times, pickups and deliveries, and prices. With wintry weather affecting many parts of the country, you should be aware of how they might affect your vehicle shipments this holiday season.


While many other companies might be closed today, American Auto Shipping is here to help you with all your transportation needs.


Happy Thanksgiving from American Auto Shipping!


Despite what people may think, truckers don’t like working holidays. Many will work their schedules out so they can spend time off for Thanksgiving or Christmas and be with their families. This can affect some customers’ pickup and delivery time tables, so please be reasonable. No one with a family wants to work holidays, after all!


Any vehicles that are damaged during transit will need to go through the damage claims process. Start by documenting any damage that was incurred during transit on the Bill of Lading, then contact your representative to find out how to move forward.


Please remember that we are not the carrier. While we do our best to vet our carriers and ensure they are top-rated, licensed, and insured, we cannot watch their drivers every second. Please keep this in mind when reviewing our services. While we take every precaution and work diligently to make sure your vehicle is in good hands, we can only do so much to vet the carrier.


Meeting your carrier at a large strip mall parking lot, for instance, can save you a lot of hassle at pickup and delivery. Carriers can’t fit everywhere, particularly on tightly-packed neighborhood streets.


Electric vehicles are heavier than non-electric vehicles. As such, they tend to cost more to ship. Please be sure you let your representative know if your vehicle is electric, especially if it is a vehicle that is normally not an electric vehicle.


Please wear a mask when your driver picks up or delivers your vehicle and remember to socially distance.


If you have questions about your order, please be sure to have the order number on hand when you call. It is by far the easiest way we have to correctly identify your order quickly so we can help you.


If you are looking to ship a Maserati or a Lamborghini, we suggest enclosed transportation services instead of shipping on an open transport truck.


Unlike hotels, we don’t view the number 13 as an unlucky number. We’re happy to help you ship your vehicle on any day, even a Friday the 13th.


You should always read the terms and conditions before you book your shipment. Always.


Happy Veteran’s Day! We offer military discounts to every single member of our armed forces, whether active or retired.


Zip codes are important to have when shipping your vehicle. And it’s important to be accurate. A wrong pickup or delivery zip code can lead to carriers driving hundreds of miles out of their way, sometimes to entirely different states, only to find out the zip code was wrong.


Your first available date is the first date your vehicle can be picked up. Don’t give us an available date that won’t work. It needs to be the first day you can release the vehicle to a carrier.


Please remember that you will be given pickup and delivery windows that center around a date. These windows are often open for 24-48 hours. So if we give you a delivery date of the 15th, the driver could show up on the 14th or the 16th, or maybe even the 13th or 17th. They will of course coordinate delivery with you.


If you’re shipping to or from a major downtown area, plan to meet your carrier somewhere nearby. Urban cores are hard for auto shipping trucks to navigate and in many cities are too large to be allowed in.


We offer numerous discounts for our customers including military discounts, senior citizen discounts, and returning customer discounts. Ask your representative for more information.


It’s helpful to let us know when and who will be there for delivery of your vehicle. If it cannot be delivered before a certain date, let us know so we don’t schedule a carrier to deliver when you cannot accept it.


If your vehicle has been dispatched you can still cancel your order. However, a refund will not be due as once your vehicle is dispatched we’ve fulfilled our duties. You can, however, apply the down payment you made to a future order.

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October 2020


Please be sure to have your payment ready to go when the carrier arrives to deliver your vehicle.


Personal checks are not an acceptable method of paying for your shipment at delivery.


If you are shipping from an auction, make sure to let us know if your vehicle has damage to it. Sometimes damage is not marked properly and can cause issues with dispatch.


If you want to leave personal items in your vehicle while it is being shipped, you have to talk to your representative first and let them know that’s what’s happening.


Signing the Bill of Lading is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. You need to make sure you sign it at both pickup and delivery or damage claims may be impossible to file.


If you are shipping from the Las Vegas area and need a place to store your vehicle prior to pickup, let us know! We can usually store vehicles that are pending pickup, so talk to an agent to learn more.


If we don’t have the right contact info for the pickup or delivery contacts, it can result in canceled dispatches. Please be sure the contact information you give us is up to date and correct so the carrier can coordinate pickup and delivery with whoever it is that will be releasing or accepting the vehicle.


If you’re shipping from a dealership, we will need the name of the dealership as well as the address. We will also need the vehicle’s VIN number, so the carrier can provide it to the dealership at pickup.


If you need time to prepare your vehicle before the carrier arrives, let us know. We can add stipulations for carriers to contact you a day or more prior to pickup if necessary.


If anything changes with your shipment once your vehicle has been dispatched, we need to know. Changes to addresses or vehicles can lead to problems with your carrier if they aren’t addressed immediately.


Even if you can’t be there for pickup or delivery, someone has to be. They need to be able to be reached by phone or text as well so the carrier can coordinate with the pickup person, if it isn’t you.


If you are a member of the military be sure to ask about our discounts!


Misrepresenting the state of your vehicle can cause problems with dispatch and loading. We need to know whether your vehicle runs, has brakes and steers, has inflated tires, starts, etc.


If your vehicle cannot be delivered before a certain date, just let us know. That way, we can find a carrier that will deliver it after you can receive it, and avoid issues with dispatch.


We do offer expedited shipping services, which can be booked at a higher price. This method of shipping will cost more, but will get your vehicle picked up on your specific date over 90% of the time.


Be sure to only pay what is owed upon delivery. The amount will be on the Bill of Lading and if you have questions you can always call and speak to your agent.


Once your vehicle is physically on a truck, it’s too late to cancel your order. If you wish to cancel your shipment you need to do so before it is actually picked up.


If you are shipping from an auction, we will need both the lot number and the buyer number. Carriers cannot load from an auction without that information for security purposes.


Payment to your carrier is typically due at delivery. If you are unable to pay at delivery, payment at pickup is an option, but we need to clear it with the carrier ahead of time first so make sure to let us know if you plan on paying at pickup instead of delivery.


Many pickup and delivery locations, especially neighborhoods, are inaccessible for big transport trucks. It’s best to talk to your driver about potential alternatives when shipping.


You can always read more helpful tips and advice about shipping your car on our regularly updated blog. Go check it out!


If your shipment went well, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know how we did by leaving us a review today!

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September 2020


Cash on delivery is how most shipments are paid. If you will not have anyone there at delivery, or cannot pay at delivery, talk to a rep about paying cash on pickup, or doing a pre-pay in full.


Don’t be afraid to meet your carrier in a large parking lot for pickup or delivery. This makes it a lot easier for them than trying to squeeze into a residential area.


Please keep in mind that auto shipping trucks are very long and big. They cannot fit onto most residential streets, so you will likely need to find a place near your home to meet the driver. You can coordinate this with the driver as well.


If your vehicle cannot arrive before a given date, please let us know when you book your shipment. This will avoid issues with dispatching your vehicle too soon.


Larger carriers cannot reach some metro areas, such as parts of Manhattan or Brooklyn. You will need to find an alternate pickup or delivery location if you are shipping to or from an area such as that.


Please don’t change your available date after your vehicle has been dispatched. It can result in longer wait times for a carrier and it’s not guaranteed that the assigned carrier can make the adjustments for you.


The wildfires in the Pacific Northwest are still active, but they’re more contained now, which has opened up some routes into and out of the region.


Did you know you can request your vehicle to be on the top or bottom of the truck? Most times, carriers can accommodate.


Much needed rain is coming to the Pacific Northwest, which should help dampen the wildfires that have been raging in the region. Hopefully, this means that auto shipping services to affected areas resume quickly.


Our job is to find a carrier to ship your vehicle. If we dispatch your vehicle, we’ve done our job, so if you cancel after dispatch, you are not entitled to a refund, but you can apply your deposit to a future shipment.


If you don’t have the title of your vehicle when you ship it, that’s fine; it’s not a requirement to transport.


Clean your car’s interior before the carrier arrives to pick it up. Don’t leave garbage on the floors or between the seats.


Wildfires are ravaging the western U.S., and there’s news of another tropical storm heading for the Gulf states. These are trying times for car carriers, so don’t be surprised if it takes longer for pickup, delivery, or dispatch.


Please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing when your vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.


With the wildfires still spreading across the western U.S., states like California, Oregon, and Washington are going to be difficult for carriers to travel through at this time. Be prepared for that if you’re shipping in or out of those states.


Shipping a semi-truck cab? They can be notoriously difficult to move in a timely manner, so make sure to plan ahead and book early to give us time to find the right carrier for you.


Wildfires are burning across the western United States, closing some routes such as I-90 through Washington. Keep this in mind, as some routes may have pickups or deliveries delayed.


Happy Labor Day from American Auto Shipping! Though our office is closed we are still working behind the scenes to help our customers get their vehicles moved!


We can ship just about anything with wheels, so if you’re unsure of whether or not we can ship something, just check to see if it has wheels!


Did you know you can read about many of the different common vehicles that are shipped? Get the low down on your vehicle – or one like it – by reading one of our articles dedicated to specific vehicles!


If you can’t be there at pickup or delivery of your vehicle, that’s okay. You can have a friend, neighbor, relative, or co-worker release or receive the vehicle as well.


Right now the auto transport industry is still humming along. With it being a week before Labor Day, now’s a great time to jump on last-minute deals before they’re gone for good!

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August 2020


We’re closer than ever to the fall moving season and have already started seeing the slow down that comes with it. Don’t be surprised if your vehicle gets dispatched quick as carriers tend to be anxious for loads!


With major storms hitting the southeast, shipments to or from the area may be delayed, so keep that in mind.


Vehicles that are low to the ground may require an enclosed carrier. Please let your rep know your vehicle’s ground clearance if it has been lowered.


Be sure to let us know if your vehicle needs to be enclosed. Some vehicles demand it just from the name, but others may not, and our agents unfortunately cannot read minds.


If your vehicle is larger than a normal vehicle, we may need pictures of it in order to find the right carrier for you. Please be ready to send them if we need them.


Please keep in mind there are many reasons why drivers can get delayed while going to your pickup or delivery location. This is why we give pickup windows and not specific times/dates.


Some carriers will only take cash. While most will take any kind of certified funds, verify with your driver what payment options are available to you before you get the money ready.


Parking lots at malls, strip malls, or grocery stores make great meeting locations for pickup or delivery of a vehicle.


Remember to grab all your car chargers and other accessories you may need while your vehicle is in transit before it’s picked up!


Please note your carrier will text and/or call you to arrange both pickup and delivery times and to confirm locations.


While most carriers will take any type of certified funds, some companies have restrictions on what types of payments they accept. Make sure to discuss the best way to pay your driver with your driver when they pick the vehicle up.


Your first available date is the first day that you make your vehicle available for pickup. This is the start of your pickup window, and carriers can pick it up any time within that window. Please keep that in mind and make yourself available and the vehicle ready starting on that date.


If you’re on the fence about a shipping company, make sure to read reviews from consumers like yourself. That can often be the difference maker.


Remember, auto transport is not like ordering a pizza. It takes time to get a vehicle across a state or region or country, and conditions on the road can cause delays with your shipment. Please be patient with your carrier and your transport specialist.


We’re starting to see the beginning of the fall slowdown, which usually results in lower prices along many routes.


Omitting information from us can lead to a whole host of problems for you, including additional fees and even canceled orders. Don’t misrepresent your vehicle or lie by omission, it will only hurt your shipment.


If your vehicle needs an enclosed transport truck you need to say so upfront so we make sure to get the right carrier for your needs.


Need to ship on a specific date? Our expedited shipping services get vehicles picked up on your specific date over 90% of the time, so ask about it today!


Please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing when your driver is there to pickup or deliver your vehicle.


A tropical storm, threatening to become a hurricane, is making its way up the east coast. While it hasn’t affected auto shipping services to a large degree, there are carriers that are avoiding the area. Keep that in mind in case your pickup or delivery windows get lengthened because of it.


August typically signals the beginning of the wind-down for the summer shipping season, but with coronavirus, we’re not sure what’s going to happen. If you need to ship a car, give us a call and we can help!

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July 2020


Auto transport trucks are large and cannot fit in many neighborhoods. You will need to coordinate a suitable pickup location for your vehicle with your driver before they arrive to pick your vehicle up so make yourself available.


Expedited services are marketed at 24hr pickup, but you can choose to extend that window if you’d like. There’s no harm in casting a wide net to find a carrier quickly.


When changes in your situation arise, you have to tell us. If we dispatch your vehicle and then you cancel the dispatch, it could not only result in delays but also costly dry run fees.


If we dispatch your vehicle and you inform us the vehicle is not available, that’s okay, but keep in mind that doing it too often could result in delays with dispatch.


Aside from ensuring it’s running, any kind of repairs, upgrade, or services to your vehicle should wait to be done until after you ship your vehicle.


We try to give at least 4 hours worth of notice for customers for same day pickup, so keep your phone handy just in case.


Don’t leave expensive electronics in your vehicle while it is being shipped.


Carriers try to be flexible when it comes to coordinating pickup and delivery dates and times. However, they have their own schedules they have to keep to as well. Having to reconfigure pickup times or dates can cost them time and money, which could end up costing you time or money as well.


Remember, pickup and delivery dates are estimates. carriers usually give a 1-2 day window for pickup and delivery so keep that in mind when your vehicle is dispatched. You can communicate with your driver at any time after your vehicle has been dispatched as well.


Wear a mask at pickup and delivery.


We do not tolerate customers who yell at our employees. If you are rude, belligerent, offensive, or violent over the phone, your order will be canceled and you will not receive a refund.


If any company tells you that they can 100% guarantee that your vehicle will be picked up on a specific date, they are LYING. Too many variables go into pickup and delivery dates that guarantees are impossible to adhere to. We offer 90% guaranteed same-day pickup with our expedited service, but we NEVER tell you it is 100% guaranteed because it is NOT.


Carriers are not licensed to carry household items. They will not transport your vehicle if it is absolutely packed with household goods. Make sure your vehicle is clean and ready to go when they arrive to avoid issues, cancellations, and extra fees.


Please make sure that your vehicles are paid for if you buy them from a dealer or auction. Not having the vehicles paid for when your carrier arrives to load them could mean higher prices and cancellation fees for you.


It seems like prices may be dropping a bit especially on cross-country routes, but the reasons are still unclear. Be wary of lower-than-the-rest quotes still as there are still big backlogs in major metro areas, particularly out of California.


If you choose our expedited service, please note that this is business days only, and not weekends. If you’re booking on Friday, making Monday your preferred pickup date, with the option to pick up sooner, is a good idea.


Auctions are a great place to buy cars online, and most locations will have means to make sure your vehicle can be loaded onto a carrier quickly and safely.


Make sure to double-check any shipping prices you get from the online dealership taht you bought your vehicle from. They don’t know the ins and outs of shipping a vehicle and could leave you waiting weeks to get your vehicle. Put your faith in an actual transportation company that will get it done.


The backlog that came with the Covid-19 lockdown is slowly starting to dissipate, though there are still a lot of cars on Central. This should result in prices lowering a bit, but it will take even more time – and more cars moving – before that happens.


We’re expecting a big dispatch day today as carriers are all getting back on the road after the 4th. Don’t be surprised if your vehicle is getting picked up today or tomorrow.


We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th! Remember, keep your masks on during pickup and delivery and maintain social distancing. We are still in a pandemic, after all.


Independence Day is just around the corner, and while many carriers will be taking the day off, many more will still be moving vehicles. Make sure to keep your phone on you on the 4th in case your carrier contacts you.


July is here, and Corona hasn’t left. It’s still wreaking havoc on the industry and things aren’t likely to improve any time soon. Nobody knows how this is going to go so please keep in mind we are doing our best to move vehicles in a timely manner, but the industry is so crazy right now that it can be difficult.

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June 2020


When you sign our terms and conditions, it serves as an exclusive contract with our company. If you hire someone else to ship your vehicle while you are booked with us, you will not be entitled to a refund as you are breaking the terms and conditions of your contract.


With Covid-19 coming back with a vengeance, we’re expecting demand to drop, which will result in more cars moving out of backlogged areas, but it’ll still take time. Be patient and understanding as this is an unprecedented time in the auto transport industry.


There are over 13,000 cars coming out of California right now, which is still incredibly high and resulting in backlogs. Make sure not to book with anyone that is priced lower than others, as lower-priced freight won’t move right now.


If you are shipping multiple big box trucks, it may take multiple trucks to actually move them. Don’t be surprised if it takes a while, or if your order needs to be split up. There’s no truck out there that can handle more than 2 or 3 big delivery box trucks at once (usually 2 at a time).


Please continue to practice social distancing when your carrier picks up or delivers your vehicle. Masks are definitely recommended.


Other major states that are seeing backlogs out of them are Texas and Florida, so don’t be surprised at higher-than-average prices out of those states as well.


If you’re having a hard time shipping your vehicle out of California, it’s because there’s a massive backlog of vehicles still. It takes time to clear that out, so if you’re not able to wait a while for a carrier, it may not be a bad idea to upgrade to enclosed. There are fewer enclosed shipments out of CA than open, which may mean more money, but also a faster pickup time.


If a shipper you hired has yet to move your vehicle at a given price, going with a different shipper at a lower price isn’t going to move it either. Money moves metal, so if you’re in dire need of moving your vehicle, it’s important that you pay the going rate.


Don’t be afraid to add money to the total cost. With demand having skyrocketed, prices on many routes have increased dramatically. Money moves metal and in these strange times that’s about the only guarantee we can give.


Remember, carriers driver 80ft transport trucks, which can’t fit everywhere. Be prepared to meet your carrier somewhere nearby, like a big parking lot, so they can load or unload your vehicle.


With the absolute explosion of personal shipments over the past month, it’s important that once we find a carrier for your vehicle that you make yourself available. Keep your phone on you and be sure to answer so you can coordinate pickup and delivery with your carrier!


We’re working hard to update our prices to reflect the new conditions on the road but it takes time so don’t be surprised if your online quote isn’t higher than other companies right now.


With the influx of cars coming out of California, and just lifting of Covid restrictions in general, prices have skyrocketed over the past week. Don’t be surprised if your rep calls you and informs you that prices have gone up considerably along your route.


There’s over 11,000 cars heading out of California right now, which is causing some serious delays in finding carriers on many major routes. Please be patient as this is an industry-wide issue right now.


Every carrier is required to be fully licensed and insured. We make sure to keep a copy of every carrier’s insurance policy on file and make sure it is up to date before we dispatch to them.


Please remember that we only work with carriers that are 98 or higher rated on the load boards we use. These ratings are much more stringent than anything like Yelp or Google Reviews. You can always trust our carriers and if you have issues we have an extensive do not use list that we can add them to.


Be wary of lower prices right now! The industry is still reacting to Covid and the protests going on, which has some routes in turmoil and other routes costing more. Don’t get stuck with bad prices!


Please be sure you have payment ready to hand to your carrier when they deliver your vehicle. They likely will not unload it without payment.


Firearms may be legal, but they aren’t allowed in your car when it is being transported.


The country may be opening up slowly, but don’t think carriers won’t be taking extra precautions. Do your best to maintain social distancing at pickup and delivery to ensure the continued safety of everyone involved in your transport.


Misrepresenting your vehicle can lead to hefty additional costs. Carriers that can’t move non-running vehicles waste their time and fuel to get to a car they can’t load if you tell us it’s running when it’s not. If you have items in the vehicle carriers will likely charge more if they are unaware of it at dispatch. Please tell us the full state of the vehicle when you book your shipment to avoid problems.


Please remember to keep personal items in the trunk of your vehicle only and make sure to keep them under 50-100lbs. Most carriers will be fine with a bit extra junk in the trunk, but too much will result in upcharges for the extra weight.

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May 2020


Book now to get the best rates to ship your car. Hurry before they go up!


Please remember it is illegal to transport illegal substances in a vehicle that is being shipped. We hear stories of drivers being overweight at weigh stations just to find out there are drugs in one of the vehicles. That’s a bad time for the customer, so avoid all that hassle and keep it legal, please.


If you need your vehicle picked up ASAP, talk to your transport specialist about priority or expedited services. With so many customers now looking to ship, lots of backlog is going up, which is pushing prices up. Secure your spot with priority or expedited services today.


Now that Memorial Day is past and many places in the U.S. are starting to open up, there’s been a huge demand for auto transport services from customers. This means a backlog as carriers work to get their trucks filled and cars shipped ASAP. Don’t be surprised if the wait for pickup is a bit longer than normal right now.


Happy Memorial Day from American Auto Shipping!


Don’t forget we have expedited services available! Those may come in handy as the country opening up has a lot of backlog starting to happen as customers are all flocking to get their vehicles shipped at once.


If you need to file a damage claim because your vehicle was damaged while in transit, please contact our office and speak to your transport specialist.


If you need time to prepare your vehicle before pickup, let us know. Some customers ask us to give them at least a 24-hour notice for pickup. Otherwise, we usually try to give customers about 4-hours notice for same-day pickup.


If you are planning on having someone else there for the pickup or delivery of your vehicle, make sure to keep them in the loop! If times or dates change, the people you have at pickup and delivery need to know, to avoid confusion.


The cab of your vehicle must be clear of any personal items before it is picked up. This includes things such as trash, clothes, and any boxes or assorted sundry items.


Remember, firearms of any kind are not allowed in a vehicle that is being transported.


As the country starts to open back up from lockdown, more and more people are shipping cars. This is great for carriers, but does mean prices will start to tick up. So be wary of low prices as they likely won’t move your vehicle!


If for whatever reason you do not release your vehicle to a carrier that we have assigned to pick it up, and you did not notify us first, you could be charged a dry run fee. Carriers have to pay in terms of fuel and drive time to get to your vehicle, after all. If you cannot meet your pickup appointment please let us know ahead of time.


Please be sure to make yourself available for pickup or delivery. At the very least, have your phone handy in case your driver calls you to arrange pickup or delivery so you can do so in a timely manner.


We are more than happy to help you find the right kind of carrier for your needs. If you are unsure whether you need an open, enclosed, or flatbed transport truck, just ask!


While we can definitely handle oversize vehicles, we do need the dimensions including the length, width, height and weight. This will allow us to find the right carrier for your needs and minimize problems down the road.


Dealership and auctions will not release your vehicle to a carrier unless you’ve paid for the vehicle. That needs to be done before they can pickup so please make sure the vehicle is paid for before the day of pickup comes.


Check us out on Transport Reviews! We are a five-star rated company and one of the most prominent shippers on the site, and for good reason. Our reputation speaks for itself!


While you don’t have to necessarily be there when your vehicle is picked up, we all need to know if you won’t be. The driver and your representative both need to know you won’t be there, and the driver needs access to the keys so they can load/unload your vehicle.


Please let us know if you can do same-day pickup or short-notice pickup. While we work hard to give our customers enough time to prepare their vehicles for transport, letting us know ahead of time that you’re good to go can save time dispatching and getting your vehicle picked up.


It’s May which means that the auto shipping industry is starting to gear up for summer. But with the coronavirus still a thing, prices have stayed low. Now’s a great time to save some money shipping a car!

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April 2020


Please keep in mind delays in pickup or delivery aren’t entirely uncommon. Carriers have to contend with inclement weather, traffic conditions, tolls, problems with other pickups or deliveries, and other things that can cost time. Please be patient with your driver if they tell you they are delayed but still on track to pickup or deliver your vehicle.


Please note that carriers cannot reach every house. They drive large trucks that may not fit in certain neighborhoods or downtown areas. Be ready to meet your carrier somewhere they can access, load, or unload your vehicle.


Be sure to ask about alternative payment methods. Many carriers now accept Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, and other quick pay solutions instead of just cash, cashier’s check, or money order.


When your vehicle is delivered you need to do a delivery inspection and also sign the Bill of Lading. Without doing those things, you will be unable to file any damage claims if necessary.


If your driver does a really good job, there’s nothing wrong with leaving a tip for him when he delivers your vehicle.


If you are shipping a vehicle you purchased from a dealership, the vehicle must be paid for before the carrier can pick it up. Please be sure the dealership has everything they need to release the vehicle when the carrier arrives.


If you need your vehicle moved more quickly than the standard window, ask your representative about priority or expedited shipping. Money moves metal, as they say, and this is reflected in our upgraded services and pricing structure.


We have stringent conditions that carriers have to meet to haul for us. This means that we don’t let just anyone load your vehicle – they are always top-rated and in good standing in the industry.


We are an essential business in all 50 states so we are currently open during the Covid-19 pandemic. Give us a call for great car transport rates.


Remember, you can cancel at any time prior to your vehicle being assigned to a truck and will receive a full refund unless you are actively booked with another company.


For larger vehicles, especially things like box trucks and recreational vehicles or travel trailers, it helps immensely to have pictures of it so we can find the right carrier for your needs.


Most single-car shipments are under $1000 right now, so now’s a good time to get a car moved!


Did you know that you can look up Copart vehicles at All you need is the lot number to see the condition of your vehicle and pictures!


Please remember to continue practicing social distancing during pickup and delivery.


If shipping from an auction we need the lot number and buyer number or else the auction will not release the vehicle to the carrier.


Please let us know if your pickup truck has a camper or a shell on it. These may affect the price and which carriers can haul it.


If the pickup or delivery location for your vehicle is a business, we need to know the hours. Carriers cannot pick up or drop off after hours usually.


Your “first available date” is the date when your vehicle is first ready to be shipped. If you are not going to be ready for a few days, don’t say that the vehicle is available now, as now would become your first available date. It’s okay if you’re not quite ready – just let us know so we don’t dispatch your vehicle for pickup before you can release it.


Your vehicle must be able to stop, either through conventional braking or through use of an emergency brake. Carriers can’t ship vehicles that cannot stop.


You can get a refund any time before your vehicle is assigned to a truck. Remember, our job is to arrange the transportation of your vehicle, so once we find a carrier for you, we’ve done our job. If you need to cancel and want a refund, you need to do it before your vehicle is assigned to a truck.


Remember, we work with only top-rated carriers; this means they are rated at least 98 on the national load boards. Those ratings come from other shippers, not customers. We don’t work with carriers that make it hard for customers, and our service shows that.You can rest easy knowing that the carrier we find to transport your vehicle will be top-notch.


April Fools! Unfortunately, the coronavirus isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Luckily, though, the car transport industry is still moving and you can get a great rate to transport a vehicle anywhere in the U.S. today!

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March 2020


We require no personal information to get you a quote to ship your vehicle. No obligation, no hassle – that’s how we operate. Give it a try and see how much we can save you on your shipment!


Stay home, stay safe. The coronavirus is still a major threat nationwide, and we’re doing everything we can to continue business as normal through these times. Auto transport is considered an essential business, so if you’re on the fence about transporting your vehicle give us a call and let us help you decide.


If you have any questions about your order, feel free to call us any time at our toll-free 800 number. Our representatives can help you with anything you need help with pertaining to shipping your vehicle.


Don’t be fooled by low prices. With fuel prices dropping and demand for car shipping services down, other shippers are giving lower-than-going-rate prices hoping carriers get desperate. This can leave your vehicle stranded, especially if carriers would lose money on the route.


Fuel prices across the southeast are dropping rapidly, with some areas close to $1/gallon according to some carriers in the region. This is making prices along routes through the region drop as well, so now is a great time to save money on your car shipment.


Though the coronavirus is shutting down a lot of businesses, auto transporters are considered essential, so we’re still open!


With the coronavirus spreading rapidly, one crazy side effect is the fact that fuel prices are dropping. This means that auto transport prices are dropping as well, so now might not be a bad time to ship a car. Trucks are still moving, which is a great thing for the country.


Don’t lie to your representative. Don’t lie to your carrier. Don’t lie in general. Life’s a lot easier when you’re honest, so be honest.


While the vast majority of our customers ship cash-on-delivery, pre-paid shipment is also available if you are unable to pay the driver at delivery. Speak to your representative if you think pre-paying is better for you.


Remember that you’re only allowed to book your shipment with one transport company at a time. Be sure to cancel with any prior companies you may have booked with before booking with a new one.


Remember, you can cancel any time before your vehicle is dispatched and receive a full refund.


The coronavirus is making it harder and harder for goods to move across the country. Don’t be surprised if it takes us longer to find carriers especially if you book now.


If you are shipping to or from areas that are known hotspots for coronavirus, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and have hand sanitizer on hand if you are releasing a vehicle or collecting one on delivery.


Sometimes, it’s just plain easier – and cheaper – to ship to or from a bigger metropolitan area. If you’re within 50-75 miles of a major city, you could save some serious cash by moving your pickup or delivery location to the bigger city.


Don’t be a jerk. We work with only top-rated auto transport carriers and we don’t work with rude or inconsiderate drivers. But the same goes for customers – if you are rude or belligerent to our carriers, it is not likely we will work with you in the future.


Remember, fuel adds weight, which can increase cost. Make sure to only have a quarter of a tank of fuel in your vehicle when it is shipped.


Be sure to do the pickup and delivery inspections and make sure to sign the Bill of Lading. Without doing those things, we cannot help you if you have to file a damage claim.


Rural areas are always more expensive than urban ones. Carriers don’t travel to rural areas often, as there isn’t much demand. Therefore, rural shipping prices are always higher than their suburban or urban counterparts.


When it comes to estimating your price, it will rarely cost more than $900 for a standard sedan to get from coast to coast. The most expensive routes are in and out of sparsely populated states. The further you go, the more you pay, but the less you pay per mile. Talk to an agent for more.


If you have to change your available dates, please do so as quickly as possible. Try not to wait until the carrier is dispatched and on his way to pick your vehicle up to tell us you need more time to get the vehicle ready.


If you are shipping an SUV or pickup truck, we need to know the submodel. There’s a big difference between a Chevrolet Suburban 1500 and a Suburban 3500. This will affect price and carrier availability, so please let us know.


Spring is in the air, which means now’s a great time to get bargain prices on transporting a vehicle. Hurry before they go up!

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February 2020


Auto transport is not like Uber. We don’t find you a driver within an hour; it can take up to a week to get your vehicle scheduled on a truck in your area. So please, be patient.


Please remember that vehicles are shipped by trucks, which are  vehicles, and which are susceptible to mechanical failure and breakdowns. Delays can happen during transit, prior to pickup and prior to delivery. So take it easy on your reps and driver.


Communication goes a long way. Make sure to coordinate pickup and delivery times and locations with your carrier after your vehicle has been assigned to a truck.


We have an entire team of people whose job it is to make sure the prices we give will move vehicles. We pride ourselves on our “Goldilocks” pricing method – not too high, not too low, but just right. Having an entire team dedicated to that means prices change daily to reflect the most current trends and ensure you’re not waiting too long to get your vehicle picked up.


It’s a busy day for car transporters! Orders are high, dispatches are high, and the weather is perking up. Now’s a great time to get good deals on your car shipping services before prices go up!


We’re slowly starting to leave the winter season behind, which means more freight on the road, more trucks, and, for some, higher prices. Book now before prices go up on your route!


Once your vehicle is dispatched, your driver becomes your main point of contact. If you cannot reach them let us know, but otherwise, coordinate pickup, delivery, etc with your driver.


Piggybacking off of yesterday’s tip, if you are rude to our staff, you may be forfeiting your refund if you cancel.


Being rude or abusive to a driver will result in them not picking your vehicle up. Being rude or abusive to our staff can result in your order being canceled.


Larger vans, such as E350’s and Sprinters, can be difficult to move if we don’t have the dimensions. We will almost assuredly need the dimensions of any larger van so that we price it correctly.


Did you know you can place your order online right away without having to call us? Try it out!


If you tell us you will be ready to release or receive your vehicle, and then tell the carrier you won’t be once they’re close, you may be charged a dry run fee. If you commit to a pickup window, honor it, or it may cost you more in the long run.


Please remember that signing the Bill of Lading means that you agree that the vehicle is in the condition listed on the form. Do not sign the Bill of Lading, especially at delivery, if the vehicle is not as it is shown on the BoL.


If your driver cannot reach you to coordinate delivery, they cannot deliver your vehicle. Please be aware of that and make yourself available for your carrier when your delivery date and time arrive.


Please remember that hazardous materials are never allowed in a vehicle that is being transported.


If a vehicle is not in the condition it was represented, it could result in the vehicle not being picked up by your carrier. This can result in dry run or dry load fees, which can reach hundreds of dollars.


Pets are not allowed in any vehicle that is being transported. Same goes for food, fish, people, household items – anything that is not a part of your vehicle, really. Talk to an agent if you have questions.


No, you cannot ride with the driver in the cab. No, you cannot stay in your vehicle while it is being shipped. Please arrange alternate transportation for yourself; we can only help you ship your car.


Please remember that if your order is dispatched and a carrier has been assigned, if you choose to cancel, your down payment is not refundable.


It’s February, which is typically the month that sees the industry really start to slow before the spring shipping season. Now may be a great time to book your order at a great price!

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January 2020


As part of our commitment to our customers, we only work with top-rated carriers. You are more than welcome to ask for a carrier’s insurance certificate at the time of dispatch.


The most common issue we run into is when customers misrepresent their vehicles. If yours is not running, is damaged, or is bigger than you tell us, that will result in canceled dispatches and higher prices and maybe even dry run fees. Please be accurate when telling us the condition of your vehicle.


Pickup trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. We need to be aware of yours if you want us to quote it accurately and move it with a carrier that can move it. Please let us know as much detail about your pickup truck as possible.


If you cannot pay the driver at delivery, talk to your rep about cash on pickup (COP). This can be a good alternative if you will be unable to take delivery of the vehicle, or need to have someone else do it.


The term “cash on delivery” (also known as COD) applies not just to cold, hard cash, but also to cashier’s checks and money orders and other types of certified funds. Speak to your representative about what other methods may be available.


If you need to make changes to your order – such as a vehicle change, or changing the pickup and delivery location – it may warrant a requote if the change is drastic. We cannot move a pickup truck at the price it takes to move a car, and if you are moving your pickup or delivery location to another state, that will change the price as well.


Bad weather is currently making it difficult to move freight into or out of New England, the Great Lakes, the northern Plains, and the western Rockies. Be aware prices will be higher on those routes and delays more common due to the weather.


Areas such as Washington, D.C., Manhattan, and other densely-packed downtown areas are hard for carriers to access. Sometimes you will need to move your pickup location to an area they can physically reach.


Please be sure your vehicle is accessible for your driver. If they cannot physically reach the vehicle, they may be unable to load it and will need to cancel the pickup. Please do what you can to make it easy for your driver to load and unload your vehicle.


We’re starting to see the snowbird season begin to slow, which usually results in price decreases on the Northeast-Southeast routes. However, quick pickup is still available as of now, so don’t wait to book if you need to ship fast.


When it comes to paying the carrier for their portion of the shipment, most companies require cash on delivery. This can be cash, cashier’s check, or money order usually. However, some may have different payment methods available, so make sure to speak to the carrier if you have questions about how to pay at delivery.


If there are specific things your vehicle needs during shipment, please let us know. Special instructions are not uncommon in our industry, so please don’t hesitate to let us know about anything that could affect the shipment of your vehicle.


Please let us know your pickup availability. If you are available all day any day, or if you are only available certain days, having that information will allow us to find a carrier that fits your schedule without issue.


If you are shipping from an auction, we will need the lot number and also your buyer number or gate pass. These are important so the carrier can prove they are there to pick up your vehicle.


Remember, if you cannot be there for pickup or delivery, there are options. A friend or family member could release the vehicle for you, and some carrier companies have terminals that they can store your vehicle at until you are able to take it. Speak to your representative for possible alternatives.


When the carrier shows up to pickup your vehicle, double check the paperwork to make sure they are the company we hired to move your vehicle.


If there is a change in your availability dates, please let us know as soon as possible. Getting the most up-to-date information will help us move your vehicle more efficiently and will help us meet your transportation needs.


We make sure that every carrier we work with is top-rated and fully licensed and insured. We hold our carriers to high standards to ensure the safety and security of every vehicle we ship.


It is important that we know the state of your vehicle, as it will affect what kind of carriers are available and when they will be. If your vehicle is not running, it will likely require a winch to load and unload. A vehicle without tires will need a forklift. Standard carriers don’t usually have those, so let us know if there are any issues with your vehicle that might affect loading or unloading.


Want to let us know about your experience shipping your vehicle with us? Leave us a review! Yelp, Google, Transport Reviews, we’re on them all, so don’t be afraid to let us know how we did!


A major storm is expected to slam into the northeast this weekend, which could affect prices and services into and out of the region.


Welcome to another year with American Auto Shipping! Now’s a great time to get on the horse and get a vehicle shipped if you need to get it done!

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