December 2019


We will be closed tomorrow, but will open back up on January 2nd to take care of all your auto transport needs.


We’re closing in on the end of the year, with 2020 set to make big splashes in the auto transport industry. Don’t worry, American Auto Shipping will be here to help you through it.


While usually you can request to have your vehicle on the top or bottom of the truck, it’s not always a guarantee you’ll get the spot you want.


We’re back to the grind shipping cars and helping customers, so if you need a quote, a question answered, or more, give us a call because we’re open!


Merry Christmas from all of us here at American Auto Shipping!


Please note that electric vehicles such as Teslas will cost a bit more to ship over a standard internal combustion vehicle. This is due to additional weight.


Our holiday hours:
12/23/2019: Normal business hours
12/24/2019: Open until 12pm PST
12/25/2019: Closed


Please let us know if there are times during the day that you will be unavailable for pickup or delivery of your vehicle. This makes it easier for us to find a carrier that fits your schedule and will make your shipment more smooth overall.


Don’t forget to read our reviews! We are a top-rated company according to every major review outlet including Transport Reviews and Google Reviews, so go ahead and read what others have said about us!


Did you know that we have our own terminal? You can drop your vehicle off at our office if you are local in Las Vegas and we will happily store it for you until you need it moved.


The ELD mandate goes into effect today, which is pushing some carriers off the road and increasing prices for others. Our pricing team is hard at work to ensure that prices stay consistent and your quotes remain built to move.


Don’t forget that we offer priority and expedited services as well! Priority shipments have a 1-3 day pickup window while expedited shipments mare designed to move within 24 hours.


Keeping with the ELD news, some routes will liekly see transit times increase or the number of available carriers decrease, as increased regulations mean trucks won’t be able to skirt certain things anymore, such as miles driven.


The long-dreaded ELD mandate kicks in on December 17th. This, coupled with the holiday season, is starting to move prices up on many major routes. Keep an eye on this and get your order booked before your price goes up, too.


Did you know we offer discounts for students shipping to or from a university? Give us a call to learn more, or read about shipping to or from different U.S. universities right here on our website.


Never put expensive items in a vehicle that is being shipped. Always leave your vehicle empty. Some companies may allow some items in the trunk, but weight restrictions and other caveats will need to be respected.


If you book an order which has an available date of more than 60 days in the future, we will need to charge your deposit up front in order to ensure the long-term tenability of your order. Don’t worry; the charge is fully refundable at any time, so long as your vehicle is not on a truck!


You need to let us know if your vehicle is not running. Vehicles that are not running are more expensive to ship, and not all carriers can handle non-running vehicles. If you fail to inform us your vehicle is not operable, you could face a dry run fee if we dispatch to a carrier that can’t physically transport it.


When shipping a vehicle, addresses for pickup and delivery are important. Please make sure you have them ready when you book and that they are the actual addresses that the vehicle is going to be picked up from and dropped off at.


Please make sure to read our blogs! Our blog posts have a lot of great information in them to help make your auto transport experience better, so don’t miss out!


A brutal winter storm continues to rage in the Northeast, cutting power and forcing planes out of the air. This also means that carriers on the road may be stuck where they’re at until the roads clear, so don’t be surprised if shipments to or from the region are delaysed due to the weather.


Winter weather is truly starting to impact shipments. We’ve had several carriers tell us they can’t run their normal routes due to inclement weather. If your pickup or delivery locations are currently experiencing extreme winter weather, please be patient as it may take more time to dispatch or to get your vehicle picked up or delivered.

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November 2019


Some companies may be closed, but we’re not! We are here to help our customers, give quotes and answer questions, so give us a call if you need to ship a car!


Tomrorow is Thanksgiving, so our offices will be closed. We will reopen on Friday, November 28th. Enjoy the holiday!


Don’t forget to check us out on social media! We have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the whole nine yards, so make sure to follow us to get the latest on auto transport.


Big, densely-packed urban areas are almost always inaccessible for carriers. As such, if you’re shipping into or out of a major city’s downtown area, it’s likely necessary to meet your carrier somewhere nearby that they can actually access.


While we try to discourage customers from putting personal items in a vehicle, sometimes it can’t be helped. If you absolutely have to put some boxes in your vehicle, make sure to know the approximate weight, as the weight could affect the price.


If you’re shipping to or from a remote or rural location, meeting your carrier near a major interstate highway can shave some time off your wait and also might be a bit cheaper.


It’s Thanksgiving next week, and we’re already starting to see things slow down a little bit since people aren’t going to want to ship during the holiday. If you need your vehicle shipped before then, talk to an agent about priority or expedited shipping.


Please remember that either you or someone you authorize needs to be present at pickup and delivery of your vehicle. They will be needed to sign paperwork and do the inspection with the driver, so please make sure you have someone available if you are unable to be there.


Please let us know if there are any dates in which you will not be available for either pickup or delivery. If there are, we need to know so we don’t schedule a carrier for you on those dates.


We’re still expecting wintry weather in the northern states, particularly around the Great Lakes, which could slow down transit times and result in delays in pickup or delivery. Please keep that in mind and be accommodating of your carrier and their struggles on the road.


Winter weather tends to slow shipping services down, and this year is no exception. Record-breaking temps have been recorded in the Midwest since Monday, and the conditions have some carriers staying off the roads until things thaw out. This can lead to delays in shipping, so keep that in mind.


Classic cars can be tricky to move due to their size. If you’re shipping a classic car, especially a larger one, have the dimensions on hand. This is especially true if you’re opting for enclosed transport.


If there are times of the day that do not work for you regarding pickup or delivery, let us know. We cannot guarantee anything, but we will do what we can to work with the dates and times provided and work to find a carrier that fits your schedule.


Some companies may close for Veteran’s Day, but not us. We’re open and ready to help you transport your vehicle, so give us a call today.


If your vehicle has been assigned for pickup to a carrier, make yourself available. Coordinate with your driver and your representative here and make sure that you’re ready to go when the carrier arrives.


While higher prices move things faster, competitive rates are just as good. You don’t have to break the bank just because you need your vehicle moved quickly – give us a call and find out how we can help.


Shipping from an auction? If so, you will need to provide us with the lot number, the buyer number, the VIN number, and the name of the auction. Your carrier will require all these things in order to pick your vehicle up – without them, the auction won’t release the vehicle to them.


Make sure to ask about priority or expedited pricing if your need your vehicle shipped ASAP.


Please remember that we require you to fill out our exclusive contract before we can transport your vehicle, so get those terms and conditions signed as soon as you book your shipment.


Right now is a great time to ship a vehicle to the northeast from areas like Georgia and Florida, as carriers are moving up and down the east coast every day. Prices down are high, but prices back up are really low, so jump on it now before it’s gone!

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October 2019


Happy Halloween! We’re open today and most every carrier is on the road, so don’t be afraid to call and get a quote to ship a vehicle!


Winter is just around the corner, which means some routes may see delays due to inclement weather. We’ll try to let you know of anything major so keep your eyes on our site for the latest.


Speaking of pickup trucks, please make sure to let us know if your pickup truck is a dually or not. Dually trucks can be harder to move as they are typically larger and may not fit on a standard carrier.


Please let us know if you have any tool boxes or chests in the bed of your pickup truck. Those add weight and could impact the price you pay.


If you are shipping a pickup truck with a flatbed or dually tires, please let us know. We will likely need the dimensions of it – weight, height, length and width – so we can find the right truck for your needs.


Shipping out of the Las Vegas, Nevada area? Our office is located in Vegas, so if you would like us to hold on to your vehicle in our secure lot until your pickup date, we can do that! Just speak to an agent. We can also take delivery of vehicles for customers who will not be in the area until after the scheduled delivery date.


Please have your Order or Quote ID  handy and ready to give to your representative whenever you call us. This makes it easier for us to find you in our system and ensures that we don’t get you confused with someone else.


We do our absolute best to find only the top-rated carriers for your shipment, but please remember that we are NOT liable for any damage done to your vehicle through carrier negligence. We can only work with the tools we have, and if those tools tell us that a carrier is top-rated, we can’t anticipate them doing something other than that.


Snow has yet to become a major factor in many areas, though the Great Lakes might be in for some soon. This can impact pickup and delivery times and locations, so make sure to speak to your agent about the weather in your area.


Booking now for a shipment in a month may not be a bad idea, but it could result in higher prices. Prices are still trending downward on many routes, so holding off to book until a few weeks or a month has passed may save you money.


Are you shipping a vehicle from auction? Please know that we will need the lot number and the buyer number that the auction gave you so they will release the vehicle. They won’t release your vehicle to a carrier without those!


Remember, you don’t need the title of a vehicle in order to ship it.


Weather hasn’t yet become a major factor in pricing and availability, which is good, but it’s only a matter of time. If you’re on the fence about shipping, don’t hold off, especially if you’re shipping to or from northern states around the Great Lakes or in New England.


Prices seem to be stabilizing on most major routes, which means now’s a great time to get a quality quote to ship your vehicle.


While we work to accommodate our customers, we can only do so much. Once you give us an available date, it’s important that you stick to that. We understand that plans change, but if they do, please let us know immediately so we can update our info and get you a carrier when you need it.


If you are booking an order that will not be ready to pick up for at least 60 days, we will need to charge our down payment up front in order to secure the order.


Please remember that pickup and delivery dates are NOT guaranteed. They are estimates, and carriers can arrive within 24-48 hours of the given date.


We will need pickup and delivery addresses when you book an order with us, so please be sure to give them to your rep when they ask. If you don’t know, that’s okay – you can find a Walmart or shopping mall parking lot to use in the interim.


If your vehicle is coming from a dealership, we need to have the VIN on file for them to release the vehicle to the carrier. Please provide that info when you book.


Right now is a great time to get shipping services from east to west, or vice-versa, as cross-country routes are dirt cheap. Hurry though as these prices may not last.


Remember, you’ll have your carrier’s contact information just like us, so if you have questions about delivery or pickup or anything, give your carrier a call first.


If your vehicle has no tires, chances are it will need to be forklifted onto and off the transport truck. Most trucks don’t tool around with a forklift on them, so you’ll need to arrange that yourself.


Prices are continuing to drop on most routes, which means now’s a good time to get great deals on expedited shipping if you need it.

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September 2019


If you are purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, we can’t ship it unless you’ve paid the dealer. Please have that squared away before booking an order with anyone.


If you need your vehicle picked up within 24 hours, make sure to choose our expedited shipping service. It costs more, but will get your vehicle picked up within the next 24 hours over 90% of the time.


Communicating with your driver can be tricky at times. Remember, they are not legally allowed to talk on the phone and drive at the same time. As they drive a long time every day, they usually only have certain times they are available to speak to customers, so make sure to keep that in mind.


If you’re not going to be at the delivery location right away, but also need your car picked up quickly, a storage facility is a thought. many carriers drop vehicles off at storage facilities to wait for the customer to finally pick it up. Just make sure you know what fees are in store for you.


Pickup and delivery windows can go both ways. We give you an estimated pickup or delivery date, but carriers can show up either the day before or day after.


If you have chosen priority or expedited shipping with our company, keep your phone handy. We will often dispatch priority or expedited orders for pickup same day, so you need to be ready in case the carrier (or your representative) calls you.


Remember, our quotes are only valid for a short time after receiving them. If it has been a few weeks since you’ve gotten your quote, make sure to get an updated quote from a representative before booking.


If there are certain days or times that pickup or delivery do not work for you, please let us know. That way, we can let prospective carriers know as well, and cut off problems with pickup or delivery before they become problems.


Firearms are never allowed in any vehicle that is being shipped, whether within a state or across state lines. We’ve had carriers refuse to load vehicles until firearms were removed, and a few that just moved on because the customer did not want to comply with federal laws.


If your vehicle is lifted or modified, please, please send us pictures. If we don’t know how big your vehicle is or what the modifications are, we could end up dispatching you a carrier that can’t haul it, which could result in higher fees for dry runs.


If you need your car picked up by a certain date, that means that you’re saying it includes the certain date. So if you tell us “needs picked up by Wednesday, that includes Wednesday. If you need your vehicle picked up sooner than that (like, say, Tuesday), say Tuesday.


Make sure that any vehicle you are shipping is accessible before the carrier arrives to pick it up. Getting the vehicle out front and ready to go before they show makes things faster, easier, and a lot better for everyone.


If there are any days that do not work for you for pickup or delivery, we need to know. If you’re going to be unavailable on certain days, we need to know. This way, we don’t dispatch a carrier to pick your vehicle up on a day you can’t have it picked up.


Please keep in mind that there are outside factors that can delay carriers in picking up or delivering your vehicle. This is why we give pickup windows – please allow 24-48 hours leeway for the carriers, as sometimes things happen that set them back in their schedules.


Unless you come to our office yourself and pay in full for your shipment with a check, you will need to pay your driver upon delivery with cash, cashier’s check, money order, or other certified funds. Every order we book is cash on delivery. Make sure you have that money ready when the carrier arrives, or they will not unload your vehicle.


Remember, drivers drive for a living, and they can’t just answer their phone when they’re on the road. If you need to speak to your driver, you can call him, but if he doesn’t answer don’t be too surprised. Instead, give us a call.


For any vehicle that is not stock we have to know. It doesn’t matter what the modifications are; if your vehicle has been altered in any way, we need to know about it. Things such as the height or weight can affect your price and what kind of truck can transport your vehicle, so let us know immediately.


Most carrier companies are a bit behind the times when it comes to GPS tracking. While the major fleets may use it, most independent truckers don’t. Luckily, we can call the carrier and find out where they are if you are ever curious.


With Hurricane Dorian coming to Florida, many carriers are looking to avoid the Southeast for the time being. Florida won’t be closed to car transporters long, but they almost always play it safe and avoid major problems like hurricanes.


Labor Day has come and gone, which means that the auto shipping industry is back to its fall/winter season shipping schedules. This usually results in lower prices along many routes especially in comparison to summer prices, so snatch them up quick!

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August 2019


With a hurricane set to hit land this weekend and Labor Day coming up on Monday, lots of carriers are trying to get freight now before the storm hits. Today is a great day to book an expedited shipment that’ll get your vehicle picked up in 24 hours!


If the carrier cannot reach you to deliver your vehicle, they will put your vehicle in storage. This will accrue storage fees that you will need to pay. So please, answer the phone and avoid the hassle.


If we cannot charge our down payment when we dispatch your vehicle, we will need to have the carrier collect our portion at delivery. Please make sure that your down payment is ready to go.


While we used to be able to ship boats and other watercraft, it’s not something that we can typically do anymore. You can still call and ask a representative, but for the most part we stick to over the road vehicles.


Oversize vehicles are often priced on a per-mile basis. Typically, the bigger they are, the more per mile you’ll need to pay to move it. Make sure to speak to an agent for any pickup trucks, SUV’s, or vans that are larger than a typical one you see on the road.


If you’re shipping to or from an area that is hard to access, you’ll likely need to meet your carrier somewhere that they can easily get to. This is often a place like a large parking lot at a mall or a strip mall. These areas are much easier for carriers to get to and from and makes the entire process that much easier.


Please understand that your “first available date” is the first date you can have your vehicle picked up. This lets us know when we can schedule you for pickup. If you need your vehicle until a certain date, give us that date as your first available date. This way, we can work with you and around your schedule to find a carrier that fits your time tables and your needs.


If you need to ship ASAP, a good option is priority or expedited shipping. Though priority costs $200 more and expedited $400 more, that extra goes a long way to finding a carrier to pick your vehicle up quickly.


If the carrier is late in delivering your vehicle, you may be entitled for rental car reimbursement! Give us a call and speak to your representative for information on how to be reimbursed if your driver is late for delivery.


Most brokers are preparing for the winter season and they’re starting to drop prices now. However, right now it’s kind of a guess as to how much it’ll be come September or October. If you’re getting quotes for a future shipment that’s great, however, don’t expect them to stay at the same price. Make sure to get any future quotes requoted when you’re ready to move.


There are lots of items that cannot be put in a vehicle that is being shipped. Technically, no items can be in your vehicle, but carriers usually let customers get away with a few personal items if the weight isn’t too bad. However, things such as fireworks, firearms, harmful chemicals (such as cleaning supplies), and other dangerous objects are not. Speak to a representative to learn more.


Did you know you can book an order with us online? If you do, however, you should call into the office to confirm that your order has been placed and to confirm your shipping details with your representative as soon as you can.


We’re starting to see snowbirds again! Snowbirds live in the northeast and then move down to the southeast during the winter to avoid the snow. This phenomenon actually helps to keep a lot of routes cheaper, but on some major snowbird routes prices can actually increase. Make sure to get quotes now and lock in the price before it jumps.


Heat can cause issues for carriers, and we’ve had a few in the past break down because of overheating issues. While this isn’t common, it’s not unheard of. If this is the case with your vehicle, we will let you know immediately and work to make sure your vehicle gets to you in a timely manner.


Please be sure to understand how payment works. We take our down payment once we have a carrier assigned to pick your vehicle up. They collect the rest of the payment via cash on delivery, either with cash, cashier’s check, money order, or some other type of certified funds.


If your vehicle is shipping to or from a business, such as a dealership, please let us know the times they are open. This allows us to find carriers that will be able to pickup and delivery during business hours and saves everyone a lot of hassle.


If you are shipping from an auto auction, we will need the lot number as well as your buyer number so the carrier can take the vehicle. The auction will not let a carrier take a vehicle without those two numbers.


Please remember that all pickup and delivery dates are estimated. Typically carriers give windows for pickup, usually 24-48 hours, and while most vehicles move on the dates we give, they are not guaranteed to pickup or deliver on those specific dates. Speak to your representative to learn more.


Communication is key. Make sure that you communicate your needs, including pickup and delivery dates or windows, to your representative. The more we know, the better we can serve you.


Please remember that the seven day window for dispatch is A) for dispatch, not pickup, and B) does not include weekends.


Please let us know if you are shipping from or to a business. We will need to know the hours of operation for the business so carriers know when they can and cannot pick up or deliver your vehicle.


August tends to signal the beginning of the end of the summer shipping season, where the industry begins to slow. Make sure to take advantage of summer prices to ensure your vehicle gets moved when you need it moved.

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July 2019


If you give us a certain date and say that your vehicle is ready to be shipped on that date, make sure it’s actually ready. If we find a carrier for you on a day that you say it’s available, and then you turn around and say it’s no longer available, that causes a lot of problems, canceled dispatches, and could result in a full cancellation.


Remember, pickup and delivery dates are ALWAYS estimates. You should give yourself a pickup and delivery window because that’s what carriers give us. Usually windows are a day before your given date, the date given, or a day after. No carriers guarantee specific dates for pickup or delivery especially on longer routes.


When you book your shipment with us, make sure to read the terms and conditions and sign them as quickly as possible. This allows us to quickly start looking for a carrier for you.


If you are trying to ship a trailer – be it big or small – we NEED the dimensions of it to get you an accurate quote. Length, width, height, and weight approximate weight are ALL required for a quote.


Please remember that carriers cannot ship any household items. They will usually let you have some things in the trunk if they don’t exceed 100 pounds or so, but any items in the cab of the vehicle need to be removed prior to pickup.


It’s okay if you can’t have anyone at pickup or delivery. While we do recommend having a friend or neighbor be there if you can’t be, it’s possible to leave the keys in or near the vehicle for the carrier to load it. Make sure to take pictures of the vehicle prior to leaving it, however, so you have a record of the vehicle’s condition prior to pickup (since no one will be there to do the inspection with the driver).


It’s okay to not know the address you’re shipping from or to when you book your order. However, we will need those as quickly as possible, especially if we find a carrier for you before you get them.


Did you know we offer a priority shipping option? If you’re in a rush and need your vehicle picked up quickly, ask your representative about priority shipping. It’s a bit more expensive, but it works over 95% of the time.


When you place an order with us and sign our terms and conditions, they forbid you from booking with another company without repercussion. If you book an order with another company after signing our terms, you could end up not being eligible for a refund if you cancel your order with us.


While you can request specifically top or bottom rack for transport, it’s not a guarantee. Don’t listen to any company that tells you otherwise.


Are you shipping your vehicle because you’re moving? If so, please let us know when you will be at the delivery location. If we find a carrier for you and don’t know when you’ll be at the delivery location, it could result in a canceled dispatch.


If you you know you will be at work when your vehicle is scheduled to be picked up, let us know. We can’t work with your schedule and the carrier’s schedule unless we know both, so let us know if there are times that will not work for you when it comes to pickup or delivery.


CoPart auctions require that a carrier have a customer’s lot number and their buyer number to verify that they are there to pick up the correct vehicle. Please have that information ready to give your representative if you are shipping from a CoPart as without it the truck can’t pick the vehicle up.


When shipping from a dealership, make sure that the dealership has all the information they need to ship the vehicle. They should, but you should double check with your rep regarding what you need and what is needed for the vehicle to be picked up and make sure the dealership has that.


For typical shipments, carriers will actually drive your vehicle on and off the truck. This gives them more control over the loading and unloading processes. Carriers are only allowed to drive your vehicle onto and off the truck.


Carriers won’t pick up a vehicle if they cannot reach the customer at pickup. Therefore, if your vehicle is scheduled for pickup on a certain day, make sure that you’re available and you have your phone with you for when they call. Otherwise they might leave and cancel the pickup.


Please be aware that your first available date is the day that the vehicle first becomes available for pickup. If you’re not going to be ready for a week, let us know and we’ll make sure to mark it accordingly.


It’s been a busy day at American Auto Shipping and it seems like today the industry is really getting back on the horse after the holiday, so book now for great rates before they go away!


We’re still open even though it’s Friday, unlike a lot of other shippers who decided to turn the 4th into a four-day weekend. That means we can help you ship your vehicle and those others can’t.


Happy Independence Day from American Auto Shipping!


There’s been a huge surge of vehicles posted to nationwide load boards that aren’t moving yet. This is because of the holiday. Chances are Friday and the weekend will see a lot of vehicles start moving, so if you’re worried yours isn’t being shipped fast enough, just wait until after the holiday is over.


There is no fee for canceling your order unless we’ve already scheduled you a driver, so make sure you know you’re shipping before we assign your vehicle to be picked up.


It’s Independence Day come Thursday, which means that a lot of carriers are going to be off the road for at least a few days this week, which could mean delays in dispatch, pickup, and delivery.

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June 2019


Please remember that prices can change quickly in the auto shipping industry. If you’re getting quotes from different shippers, be wary of those that are too low, as they likely mean that that company isn’t keeping up with the changes as quickly as others.


The 4th of July is coming up soon and the industry will likely be slowing down a bit to accommodate next week. Keep that in mind as we move closer to the holiday.


Oversize freight can be a real problem when it comes to quoting it correctly. Sometimes, we’ll need to gather your information and call you back with your price once we get it. It’s better to have the correct price so your vehicle will ship when it needs to than to get a quote fast and have it be wrong. That’s our stance, anyway.


Seems like prices are dropping a bit on most major routes, so now’s a great time to get a quote to ship your vehicle!


Something a lot of customers deign to tell us is whether their pickup is a duly, or is modified in any way. Please be thorough when describing your vehicle to us; duly trucks cost more, as do those that have shells or camper attachments.


It seems that the inspection blitz earlier this month may have artificially inflated prices, as many are starting to go down on major routes. Seems like now’s a great time to book your shipment for cheap!


More inspections are coming, this time in September. The CVSA will be running their Brake Safety Week between September 15-22. We’ll keep you appraised on how it might impact shipments during that time.


Did you know we offer discounts for repeat customers? Let us know if you’ve shipped a vehicle with us before and we can make sure your next shipment is even better.


While we can definitely ship a travel trailer (or most other kinds of trailers), it needs to be on wheels and we need the dimensions of it before we can find a carrier for you. Dimensions will impact how much your shipment will cost, but getting the price right is even more important when it comes to actually getting it shipped.


If you have an EZ-Pass for tolls in your vehicle, make sure to remove it prior to shipping. We’ve had reports of customers’ EZ-Passes getting charged when carriers go through tolls via the automatic system, so make sure they are removed or otherwise unable to be scanned by automated EZ-Pass toll booths.


Shipping a pickup truck? If it’s something that’s larger than a typical Ford F-150, you need to let us know. Large trucks and vans may not fit on a standard transport truck. We don’t want to find a carrier for you to learn later your vehicle won’t fit on it!


Over 300 trucks were given out of service orders in Rhode Island and New Hampshire during the roadside inspection blitz. Read how that may affect car transport services in our latest blog post.


Please make sure to remove all loose glass (soda bottles, eye glasses, etc) from your vehicle. The sun can shine directly on them and, just like in middle school science class, burn a hole in something if it’s not secured.


Prices rose steeply over the weekend and settled yesterday. Don’t be surprised if you start getting prices that are all over the map from different companies.


While snow and ice are issues for trucks, heat can be too. Especially for older models. Summer shipping is usually fast, but sometimes heatwaves can slow carriers down, so keep that in mind.


There’s probably a lot of trucks that are dealing with out of service notices from the inspection blitz. This could make availability on some routes lower and take longer to find a carrier, or delay pickup or delivery.


Today is the last day of the inspection blitz. Starting tomorrow, everything goes back to normal.


So far, so good when it comes to inspections. As of now, no customers have informed us of late pickup or delivery! This is because we only use the best trucks on the road to ship our customers’ cars!


Let the inspections begin! While in years past car shippers have only been lightly affected, it could still result in delays in pickup or delivery.


It’s inspection week this week! Starting tomorrow, every long haul truck on the road will be subject to inspections which could result in out of service orders if they find carriers violating regulations.

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May 2019


Please make sure that you cancel your order with any other company you’ve booked with before booking an order with us. This will streamline the process and make it easier (and less confusing) to ship your vehicle.


A truck inspection blitz is coming up next week, which could delay transportation of vehicles as well as pickup and delivery.


Some areas may be inaccessible to carriers. If your pickup or delivery location is in an area a carrier can’t reach, you will need to make sure that you have alternative locations available.


If you are pressed for time, choose our priority shipping option. While more expensive, most priority orders move within the given time frame.


You don’t need the title of the vehicle or the registration to ship it, so long as you have the keys to the vehicle and can be there (or have someone else be there) for pickup and delivery.


If we are unable to charge the down payment, you may have to pay the full balance to the driver upon delivery. Make sure that the information you give is accurate and up to date to avoid payment issues.


As a reminder, no food or drink is permitted to be in the vehicle when it is being shipped. Please clean out your vehicle before the carrier arrives.


Flooding continues in the Midwest, forcing carriers to reroute and making certain pickup and delivery locations unavailable. If you believe your shipment might be affected by the floods, make sure to speak to an agent.


Every carrier we work with is top-rated in the industry and fully licensed and insured. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be in good hands from booking to delivery.


If you live in a rural area, ask your representative about possible alternatives. Sometimes, trucks will take a car out of a remote location, but usually they want to stick to major cities. If you can move your pickup or delivery location to a larger city, it might help with price and carrier availability.


Don’t put books in a vehicle that will be shipped. Books are very heavy and can cause issues with truck weight. If you need to move your books, ship them through the post.


It’s important to give us as much information about your vehicle as possible. Even stock vehicles, such as a Chevy Camaro, have submodels that may not be able to be loaded onto a standard carrier.


While we don’t charge you any money until we have lined up a carrier for you, once we find one, we will charge the down payment, so please make sure that all payment information is correct to avoid unnecessary issues.


If you cannot be there for pickup or delivery, but someone else will be, let us know who they are. That way, we can let the driver know so there is no confusion with the loading or unloading of your vehicle.


We can’t dispatch your vehicle until we have the terms and conditions signed by you, so please make sure to sign them when you place your order so there are no delays.


Remember to have as much information about your vehicle as you can give us. We can’t see it, so we need to rely on you to give us all the details. Sometimes, the difference between a two-door and four-door sedan is enough to make or break a deal with a carrier to haul your vehicle.


Make sure to have your available dates ready when you’re ready to book your shipment. This lets us start searching for carriers right away.


Don’t forget that pickup and delivery dates are estimates. Carriers encounter a lot on the road, including traffic and inclement weather, that can slow them down. When they travel 2000 miles or more, sometimes they show up a day late. It’s not all that common, but it happens, so keep that in mind.


With the weather getting better in many parts of the nation, there should be no issues when it comes to carrier availability in most major cities.


Don’t forget phone chargers! It’s happened more than once that customers leave their phone chargers in their vehicles and end up without it for a few days. Make sure you grab yours before it’s on a truck!


If you can’t be there at pickup or delivery, a good alternative is a storage yard. Talk to your representative about possible places your vehicle could be stored.


Right now, California is the most expensive state when it comes to fuel prices. This has led to higher prices to and from most areas of California, so prepare accordingly.


There’s been a slight lull in terms of auto transport prices, with many major routes going down a bit before the summer kicks prices up even more. Get your shipment booked now to secure low rates before they’re gone!

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April 2019


We’re planning some pretty major changes to our website, so make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out for all the cool new things that will be coming!


If we can’t get a hold of you, it’ll likely wind up with your order being canceled. Make sure to save our phone number and email information so you’re not missing correspondence about shipping your vehicle.


Florida to New York is seeing a lot of freight on the route right now which is driving prices up. If you’re searching for quotes to ship from FL to NY, make sure to book with a higher price, as it will get your vehicle moved more quickly.


Please let us know if another company ends up shipping your vehicle, especially if you’ve booked your order a few weeks back. If anything changes with your shipment, call your rep and let them know.


Make sure you know what the payment arrangements will be. If your shipment is marked as cash on delivery, you need to make sure you know. Don’t be surprised last-minute because you didn’t check your emails!


States like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas are difficult to find carriers quickly, so if you’re shipping to or from those areas, make sure that you have plenty of time between when you book and when you need your vehicle moved.


Now that the weather has cleared up somewhat, you can expect faster ship times through the Midwest and lower prices on less-popular routes.


It’s Easter this weekend, and a lot of carriers will be spending this time with their family. Don’t be surprised if it takes an extra day or two for pickup or delivery as well due to the holiday.


If the carrier can’t reach you for pickup, they’ll eventually cancel the load. If we’ve dispatched your vehicle and it is scheduled for pickup, you need to make sure to communicate with the driver so they know they can actually pick it up. If you are unavailable after saying you are, it could result in losing your refund and more.


It seems prices are starting to drop now that the initial springtime rush is going down. Now is a great time to lock in your rate and get your vehicle moved when you need it moved.


If you can’t be at the pickup or delivery location, you have to let us know who will be there. If no one will be there, that’s a problem, and we need to know about that, too.


Have a question? Give us a call! We are auto shipping experts and can answer any question about the industry you may have.


Going into the weekend it looks like most of the routes affected by Wesley are open now, which should make things go a bit more smooth moving forward.


I-70 was closed earlier today between Aurora, Colorado and the Kansas state line.  Reports indicate it’s open now, but there may be more interstate closures as Wesley continues to terrorize the Midwest.


A new winter storm – Wesley – is set to pound the Midwest today and through the rest of the week. This will likely impact pickup and delivery dates and transit through the region.


If you decide you’d rather drive your car than ship it, and you’ve already placed an order with us, please call us as soon as possible to let us know your intentions. This clears up any confusion that may occur from a lack of communication.


If you operate a dealership, make sure to let us know! We offer discounts for dealerships and for return customers, so make sure to talk to a representative today.


It’s always a good idea to get quotes regardless of when you’re shipping. However, due to how quickly prices can change, particularly in the summer, your quotes will only be good for a week or two. After that, it’s important to get new quotes to see how prices have changed.


If you are shipping to or from a business location, please make sure to give our representatives the businesses’ hours of operation. Some places close down after a certain time, and the car then becomes inaccessible. This is especially true for auctions, tow yards, storage facilities, or any place else that secures vehicles behind a fence or in a building.


Don’t be afraid to call us if you have questions or concerns about your shipment. Our reps are here to help you with all your auto transportation needs.


Please, make yourself available. Many times we have to confirm information before we can move forward with a shipment, but if we can’t get a hold of you, the customer, the process stalls. Make sure you are available to take calls and answer questions so you won’t be the cause of any delays.


It may be April Fool’s Day today, but we don’t play those kinds of games at American Auto Shipping. If we contact you for something, rest assured it’s real.

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March 2019


If you’re shipping overseas, you have to make sure the port is paid before the vehicle arrives there, otherwise they can’t take control of it. Speak to a representative to learn more about your obligations during overseas transportation.


Take a look at our latest blog post, which talks about the nationwide driver shortage and how it might affect your car shipping prices and services.


Be wary of companies that offer low deposits or down payments. These companies may not be pricing their vehicles correctly and will be unable to move your vehicle without taking a loss, which can cause problems for everyone involved.


Carriers physically drive operable vehicles onto and off of their trucks when they load and unload them. As such, make sure you have the keys and that the vehicle interior is clean when they arrive to pick it up.


The spring shipping season is in full swing, and prices are reflecting this by being kind of all over the place. Make sure to compare quotes diligently so you’re not stuck with a bad quote that won’t move your vehicle.


We don’t charge you any money until we have found a carrier to ship your vehicle and actually dispatch the load to them.


It may be tempting to work with more than one company and see which one moves your vehicle first, but the industry doesn’t work like that. If you aren’t seeing results with one company, cancel your order before you book with a new one.


Remember, you cannot have any food or beverages in your vehicle when it is shipped.


We offer priority shipping services for those of you that need pickup within a few days. Make sure to ask your representative about priority shipping if you need it.


If you need your vehicle picked up right away, make sure to try our Same Day Pickup App!


If you’re shipping a vehicle from an auto auction like Copart, you have to have the lot number and the buyer number or the carrier won’t be able to pick your vehicle up.


We may be moving into spring, but winter weather is still choking places like New England and the Midwest. This is causing slower dispatch times as carriers don’t want to get caught in the snow and ice.


Always make yourself available when you are shipping a vehicle. Being unable to get a hold of a customer can cause unnecessary delays with your shipment and could end up leaving your vehicle on the board because no one can get a hold of you.


Be sure to never ship any valuables with your vehicle. This is especially true for artwork or electronics. Items can shift during transport if they are not secured, which could damage them.


Discounts are great, but you should make sure that they are taken from the broker’s pay and not the carrier’s. Discounting carrier pay is a great way to make sure the vehicle doesn’t move when you need it to.


If you won’t be or can’t be available for pickup or delivery, you have to let your representative know who will be there. Carriers have paperwork they need customers to sign before a vehicle can be loaded or unloaded. If no one is available, a storage facility will likely be required, which will cost additional money.


If your vehicle is not operable, be specific as to what is wrong with it. Telling your representative it doesn’t run is one thing, but if the carrier shows up to load it to find out there are no keys, or the vehicle is on blocks, that’s a real problem.


If you need your vehicle picked up after a certain date, make sure to state it clearly. One of the biggest issues regarding finding carriers tends to be available dates and unclear needs.


If you’re going to put household items in your vehicle, that’s usually okay. But don’t say you only need to put a few things in your trunk, and then have the entire car packed when the carrier arrives. They will either force you to remove the items, make you pay more to haul the car as-is, or simply leave it.


If you’re shipping a pickup truck, it’s important to have the exact model of it. Saying it’s a Chevy Silverado doesn’t mean much due to how many variations there are. The more specific you can be with what kind of truck you’re shipping, the better your quotes will be.


Transporting heavy equipment can be a real pain, so make sure not to let money stop you. Higher quotes will move your heavy equipment more quickly.

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February 2019


The end of the winter shipping season will be coming up in about a month, which means prices are going to shift rapidly.


You know what other prices have changed? Southeast to California. Last week you could get a car shipped from Atlanta to Los Angeles for $650, but already prices have increased by almost $100! This is a perfect example of just how quickly prices can shift in this industry, so make sure to find the right company at the right price.


Now that we’re getting past the snowbird season, we’re starting to see prices going back north rise a bit. If you’re shipping to the northeast from the southeast, you should jump on it now before prices change.


If you’re shipping a vehicle that is lifted and has oversize tires – or is just really, really big in general – have a picture ready to send to us. We may need it so we can find the appropriate carrier for you.


The northeast is getting shellacked by lake-effect snow, which has cause delays, reroutes, and cancellations among carriers. Make sure to speak to an agent if you’re worried about your pickup or delivery location and the weather of it.


Let us know if you’re shipping from or to a business. Businesses have operating hours, and many carriers won’t be able to load or unload at a business if it’s past time and they’re closed. Let us know when you book – or if you have to change pickup or delivery locations – if you’re shipping to or from a business.


Make yourself available! If your vehicle has been dispatched to a carrier, make sure you have whichever contact method you gave us handy. There’s nothing worse than a carrier being ready to load your car but they can’t get a hold of you.


Be nice to your carrier! Drivers are people too, and if a customer is belligerent, rude, drunk, or negative in some other way, they have the right to refuse to load the vehicle.


If you’re shipping in a few weeks, but book your order now, make sure to tell your rep right away. Sometimes vehicles get dispatched quick because the customer gave us the wrong pickup or delivery times.


As one of the slowest months for auto shipping, prices tend to drop on popular routes due to less freight. Jump on it now before the deals are gone!


There’s heavy rain and flooding in parts of California, notably Sausalito. This could result in carriers having to divert because they cannot reach their pickup or delivery locations.


We’re expecting this big storm front to continue moving east. This will likely result in delays in transportation across the Midwest as roads freeze and snow becomes an issue for carriers.


When it comes to finding the right price to ship your pickup, more is better. Budget shipping is appealing, but trucks are hard to move especially in the winter. They take up more space and force carriers to take fewer vehicles, so the more you pay, the faster it’ll move.


Well, so much for snow in the PNW! The “snowpocalypse” that many meteorologists were claiming was heading was less that and more a minor dusting. Regardless, auto transportation to and from the Pacific Northwest should be moving along just fine.


Large vehicles are harder to ship than small ones. This includes trucks and large SUV’s. Don’t be surprised if everything is priced correctly and it still takes time to move your vehicle.


It’s supposed to snow quite a bit in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, which could result in longer wait times for pickup. We’ll keep you appraised as the days go by.


Because of the way prices fluctuate throughout the year, it’s important to get updated quotes if you started your search a while back. If you have quotes over two weeks old, chances are they’re out of date.


If you need your vehicle shipped right away, use our priority shipping option. It’s a bit more expensive, but almost every car shipped priority gets picked up within a day or two.


February is often the slowest season for car shippers. Freight takes longer to move due to weather and lack of demand, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a bit for pickup.


Have a travel mug for your coffee? Make sure it’s not in your car when it’s shipped. It could end up rolling around and breaking something, plus, you’d be without a travel mug.

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January 2019


The snowbird season is starting to wrap up, so now’s your last chance to get great rates on your shipment from the Northeast to Florida!


As wintry weather continues to pound the northern Midwest, many routes through the region are seeing delays, reroutes, and closures. If your vehicle is in transit, please speak to a representative to make sure there are no issues with your shipment.


If your vehicle isn’t in our vehicle database, that’s okay – just mark it as “other” in our quote form, or select a vehicle that is similar in size to the one you are trying to ship. You can also simply contact us over the phone to get a quote from a representative.


It seems prices are dropping across the industry along most major routes, so make sure to scoop these prices up before they change!


You should never ever let your vehicle be loaded onto a carrier without signing the inspection report and Bill of Lading.


Pickup and delivery in certain areas of the Midwest and the Northeast may still be delayed. Things move fast in auto transport, but weather can slow it down, and it can take carriers a bit more time to trust a route that got whacked by a blizzard.


Remember, you don’t need much in the way of paperwork to ship a car. You won’t need a title, or proof of registration, or even insurance to get it moved.


Always check to make sure your coffee cup is not in your car when the carrier arrives. Don’t want to have to use that backup if you can help it!


There are few problems in auto transport that money can’t solve. If your shipping company is having a hard time moving your vehicle, you can always try throwing money at the problem. Things like bad routes or wrong prices can cause freight to sit, but those are both overcome by money. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s what it is.


Having a hard time getting your vehicle picked up in the middle of nowhere? Move your pickup location! Moving to the next big city can draw carriers who would otherwise be turned off by the rural area.


If your rep hasn’t contacted you, it’s likely because there’s nothing new to report. You are always welcome to call us for a status update, of course, but don’t be surprised if there’s no news.


Never let a carrier load your vehicle without first doing an inspection, properly marking the inspection report and signing the Bill of Lading.


It’s been a fairly mild winter so far this year, but it’s still early. While we haven’t seen any crazy weather so far, we’ll keep an eye out for you.


The snowbird season is starting to dwindle, which means less freight from the northeast to the southeast. Instead, routes are more popular out of California, which is actually causing prices to go up right now.


Our services now include a free car wash and a personal concierge! Call us today to see how we can help make your shipping experience the best it can be.


Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts!


When you’re working to get your vehicle shipped, always make yourself available. Things can move quick in the industry and sometimes dispatchers can find a carrier that can pick your vehicle up the same day it’s posted to the nationwide load boards.


Though there are plenty of cars that ship within just a day, they’re not exactly the most common. Expect pickup to take at least a day from the date of dispatch.


Don’t wait until the last minute to book an order and ship. Always plan ahead when it comes to shipping a vehicle as it usually takes at least a few days to find a truck, and a few more for the truck to get to you.


Keep in mind that having personal items in your vehicle is typically not allowed. Some carriers allow “junk in the trunk” while others say no to any items in the vehicle. Always confirm with your rep regarding putting personal belongings in your vehicle before it’s shipped.


Make sure to get a quote and book an order today to lock in great low rates on most major routes!


Getting back to work isn’t always the best, but it’s a new year and a new outlook. Here’s to 2019 being the best in auto transport!


Happy New Year from American Auto Shipping!

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